18 benefits of WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT to grow your business

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We are living in a digital era. We are depending more on technologies day by day. Searching for solutions, products, and services on Google. Are those reasons not good enough to drive your focus on investing in website development? Hence, I am writing this post on the benefits of investing in website development.

The digital platform offers small businesses to compete with the bigger business. As some of the business owners think that having a social media presence will do the job for them. But they are wrong. To create a digital presence, a website is essential.

If you are thinking about to start a business in 2019, then you need to build a high-quality website first. These are the 18 benefits I have listed below.

#1. Minimal Investment and Risk:

Investment is the major concern of any business. Imagine how many dollars you need to pay to buy or rent a store and there is some huge maintenance cost as well. But unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you will get back that money or earn 2X of that investment. So you are taking a high percentage of risks.

Hence, a website offers you a great opportunity to kick-off your business with minimal investment and risk. You can build a simple WordPress website by spending $500.By doing this you are reducing the risk percentages. Hire a good Website development company for your business to cut the risk factors. You may subscribe us to get a free consultation about website development.    E-commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal,ebay etc are generating revenues without any physical store. Hence, you can imagine the power of a quality website.

#2. Expand your business :

Do you want to run your business within your locality?Of course, you aren’t. You want to spread your business as much as you can.Hence, the website itself helps you to expand your marketplace.

Google now processes over 3.5 billion searches per day. There are many search engines are available which are crawling different websites depending on search queries. That gives you an idea of the market size of a website. It helps you to connect people throughout the world.

Thus you need to find a reliable hosting service and buy a domain to build your brand new website. In simpler words hosting is your house and the domain name is the address of your house. In this case, the domain is the web address of your online business. Let us know what is stopping you to do that.

#3. Track real-time customer data:

Suppose you have put an advertising banner in front of your store. But you cannot track the exact numbers of people who have seen the advertisement & took positive action. So neither you are getting a chance to know about who are your target audiences and nor their interests.

But you can track all your website visitors through various analytics tools. It will give you real-time data like the current number of users. It will give you data on the number of website visitors, the time they spent (aka sessions) on your website, source (channel they used to visit your website), location and the device they used to log in. You will get entire reports of Demographics(name,age) ,interests( affinity categories, In- market segments, other categories) and Behaviours (new vs returning,engagement etc.).

Hence create a landing page on your special offers and add it to your website. It helps you to track your potential customers and conversions. Make the most use of these analytics tools.

Track customer by website development

#4. Bigger Advertising platforms:

Website offers you a bigger platform to advertise your product and services. After designing a quality website you need to fill it with content. Hire some content writers to add some valuable content on your website. Advertise your products and services. Create a separate blog page on your website and post articles at least twice a week on your niche. A blog offers you an organic way to promote your business. You should link your website with social media.      

Thus you can share your website or blog contents on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Hence, you are advertising your product and services with a minimal amount.

If you have a larger budget then you may use some paid platforms like Google ads,Bing ads or yahoo ads to reach the number of people in quick time.

But running those paid ad campaigns are not going to be a cakewalk for you. You need to understand your audiences, and research keywords depending on the user intents. Here are the following types of ads you may run from your website,

  • Search Ads: Suppose you search “watches”, the search engine will show you the ads of watches as a SERPs result. It works depending on searcher’s intent. These types of ads are called search ads. Google is earning a high percentage of revenue from Search Ads.
  • Display Ads: Nowadays You may find display ads all over the web. It also termed as Banner Ads. It is different from Search Ads. Its rather focuses on searcher’s interest than intent. Google is not the only medium which handles Display ads. There are many networks to run Display Ads. You may use Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, Zillow, LinkedIn. One of the most popular forum Quora is the latest addition on this list.
  • Native Ads: Native ads appears within the content. But it does not distract you rather it appears as content or may appear within your content feeds. Facebook made it easier to run native ads. Otherwise, you may choose other recognized platforms like Outbrain or Taboola to run native ads.

If you want to run any kind of ads on Google, Bing, Yahoo or Youtube, Feel free to connect us.

#5. Boost your lead generation process :

Leads are the lifeblood of your business. Leads are your potential customer. Lead generation is a process of collecting contact information of your potential customer. Thus a website will boost your lead generation process and make it effortless.

A website offers you many ways to capture your leads information. Here are some techniques underneath.

