How to Find the Right Website Design for Your Specific Product or Service

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In the world of computers and the internet, the online presence of your business has become one of the key aspects. The world is changing, and so are the business patterns. Every person who wants to know about your business and your products will search for it online. Thus you need to focus on website design.

In such a scenario, the right website is one of the most important things. If you do not have the right design for your website, you might end up losing more potential leads than you have gained. Your website will be the first place, the customer goes to. Always remember, the right website is equivalent to 50% of the sales done.

Every product has different requirements. The target audience is also different for each product. While designing the website, the designer needs to keep in mind several key points to attract potential clients. The right website design can increase sales faster than any form of advertisement.

Often while choosing the design, after a certain time, all the designs seem somewhat similar. Well, it should be kept in mind that these designs are quite different from each other and choosing the right one can become a tedious task in such a situation.

There are certain key elements which prove helpful while choosing the most suitable design for your website. It helps the visitors know the exact information they are looking for. The most important factors which help in providing the right design are given below:

#1. Choosing the right website design based on the type of product

The whole website revolves around your product or service. The design of the website should represent your product and attract the right audience. The layout of the website should give the exact idea about what your product is. The design of the website should encourage the people to click the link and check out the service being provided. The website design should reflect the tagline of the organization.

A good website is a key to good business. The design should not be opposing to the product. Like in the case of a restaurant, colors which increase hunger should be motivated rather than the ones which suppress hunger. These small differences in the design can make a significant difference in the sale of the product.

#2. Easy Navigation

Whenever we visit a website, we often look for tabs like search so that we can easily find what we are looking for. The products and services should be displayed in a synchronized order for a better understanding of the customer. No one likes clumsy websites, where for finding a simple tab you have to go through several pages. It creates more confusion for the customer and ultimately annoys them.

Navigation through web pages on the website should be simple and hassle-free. The more time a customer spends on finding the right product, more likely he is to lose interest. The website should be user-friendly and should be built from the viewpoint of the customer. Navigation menus should be clear and to the point.

The right design for the website is the one which is user-friendly. It should be noted that people tend to spend more time looking for the product on the website rather than understanding the product. Many times, people just exit a website because it takes a lot of time to find the right product even though the company has the exact thing they are looking for. Such situations can be avoided by choosing the right website design.

#3. Position of the menu bar for the right website design

The menu bar contains all the tabs available on the website. It can be placed in different ways on the webpage. Several factors play a key role as to where this bar should be placed for the ease of the customers. Depending on the contents, layout, products available, services offered, the design of the webpage and design of the menu bar itself, it can be positioned on several places on the website.

Some people prefer the position of this bar to be fixed at the top, while some people like it to be fixed at the bottom. Some people often prefer the menu bar to be fixed on either side of the webpage. Depending on the product, the menu bar might not be fixed, rather it might change while scrolling or switching web pages in the website.

Most websites prefer the menu bar to be on the top as it makes navigating through the tabs much easier. It catches the eye in an instance. Then again, as I had said before, the position of the menu bar is dependent on several factors and hence there is no right or wrong way to do this task. The right website design is always the one which has tabs placed in such a way that user can look for it easily and faces no problems.

#4. Menu bar design

The position of the menu bar is often important, but most important is its design. The menu items are the most used links on any website. Every user who visits any websites uses the menu bar to navigate through the web pages. A good design for the same often helps in enhanced customer experience.

Menu bar items are like the doors to different sections of the website. Therefore, it should be free of any confusion and should guide the user exactly in the direction of the service he/she is looking for. It should be simple and hassle-free. It should be easy on the eyes and should merge perfectly with the rest of the website.

Each link in the menu bar is called menu item. These menu items often contain sub items. It is a wise decision to categorize the items and then sub-categorize them. It helps in removing clutter and also helps in avoiding redundancy.

The most common menu items are home, about, list of products, services offered, contact, search and tools. Each menu item has its own work and should be listed accordingly. While listing the menu items it should be noted that there should be no extra tabs on the menu bar. Also, no fancy fonts should be used and the content should be pleasing to the eyes. The page hierarchy should be followed while listing the menu items and sub items. The menu bar design should go with the website design and its own positioning.

Some of the common mistakes that people make while designing the menu bar are non-standard styling, asynchronous drop-down menus, placing the tabs in the wrong order and putting extra tabs. These things should be kept in mind and the website should be designed on the search engine pattern. A good menu bar is the one which makes navigation on the website easy and smooth.

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#5. Right content width gives us the right website design

The screen size differs for different devices. Hence, the audience who uses the website should be kept in mind while deciding on the content width. The content width depends on the target audience and the products and services offered on the website. The content width can be broadly classified into two major groups. First one is the full-width and the second one is the boxed-width. Let us have a look at both of these to decide which is best suited for your website.

