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Note: If you do not need additional website creation from your package, they can be converted into 10 tasks/ website.

If you have advanced requirements which are not listed above, please schedule a call with us for a customized package.

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Detailed Explanation

As a Full-Service Web Development, Designing & Marketing Agency, we can help your business with pretty much everything it needs to grow and operate online. We as a team are trained to handle pretty much every aspect of your business. Following are only a handful of the services that we provide but we are not limited to these.

What Is Dedicated & On-Demand Support?

On-Demand Support: When you give us a task, we will allocate you a resource from our available team and we will get your tasks done in minimum 7 days. You will not have any dedicated team member allocated to you for day to day work.

Dedicated Team Member: We will allocate you a dedicated team member who will be responsible to manage your entire account and all the pending tasks. Your dedicated team member will try to get all your tasks done ASAP.

Full Website Creations

As a part of full website creation you can choose to create any of the following:

Brand Website: A websites which displays details about your business, products & services.

Marketing Funnel: Any type of marketing funnels to generate leads or sales on any platform of your choice. You can choose to build your funnels on any platform of your choice including but not limited to ClickFunnels, Kartra, Kajabi, Sitesfly, Groove Funnels and more…

Shopping Portal: Any type of B2B or B2C shopping portal which may include multiple products for sale. You can choose to build your shopping website on any platform of your choice including but not limited to Shopify, WordPress, SitesFly, Wix, SquareSpace and more…

Note: If you choose to build your funnel or website on the platforms that we suggest and provide, they will be hosted at no additional cost, included within your monthly package cost. However, if you choose a 3rd party platform of your choice, you will have to pay for their subscription yourself and it will not be included within your monthly package.

P.S. Any kind custom coding is not included and may attract additional cost.

What is a task?

Your tasks may include any minor or medium work which can take upto 1-2 hours to complete by our skilled & experienced team members.

Minor Tasks: Minor Website Modifications, DNS Setup, Domain Connection, Website Theme & Plugin Updates.

Medium Tasks: Medium Website Modification, App Integrations & Automation, SSL Setup, CloudFlare CDN Setup, Minor Graphic Designing, Logo Designing, Brand Kits (May require multiple tasks) and other day to day business requirements (Both Technical & Non-Technical).

Note: If you choose not to take website creation from your package, they can be converted into 10 additional tasks.

What Kind Of Website Hosting Will I Get?

You can choose among the following two options:

WordPress Hosting: This type of hosting is best suited for complex websites like Shopping Portals, Blogging Website and if you need to modify your website too frequently and yourself. You will get world class website hosting with ultra high security and regular backups, fast speeds. To know about our wordpress hosting services, please visit our hosting company website:

Static & Funnel Hosting: This type of hosting is best for Simple (Set & Forget) Websites & Funnels. Static websites are out of the box ultra secure, super fast & low on maintenance. This is a great option for most websites where you do not have to make too many.

 Note: You will get one of the best website hosting services in the world.

Whats Included In Website Maintenance & Security?

The following things will be included in website maintenance & security services.

Security: We have put together industry’s best 4 level security system to protect your website from the nastiest hackers and malwares. If your website still gets infected, we will clean it free of cost for you.

Daily Backups: We take full snapshot of your entire website every single day and keep if for full 30 days on a remote backup facility. Even in case of nastiest hacker/malware attacks and data center burn downs, your website will still be safe and ready to be re-stored in a single click. This is a military grade security on Auto-Pilot.

Speed: We use world’s fastest state of the art NVME SSD (Double fast in comparison with fasted SSD) servers along with high quality CDN (Content Delivery Network) network to bring extreme speeds to your website. This is the fastest your website can get.

Regular Maintenance: We will update your website themes, plugins and patch your security updates every day. We take your website and your business very seriously.

What Is Millionify App Club?

You have to see it to believe it. There is nothing like this anywhere on the planet. Imagine 1 subscription to take care of most of your cloud based business software requirements. We will add a link here soon.

Whats Included In App Integrations & Automations?

This is where we can help your multiple cloud based apps and website talk to each other.

Example: Someone fills up the form on your website or your funnel. That data can be instantly pushed to your CRM Software & Email Marketing Software.

Note: App Integrations and Automations are only limited to your imagination. In today’s world, almost every app can be connected to each other and we will help you bring this to your reality by implementing it for you.

CRM Setup & Maintenance

CRM is short for Customer Relationship Management Software. It typically holds all the information about your customer right from the very first contact, sales stages to ongoing relationship. We will help you setup a CRM software of your choice and also connect it with your websites.

We have expertise in over 50 different CRM applications including but not limited to Sales Force, Zoho, Bitrix24, Keap (Infusionsoft), PipeDrive, Kartra, Kajabi, Groove and a lot more…

Marketing Automation Setup & Maintenance

This is our favourite part :-). This typically involves everything after a lead submit.

Simple Example: Customer submits a lead ➡️ Lead is transferred to an email marketing software like Active Campaign or Aweber ➡️ An email sequence of 7 emails starts automatically which sends 1 email every day.

Complex Example: Customer submits a lead ➡️ Lead is transferred to a CRM application ➡️ Lead is also transferred to an email marketing software simultaneously ➡️ In the CRM software, the lead is automatically assigned to your sales person ➡️ A notification email is automatically sent to your sales person with all customer details ➡️ An email sequence of 30 emails automatically starts sending where the first 5 emails goes out everyday, then next 5 goes our every 3 days and the rest 20 email goes out once a week ➡️ Customer decides to purchase a product on your website ➡️ The previous email sequence automatically stops and a new customer focussed email sequence automatically starts to explain customer all about the newly purchased product. We hope you got the idea.

Note: Marketing Automation is only limited to your imagination. You can virtually run your entire business on auto-pilot if done right.


Marketing Campaigns

This is where the magic happens and money starts to flow into your bank account. Paid Marketing Campaigns are all about driving ultra targeted visitors to your website or your funnel in order to collect leads or sell your product/services. This is all about increasing your customer base which when combined with marketing automation can create a life long money flow for your company.

1 Marketing Campaign = Promoting 1 product/service under 1 campaign on any one marketing channel of your choice.

Example: If you promote 1 landing page on Google, Facebook & LinkedIn thats 3 campaigns in total.


Instant Emergency Support During Office Hours

When we run businesses, things break all the time. Often times it can turn into disasters if not handled promptly. This is where our rescue team jumps in to save your business breakdowns from turning into disasters. As soon as we detect any anomaly or you send us a message, we immediately get into action and try to resolve the situation in no time. That’s why we call it Instant Emergency Support.

Note: We will also share our personal emergency contact numbers so that you can reach out to us in case of an emergency.


What Drives Us?


We believe every business can transform lives if implemented successfully. We believe, it should be easier to build great businesses. We believe if your business and our passionate team work together as one, we can together achieve true success!


We use state of the art technologies combined with our 20 years of business experience to help you take your business to the next level. We also use our special marketing and automation superpowers in your favor throughout your success journey. Its no less than rocket science 🙂


We are a Full-Service Web Development, Designing & Marketing Agency. Our core mission is to turn your organization into a multi-million dollar organization. We are dedicated to providing you with every service that you may need along the way. We want to be your true partner in success.

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