  • Write a quality blog post and attracts your potential buyers through content marketing.
  • Use an opt-in form to capture leads.
  • Add gated content( free ebooks, pdf etc.) on your blog post.
  • Add a landing page for special discount offers and generate leads.
  • Add chatbot or normal messaging platform to interact with your customer.
  • Add a contact form at the home page.

We have a high-quality lead generation team. Feel free to connect us to know more about lead generation techniques using website.

#6. Excellent customer services :

Managing customers and providing them a hassle-free service is always a challenge for any business.As I mentioned earlier that website and blogs give a platform to interact with your potential customer. It also reduces your printing and distributing costs. But adding following features to your website you can always build 10 times better customer service process.

  • Add an FAQ (frequently asked Question) section to your website and provide the users with more precise pieces of information.
  • Add a Live Chat option. Because nobody wants to wait too long.
  • Make an Online customer support help desk.
  • Create an online ticket generating system to provide a solution for a particular system.
  • Develop an app version for your website. As there are large numbers of people are using a smartphone nowadays.
  • If you want to sell products online you will simply add a payment gateway to your website.
  • Use E-mail marketing software to send personalized e-mails to your leads.

You can implement most of the above features by using a unified CRM (customer relationship management) software.

Tools are like Zoho, Hubspot, Salesmate,Infusionsoft,Microsoft Dynamics, Insightly etc. will bring more productivity to your business. If you need any kind of help during your CRM setup, feel free to drop an e-mail to us or start a chat.

You need to optimize your website perfectly to provide a good user experience. Here are features you need to keep in your mind always,

  • Optimized the page speed. Use tools like Google Page Speed insights, GT matrix or Pingdom to check your website regular basis. Fix the errors and warnings from those tools.
  • Properly Segment your key information.
  • Find the broken links and fix those as soon as possible.
  • Always make a responsive website. That user can access it properly using any kind of mobile or tablet devices.
  • Don’t forget to include CTA (call to action) in your content. For example, Ask the reader to drop a comment on your content or ask them to subscribe you.
  • Build internal links to keep people engaged with your content.
  • Keep consistency in your website pages.
  • Always update your website plugins.
  • Include eye-catching perfectly formed headlines in your content. Your visitors always fall in those trap of attractive headlines. Use tools like Portent.com, Headline Analyzer to craft a perfect headline for your content.

#7. Speed up sales :

If you are not able to convert your most of the potential leads into the sale, thus those leads are worthless. Incorporating the following ideas to your sales strategy you may speed up the process.

  • List your business on Google My Business account and add your website URL there. Google always shows the local results as default. Hence, you can now optimize your website content based on local search queries.
  • Use your website at the top of your sales funnel.
  • Ask your happy clients to give a review of your product or services.
  • Run surveys from your website and try to identify the struggle of the customers and fix those.
  • Carefully track the conversions during the PPC or Adwords campaign.
  • Make them the use of your E-mail marketing tool to understand your customer’s behaviours and send them follow-up e-mails.
  • Track all the people from every stage of your sales funnel. When it comes to the sale, Initially you need to make a good sales funnel. You may use tools like Clickfunnels, Xfunnels etc. to build those high converting sales funnel. But to implement that you need to have solid knowledge about funnelling. I highly recommend you to take help from our experts. Because those tools are actually costly enough. Hence, always take the consultancy from the experts unless you may lose your well-earned money.

#8. Share your journey :

Website provides us with a platform to write content and attract users.As Neil Patel always say “Content is king”, thus we always believe that contents help us to hook the people. Content Marketing is still working effectively for all the businesses irrespective of B2B or B2C.

Hence, you can share your journey or your story through website or blog posts. If you are implementing those in your blogs then try to use this on your intros. It can hook people emotionally at times.

You may share your struggle on the landing pages during any campaign. Otherwise, share those during your E-mail marketing campaign and build a personalized relationship with them.

#9. Showcase your product:

E-commerce companies are showcasing all their products on the website. They don’t need a physical store to do that. But still, companies are generating a high percentage of revenue.

Thus if you have any kind of product business, your first job should be to develop an awesome user-friendly website. Then create a gallery of your products. Now people all over the world can access it from any corner. Make sure always upload high quality but optimized images to your website. If the image size is larger then your website might face longer loading speed. Thus you may lose some visitors then.

#10. Build an Authority:

In this competitive world, you need to build a reputation or authority. This website helps you to build authority online. Nowadays people are very smart and they absolutely know for what they are paying for. Thus you need to build trust among the people.

