Oops! Your Hosting Is Expired!

Looks like you forgot to renew your website hosting services with us. But there is nothing to worry about. Please follow the instructions below to make the payment and your website will be up and running is no time.

Please follow the instructions below to renew your website hosting!

You were on our premium website hosting package. Please click the button below to make the payment and we will make your website live asap.

Price: $500 for a year.

Some of the things you get with our hosting package

Ultra Fast Speed

With our proprietary technology combined with ultrafast ssd drives and multiple layers of caching, we are able to achieve ultra fast speeds. Which are generally only available to hosting services that charge ten times of our cost.

Managed Security

Our security layer combined with our security experts give very difficult time to the best of the hackers. And just in case the website is ever hacked, we resolve it for you free of cost by cleaning any type of malware. Worth more than $200 per year.

Daily Automatic Backups

We are extremely serious about your business. That is why we take daily backups and we keep your last 30 backups in our secure vault. In case of emergency, we can always help you recover your website from backups. This service is available to you without any additional cost. This is priceless.

CDN Installation (Content Delivery Network)

Imagine not just one but hundreds of servers from across the world serving your cached website to achieve ultra fast speeds and also another powerful layer of security. We will install CloudFlare CDN for you absolutely free of cost.

SSL Certificates

You will get free SSL Certificates for your website. In todays world, you can’t even imagine a website without SSL Certificates. And the best part is that you wont have to shell out hundreds of dollars every year in purchasing and installing SSL Certificates. We will take care of that for you.