The full-width content covers the full screen on the website from left to right. The image is stretched from one edge of the screen to the other. It creates the illusion of content having no boundary. On the other hand, boxed-width content gives the essence of the entire content neatly closed in a box. Both of these have their own pros and cons depending on the product.

In present times, full-width is the most commonly used style whereas boxed-width is the traditional business oriented styling. The major difference comes while viewing the website on different screen sizes and resolutions. The full-width auto-adjusts according to the size of the screen. This can lead to a shift in the content at the top to the sides if the screen is not wide enough and distorts the page layout.

On the contrary, boxed-width content gives nearly the same layout experience across all resolutions and screen sizes.  One more difference which needs to be considered is the change in the size of the menu bar. Full-width gives wider space for the menu contents whereas boxed-width gives fixed space.

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#6. Use high-quality content

The quality of the content should be checked thoroughly before it is uploaded on the website. No website design can be right for your product if there are errors in your content. The facts stated on the website should be verified and updated regularly. The quality of the photos and videos uploaded on the website should be high definition so that it does not a pixel out.

The same applies to any other media content that is being uploaded. Also, you must check for all the grammatical errors in all the articles and written content. Try being precise and to the point while writing the content.

#7. Home Page Header Layout

The home page header is the first thing a person sees when he visits any website. A good home page header is the key to right website design. It should be such that it motivates the user to browse through the website and have deeper look at the products available. A right website design consists of a header describing exactly what the website is about. Depending on the product, it can consist of only one image, multiple images displaying a slideshow or a video background header. The images can contain text, but then again, it solely depends on the product.

In a broad classification, home page header layout can be categorized as the static header image, static header image with content, slideshow header image, and video background header.

Static header image without content is basically used for websites which need to attract customers with beautification. It is used for websites like restaurants, lodging, food and beverages, travelling and hotels. These are especially helpful to draw attention of those viewers which rely solely on image based content. It only has one image without any text. Whole idea of the product relies on the message delivered by that one image. The image must be such that it is unique to the thought of the service and products available.

Static header image with content is used for websites where only image is not sufficient to give the idea about the website. In such a case the right website design is necessary to tell the purpose of the services available. The image is combined with some text to give a context of what the website is about. The first page of the website needs to be on point to tell about the firm. If the image solely cannot describe the company then text becomes a necessity.

It should be kept in mind that whatever is written with the image, is neither overdone nor underdone. It should be perfectly balanced with the background image. Such a header can be used in places where you need to describe the speciality of the company and how it is different from others. The content might include the heading along with a descriptive paragraph and call to action button.

Slideshow header image consists of multiple images displayed in the form of a slideshow. It is used when there is more than one service or product offered by the company. It can also be used when the website focuses on different customer groups rather than focusing on just one. In such a situation, only one image is not sufficient to display all the products.

The right website design takes care, that the moment a client visits the website, he/she has a broad idea about every product and service available. These images may or may not consist of text along with them. It depends on the services offered, if they can be described only by images or if they require text for description. If images are being used, then it should be taken care that the text is not overdone and is kept to the minimal. In this case, also, a call to action button on the homepage is quite helpful.

Video background header consists of a video on the homepage. It is used when you need to engage the customer more efficiently. Videos are more effective in grabbing the attention of the website visitor than normal images.

However, there are certain things to be kept in mind while designing the video for the website. The video should not be too long and should give a message about the company. The core mission of the organisation should be clear in the video. It should have high quality and pixels should not distort, in spite of the resolution and screen size. The video should be unique and customized.

A general video is not very effective in attracting a good crowd. Try to keep the video short and below 6 MB. A large video often slows down the loading speed of the website. The slow loading speed can lead to a loss in the number of website visitors.

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#8. Position of Logo

Position of the logo is quite important, as website visitors are more likely to remember the logo than the details of the service in first go. Logo placement is an essential ingredient in gaining the interest of the client. The logo should be placed in such a way on the website that it is clearly visible as soon as someone visits the website.

The logo is usually placed on the top near the menu bar. It can be placed on the top right of the web page or on the top left of the webpage. Traditionally it has been seen that website visitors tend to notice the logo placed on left more than the one placed on the right. However, in recent times logo designers have been experimenting as to draw attention regardless of the position.

It should be noted that, website design must go well with the logo of the company. A mismatch in the two can create a sense of delusion among many customers. Such small details can create a great difference in the user experience.

The website should always be catchy yet subtle. If the user is expecting something on a particular position and is not able to find that feature in one go, then he or she is more likely to get confused and exit the website. These minute differences can create a vast difference in the visitor scale. Also, it should be remembered that placement of the logo is same throughout the website. It should not be different on homepage and other webpages on the website. Giving different locations to the logo on the same website can lead to discomfort for the customer.