Here are some ideas you may apply,

  • Blogging: Invest in Blogging and SEO(Search Engine Optimization). Most numbers of people come to read blogs before they buy. Blog contents actually help you to build authority. You should add some high-quality external links to your website which increase your domain authority.
  • Host some podcast on your website and share it from there.
  • Arrange Webinars on your website.
  • Provide a free trial of your product or services.
  • Write useful, unique and informative content.

#11. Open up different marketing channels:

It’s just not about creating a website. You should bring traffic there. Thus the process of bringing traffic actually opens up different marketing channel.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Network Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Contextual Marketing

1. Search Engine Optimization: SEO is mandatory for any website. Without investing in SEO you cannot rank your website on any search engine. Thus you need to hire a good SEO consultant to perform both On-page & Off-Page SEO. SEO is the first method that you should include in your Content Marketing Strategy.

SEO is a long-term investment. You cannot expect an immediate impact of SEO on your business. But still, SEO is the most effective way to bring traffic to your website organically.

The reason you should invest in SEO is,

  • Most of the internet users check results of the first pages on SERPs. Hardly anyone moves into the second or more. Thus you need to invest in SEO to get the number of visitors to your website.
  • We use google to get a solution from there. People highly trust the search engine results. Thus ranking on the top pages will give your business or domain authority of trust.
  • SEO helps you to get genuine visitors and which may convert to your potential customer. Conversion rates are much higher in case of SEO
  • Ranking on the top pages automatically helps you spread your brand awareness.
  • Well strategized SEO is also ensuring a better user experience.
  • Local SEO always help you to connect with your local audience easily. It helps you to create engagement among your local audience.

Building a well-planned SEO strategy is always beneficial for your business. We have qualified SEO experts in your team who can help you to rank your website on the top pages. You may connect us through our contact page for any kind of consultation on SEO.

2. Search Engine Marketing: SEM is a paid marketing channel. Using Google Adwords or other paid search engine offers you to perform the SEM. It will help you bring quality traffic to your website, as well you rank higher on the search engine. You may run those Display ads, Search Ads or native Ads using Search Engine Marketing. Larger budget and quality keywords can help you to run a successful SEM campaign. Hire a PPC (pay per click) or PPI( Pay per Impression) expert to make most out of that.

3. Social Media Marketing: Social media is probably the biggest marketing channel. You may directly share your website content with social media or may create designated profiles or pages on a particular platform. You may choose social media platforms according to your needs.

Building a good amount of connections you may reach out with a large number of people. Hence, create attractive graphics, infographics, videos, blog links and post on your social media pages or share among other groups.

Thus these are ultimately brought traffic to your website.  

Facebook.Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram are the most popular Social media platform nowadays.

But if you have a larger budget then you may run paid ad campaign on social media. Running a successful ad campaign on Facebook or Instagram you can hit your target audience easily. During Ad campaign, you may customize locations, demographics to hit the right people. Always perform A/B test during the Facebook ad campaign. Thus you need to consult a Facebook ads expert. Because you need to optimize your ad campaign perfectly. Unless the money you invest in bidding will not produce the desired results.

We have Facebook ads professionals in our team, subscribe us to get detailed strategy or services

But to run a successful social media marketing campaign, you should maintain the following ideas.

  • Perform an audit of your current position on Social media.
  • Make a Buyer persona to precisely hit your target audiences.
  • Focus more on KPIs (Key performing Indicators) are like the reach, clicks, conversion rate, shares, mentions etc.
  • Curate engaging content. It could be like Images, blogs, videos, ebooks, infographic, company’s latest updates etc.
  • Use Social media management tools to schedule your posts and save your time and efforts
  • Track and analyze each data of your social media insights.
  • Set the goals during a paid campaign to track every bit of information about ROI(Return on Investment)

4. E-mail Marketing: Email marketing is old but still an effective marketing channel. Especially when you have an online presence then you should make more use of it. It’s just not about writing content on your website. You need to distribute as well carefully. Thus this distribution process actually opens up the E-mail marketing channel.E-mail marketing helps you to connect your audience and spread brand awareness. Most importantly it also increases sales.

To perform E-mail marketing you need to build an e-mail list of your leads. I have already discussed Lead generation ideas. Just implement those and start your E-mail campaign. Make sure you have designed your content with each facet likes templates, colors, images, layouts, fonts and call to action. We used to take care of every facet of your design.

