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Your site’s overall performance.

Keywords which are bringing in traffic and converting leads in you website.

What your competitors are doing SEO-wise.

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📑 What is included in this FREE SEO Audit? 📑

Here is an overview of what details do we include in this free audit –

Technical SEO issues

We go through all your websites Technical aspects and server optimization to find out if anything is missing.

Website structure issues

Your business website structure can be one of the main reasons for your SEO not working. We get this covered in our audit.

On-page SEO Issues

This is the most common SEO practice. We list out all the On-page SEO related issues such as Meta content, Image alt attributes, heading tags etc in our free audit.

User experience Issues

User experience has a massive impact on almost every aspect of your business. We find out all the UX-related issues in the audit.

Content gaps and opportunities

We find out the scope of expanding site depth, blogs, targeted landing pages and help you find the content gaps if any.

Competitive marketplace insights

We analyze your competitors to see how they are performing and what you need to do to top them.

🎖️What Are The Benefits Of SEO?🎖️

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an optimization practice that helps you rank your website higher in search results, which brings you more leads and business.

More Sales

SEO helps boost your sales organically by letting potential customers effectively reach you via search engines.

Quality Leads

As SEO brings you organic quality traffic, it helps you generate more quality leads.

Saves Money

SEO doesn’t cost as much as the paid advertisings. It is effective and can work even if you’re tight on your budget.

Builds Trust

SEO ranks your website higher than other competitors. This helps in building trust among your customers and prospects.

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