A logo is the first picture which comes in mind whenever we think about any organisation and its right placement is most important.

website design

#9. Following the Trend for Right Website Design

Design of the websites changes with time. With advancement in technology, the designers are becoming more creative in their work. Website designers have new tools which has made their work much easier. Several new scripting languages have come into existence which the designers are following to give the websites a unique look.

People tend to judge the company on the basis of their website looks and whether it is updated regularly or not. Few changes that have been seen in the recent years in terms of website design are the use of vibrant colours, use of bold text, inclusion of modern retro art, use of custom graphics, complex gradients and broken grid layout.

There are more colour gradients available now more than ever. The high definition quality of the graphics seems very particular in using the right tone and texture. Supersaturated shades have seen a comeback in the recent years. Designers are expected to use vibrant colours in their designs to make the website more attractive and eye catchy. Many designers are expecting for this trend to grow in the near future.

Bold texts are useful in grabbing attention to a particular area. They put emphasis on the right products and guidelines for the customers and help in improving sales. Bold texts are simple yet enough to highlight the context. Bold texts have seen an increase in their usage on the websites in past few years.

Modern retro art has become an important part of our culture today. Its effect can be seen in website designs as well. The use of images corresponding to 80s with a hint of modern design is what we call modern retro art. Its use can be seen as pixelated images on websites which has become quite popular. A point to be considered is that, these images should not be overused and should be placed only wherever necessary. Also, it should not give the look of unnecessary usage.

Onlookers tend to get more attracted with unique ideas and creativity. Customized graphics which are different from the general graphics are more attractive to the masses. Uniqueness and styling are important for any website to stand out. You need to keep in mind that a monotonous theme bores the website visitors and they lose interest earlier. To keep the visitors occupied, use themes and graphics which is different yet simple to use.

To know more about the latest trends in website designing click here .

Complex gradients add mirage of depth to the website. It is more useful when trying to give a uniform look and combining different elements. Complex gradients can also be used to add shading to an otherwise dull background. It proves helpful in merging images with the tone of the webpage. If the images are too vibrant and bright, then giving a hint of the gradient can prove useful in giving a soothing effect to the eyes.

A grid is used for arranging the text and images on the screen. It is useful in placing of different elements. Using a grid might lead to compromise in the creativity of the design. Many designers like to break this grid and experiment with it. The overlapping texts and images, asymmetrical placing and use of irregular shapes add originality to the website as it will be different from the traditional designing. This often gives an exclusive texture to the website.

The right website design is the one in which there is no hint of plagiarism and it has its own theme and styling.

#10. Include blogs

Blogs give a sense of trust to the users. Reading the reviews and comments of other users helps them in deciding about the services and products available on the website. Blogs are a way of giving credibility to the workers of the organization. Blogs are also helpful in displaying the motto and message of the website and the organisation.

It is helpful in drawing attention of the customers through the words of the organisation as well as other users. Blogs and reviews have become an important part in establishing the authenticity of any website and its services. In the online world, including blogs is as important as displaying the features of your product. If a customer is unaware of the features of the product, he or she will lose interest easily.

In the same way, if a customer cannot find any blog or reviews related to the website, its services or products, then there are chances, that customer will not be willing to spend more time on the website looking for the right product. Blogs play a very important role in authenticating the website with the growing online market and easy availability of fake products.

#11. Establish expertise

Establishing expertise in your area through your website is a vital part of increasing sales. A good website design reflects expertise and confidence. Any organisation especially small-scale industries and start-ups should be confident in their work. They should show on their website, how they are different from others. You should try establishing the fact that you are better than the ones in your competition.

Good website design is often the first step in showing how you are different. Website, as said earlier is the first thing people look for when looking into the details of any product or organization. Therefore, you should not give them any chance of doubting you. You should take full advantage of your online presence and show that there is no one else who can do the given work better than you.

Utilize the gifts of the internet in the right way to boast about your work and gain the trust of the people. If you yourself show doubt in your work, then the customer will also not trust you with your services and will always keep looking for alternatives.

#12. Mobile Friendly Designs

The mobiles have become mini computers. In today’s world, a person may not own a desktop or laptop, but he/she for sure owns a phone. Majority of the people have a smartphone with internet connection. According to the data for 2018, the percentage of website visits through cellular phones versus computer systems grew from 57% to 63%. Total time people spend on website when accessing them from mobile phones versus computers has increased from 40% to 49%.

Therefore, website designers need to make websites mobile friendly. A good website design gives same feel on mobile phones and computers. The websites should take minimal time to load even when loading on a mobile phone. Majority of the people access websites through their cell phones and a good user experience is a necessity. Laptops cannot be carried everywhere but mobile phones are handy and almost taken everywhere with the user.