Always perform A/B test during your E-mail marketing campaign. To perform A/B test you need to split your e-mail list into exactly two parts. For example, if you have 1000 people in your email list then split it into 500 each. After that create two creatives or contents on a similar topic and run among two different Email lists. Then measure the metrics of each campaign and choose the better-performed campaign to continue further.

But before getting started you need to gather knowledge about some e-mail marketing tools. We are living in an automation era. This is the reason why we want to make all the process automated. It saves our precious times and as well as we are putting minimal efforts. Hence, make sure you know about those tools are like Mailchimp, Zapier, Drip etc. Learn their functionalities and workflow before proceeding.

These are 20 tips to write a high converting email copy.

  • Draft an attractive headline.
  • Test every subject line.
  • Always use a real person’s name in the sender field.
  • Write personalized content.
  • Use power words or acronyms.
  • Include stats, numbers or motivating quotes.
  • Write the attractive text in the available preview text.
  • Use Emojis in your content.
  • Keep the core content brief.
  • You may include One CTA in different sections.
  • Add PS section to share extra content. It could be your related blog post link, company events or updates.
  • Put your readers first.
  • Try to sell the benefits of your products, not the features itself.
  • Avoid spamming.
  • Verified your email ids of email list before starting the campaign.
  • Don’t buy any email lists rather focusing on Lead Generation.
  • Add alt text to your images and buttons.
  • Schedule your Email marketing on a calendar.
  • Choose the right time to send emails.
  • Create a perfect follow up the process and maintain the frequency of your e-mail sending.

If you are facing any kind of difficulties to set up or running your E-mail campaign, feel free to connect us we will help you perform the entire e-mail marketing campaign successfully.

5. Network Marketing: Network marketing actually takes social media at a different level. Network marketers always work on building connection and relationships. They always target influencers and marketing professionals. That relationship actually helps you to achieve more result oriented sales or marketing process.   

Our network marketer picks right substance within the systems and ensures a higher amount of engagement. Network marketing leverage every possible marketing channels. They use many influencer outreach tools to connect with them. They used to busy in remarking news journal and take part in conversations on different forums or groups. Network marketing ensures more traffic, conversions, and authority.

6. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is an In-direct selling process. In the case of affiliation marketing you are not selling your product or services, there is another person who selling your products or services and earning a decent amount of commissions. There should be certain guidelines, rules and regulations and prerequisite for a dealer to acknowledge the affiliate marketing program.

Your affiliate partners should perform special efforts to sell your product or services. They may run a completely different blog and leverage all social media channels to promote your products or services. They should create attractive textual or graphical content to increase the sales percentage,

Companies like Amazon, Clickbank, CJ affiliate,eBay, Avangate affiliate are successfully performing their Affiliation program. They used to provide a link of particular products and their affiliate partners promote that links on the web. They are generating a higher percentage of revenue from their affiliate marketing program.

7.Contextual Marketing: Website helps you to implement Contextual marketing approach. This online marketing channel used to discover new opportunities for the advancement of your business. There are two common techniques every contextual marketer apply very often,

  • Guest blogging
  • Buy reviews from bloggers.

Unlike the network marketers, contextual marketers more focus to find immediate or short-term benefits for the business. They never look to build a long-term relationship as they believe in quick results. Thus contextual marketing ensures more benefits to your business.

#12. Give you an opportunity to earn passive income:

Website just not help you to run a successful business as it simultaneously gives you an alternative of passive income.

If you are able to bring decent amounts of regular visitors to your website. Then you should apply for a Google Adsense account. If you get the approval from them. Then start running ads and earn some passive money effortlessly.

Otherwise, You may run some other sponsored ads or promote other brands on your Website and earn a good amount of share from them.

Ask the bloggers, similar to your niche to write a paid Guest post. It will also open up a source of income from your website.

Hey, you are not going to work throughout your life. Thus I feel we all should create a source of passive income. And when you have an online business platform (website) then you should invest in it. To get more idea about passive income from the website you can subscribe us.

#13. Create a brand value:

Successful businesses have always a brand value. If you become fail to spread brand awareness, it will show an adverse impact on your business.

Your branding process should start with your website.

  • Choose domain name similar to your brand name.
  • Design your Website with your brand’s colors.
  • Create a brand logo and add it to the website.
  • Create Social media pages or profiles on behalf of your brand names.
  • Write a tagline of your business.
  • Create thumbnails or add a watermark of your brand logo on any image or video contents.
  • Use social media and E-mail marketing to spread brand awareness.
  • If you have any product, Don’t forget to use your brand colors and logo there.
  • Research other brands similar to your industry niche.
  • Aim to build a long-term relationship with your customer.

As nowadays infographics are working exceptionally well for any kind of business, thus you should focus more on designing infographics. We have highly-skilled graphic designers to provide you with world-class and attractive infographics.

#14. Constant benefit:

If you have a physical store and you are advertising there, this will not give you benefit for a lifetime. But having a website will provide you a lifelong benefits.

As I used to say “Website is a source of money, as it is an investment for secure future”.

But when it comes about investing, then you need to invest there cleverly. If you don’t have clarity of mind on investing in a website, always hire a good consultant.

#15. Team Building Tool:

Without a strong team your business cannot sustain long. Most of the businesses which are depending on a particular person, those will face difficulties to continue their success in the absence of that person. It’s always better to form a team.

But if you are facing obstacles to forming the right team for your business, hence you may use the website as a Team building tool. Create a career page on your website. Post the job applications there and ask the people to apply directly from the website,

As you know that hiring process itself a time consuming and cost-effective task, hence website will also help you to reduce your budget and build your dream team.

Team building by website development

#16. Help you to track your competitors:

It is really hard to track your competitors with a physical store. Whereas website gives you an opportunity to analyze your competitor’s data.

Nowadays most of your competitors have the website. Thus to beat the competition you should spy on your competitors every marketing strategy. You should check your competitor’s links, content, social mentions, reviews etc.

Here are the following tools to perform complete competitor analysis.

  • Alexa – Track traffics of your competitors on Amazon.
  • Nacho analytics – Check traffic of your competitors on Google.
  • Backlink checker – Check your competitor’s backlink
  • SPYfu:- Check your competitor’s keywords.
  • Followerwonk: keep track of your competitor’s twitter followers.
  • Evernote – Bookmarks and save your competitors websites here.
  • Google trends– Use it to keep yourself alert about all the latest updates.
  • Moat: It is a multifunctional tool for the advertising industry. Find out your competitors ads and get an overall report of their display ads.
  • Buzzsumo– Use this to track how your competitors performing on different social media platforms. Use content analyzer from Buzzsumo.
  • BuiltWith: BuiltWith is a free tool which gives you a complete data of your competitors. Even you may know what technologies or plugins they are using.

Hence, the above tools can help you to collect your competitors KPIs (Key Performance metrics). Now you have to analyze all the matrices and should minimize the gap between you and your competitors.

Our professionals are highly skilled at performing Competitors Research. A well organized Competitors Research always decides the success of your online business. Thus never hesitate to invest in competitors research. Now you can understand the importance of a website in any kind of business.

#17. Time minimizer:

Website is a great time minimizer to both buyers and sellers. You don’t have to lug your products from the warehouse to your store. The client also doesn’t need to come physically to your store to buy the product. Thus it saves times for both.

#18. Build a long–term relationship:

Websites help you to build a long-term relationship with your customer. Suppose you have a physical store, for some reason if you change the location then you may lose the customers of that previous location.     Hence, the Website is constant. Its build your lifetime web presence. It does not matter how many times you change your location. Your customer will find you You can manage it virtually. Thus you can build up long-term collaboration or relationship with your customers.

Conclusion :

Investing in website development will set the tone of your business. But building a world-class website is not that easy. It always better to hire a good website design company to build this.

During the website development, ensure your domain’s security. Build a well secure website which can always prevent any kind of malware attacks. Thus I recommend installing SSL to your website. It brings security. HTTPS versions are highly secured than normal HTTP version. We have expertise in successful SSL installation. Connect with our security team to know more about the security.

According to the need of responsive websites, you should use WordPress to design your website. As it comes with some advanced plugins and themes. Thus it offers lots of customization. WordPress websites also load faster as these are light weighted and SEO friendly. We have highly skilled WordPress Developers in our team to provide you with a world-class WordPress website

The website actually enhances your online presence. It makes easier for the people to find your business information. Hence, don’t consider website development as a daunting task, rather develop a website to represent your brand in front of this competitive and ever-changing world.

Thus, if you have any queries on website development, drop a comment below. We will get back to you. Don’t forget to subscribe us to get latest updates about the development of your business.


World Class Web Development Optimized to Grow Your Business

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