For the first time user, if the website is distorted on mobile phone, he/she will not bother to look for it through computer and simply exit. Hence, it should always be kept in mind that the website is mobile friendly and can be accessed on any kind of system without glitches.

A good website design, not only gives a good user experience to the customers on computers, but it gives the same satisfaction on mobile phones as well. Find out more about what Google thinks on the changing trend.

Mobile friendly website design

#13. Monitor your competition

It is often said that you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Always keep an eye for competition and make sure you do not lag behind your competitors. With so many companies offering the same service, it becomes necessary to stay ahead of others. This should be reflected in your website design as well. It is important to stay alert of the changes your competitors are making and make changes if necessary. Today’s world is all about competition and bringing new products and services to the customers before others.

The time being an important constraint, the design of your website also reflects the quality of your service. Therefore, you should always try and improve design to attract more users. The potential leads should be more interested in your product right after they visit your website. To know more about competitive monitoring, click here .

The right website design helps you in staying ahead of your competitors in real as well as the internet world. With virtual reality gaining more scope, it is more important than ever to keep your website updated.

#14. Usability

Good website design is the one which makes maximum use of the products and credentials of the organisation. Along with beautification, you should always keep in mind the target audience and how they would react to a certain image or call to action button or any other element on the website. You should make full use of every element available on the webpage. Randomly putting something on the website without any usage is not only a waste of time, but it is also a waste of efforts for the designer.

The designer needs to align each and every component of the website. If any part of the webpage does not serve some purpose then it is good for nothing. It can just be an image, but is it is not attracting users in the way it should, then it is not being used to full credential.

Always make sure that before adding any element to the website design, you ask yourself if that element is really required in the website, or this work can be done by already existing elements. Do not unnecessarily add tabs, content, links or images if they are not required. This confuses the user and they tend to deviate from what they were actually looking for and might end up simply exiting the website.

#15. Providing a call to Action Buttons

Call-to-action buttons are used to direct the user to some other task or some other webpage. It asks the user to perform some work. It could be filling up a form, or opting to gain information on a particular topic.

These buttons are an integral part of a good website design. They make the webpages interactive. The call to action buttons are generally 20% larger than the logo size. It is done to draw attention of the user easily. The size of multiple call to action buttons depends on their importance on the website. The buttons which are more important are larger than the ones which are less important.

The call to action buttons are placed strategically in such a way that these are easily noticeable. The colours for these buttons are highly contrasting. These lead to more page landings. It also helps in increasing the sale through website. The most common placement positions for these buttons are at the top of the webpage or in the center of the webpage.

Call to action buttons are also helpful in collecting information on potential clients. They prompt the user to provide information for database. These buttons should show an urgency and prompt the user to call for the action. Also, there is a common method of providing secondary button with the primary one. The secondary button can be placed right next to the primary button or it can be placed below the latter.

#16. Encourage the Visitors to Contact the Organization

The contact information should be clearly visible on the website. The user should be effortlessly able to locate the contact information. Many a times, the user might be confused about some product or service and not being able to locate the contact information, only creates more confusion for him/her.

Sometimes, user simply wants to enquire about the services available so as to take a call whether they should opt for your organization or not. In such a situation, contact information is really important so that the user can easily contact you.


Our organization has experts from various fields. Our sales expert has been helping companies achieve their dreams from the past 18 years. We can help you choose the right website design based on your product and target audience. We provide all kinds of services starting right from website designing and building to providing sales content and online advertisement. Some of the major services include website designing, maintenance of already existing websites, setting up email domain, sending out sales related emails to clients, drafting sales content for your website, boosting sales on online platforms and helping your ideas related to online sales.

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Good website design is the basis of any business in the online world. Customers today rely more on online presence than physical presence. Physically visiting a place is time-consuming. It takes more effort to visit an organization and have a look at their products. Instead, the customers opt for going online and finding out everything about that firm. It not only saves time, but it also saves money and extra efforts that you would have to put otherwise.

A website is the door to your organization on the internet. A good entrance always helps in attracting more customers to any place. The efficiency of your products and services is judged on the basis of how efficient your website is. A client will not be interested in your work if he/she cannot find a satisfactory response from your website.

We have discussed about the key elements that are useful in designing a good website. Every small detail holds a big place in the client’s mind. Every element should be designed and placed keeping in mind the target audience and the services being provided by the organization. The systematic placing of the words and images is also very important. The ultimate goal of the website is to draw more and more customers and increase sales. An efficient system is designed in such a way that user can easily navigate through the web pages. For finding any information, the user does not need to go through multiple links. The important details are easily noticeable.

A good website uses a variety of styles and colours but still appears pleasant to the eyes. Always design the website based on your product and there is no way people won’t visit your website again and again.


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