The Drop Out Story: Steve Jobs

The Drop Out Story: Steve Jobs

Everyone knows Steve Jobs, the founder of one of the leading electronics companies “Apple”! He was a college dropout and still founded a firm that is now a trillion dollar company. He told his story at Stanford University.

“When I joined college, all my parents’ savings were spent on college tuition. After 6 months, I couldn’t see a value in it. I had no idea what I was going to do with my life and no idea how college was going to help me figure it out. So I decided to drop out and trust that it will all work out okay. It was pretty scary at that time, but looking back, it was one of the best decisions I ever made.” said Steve, at the Stanford University Commencement Ceremony Speech.

After dropping out of college, he started attending calligraphy classes. That’s where he developed his interest and knowledge of typefaces. After years, when he was developing the first Macintosh, a personal computer which is now known as Mac, he used his knowledge of typefaces. Because of Steve’s knowledge of typefaces, Macintosh became the first personal computer with a properly designed typography.

Steve didn’t take his dropping out as a failure. Instead, he learned something new. He was able to apply his learning for the better. This is applicable for businesses too. We face losses in business. We do experiments that don’t succeed. We should take those losses and failed experiments as an experience and learn from them.

ClickFunnels Pricing

ClickFunnels Pricing

ClickFunnels pricing

If you are in sales, you have likely heard about a product called ClickFunnels. What is it? Well, it is a tool that will turn your website into the ultimate sales machine. You’ll be able to generate an unimaginable number of leads every month. It’s now time to learn more about what ClickFunnels can do for your business. You should also know about ClickFunnels pricing structure

What is ClickFunnels?

If you have ClickFunnels, you won’t need the usual sales and support staff businesses. This means that you can do away with those expensive web wizards. You also will not need to hire teams of computer programmers and IT staff (either as in-house or consultants!) Finally, you’ll no longer need a full-fledged sales department and a sales support department. Gone are the days when you had to have a sales copy and train sales reps. ClickFunnels will do all of this and more for you!

ClickFunnels puts every step of the sales process – from prospecting to closing and beyond – on your website. But ClickFunnels is focused. In a way, you can think of it as a substitute for a traditional website. You can use the ClickFunnels software to create funnel pages. These are designed to drive traffic and make as many conversions as possible.

How does ClickFunnels work?

If you visit ClickFunnels’s website, you’ll hear a lot about squeeze pages and sales funnels. Basically, ClickFunnels is designed to get visitors to buy from you soon after they come to your site. It does this through regular (but not standard) websites, landing pages, opt-in pages, and more! You’ll love the fact that you don’t need to know anything about web page creation or design to use it.

You can use ClickFunnels for a variety of purposes. You can sell your products or services. You can also use it to get even more leads and business. This is crucial if you are expanding your business. Clickfunnels works its magic by doing all of your marketing for you as well. This means that you no longer need Advertising executives.

What does ClickFunnels take care of for you in terms of marketing?

ClickuFnnels’s websites are rich in content. You can now create intriguing funnel pages that are full of powerful and relevant content that is to the point and incites an immediate call to action. It will also do email marketing for you. Now you don’t need to download specialized software programs like Getresponse that are expensive and time-consuming. You can easily market to all of the people on your mailing and prospects lists.

No online marketing campaign for an online store can be complete without an order form and a shopping cart. Online stores also need analytics and stats to know their websites’ performance in real-time. These are just some of the many diverse marketing tools online store owners need to be successful. In the past, they had to take out huge loans or appeal to investors to hire professionals capable of doing all of this. However, since ClickFunnels takes care of all of this and more, store owners can concentrate on their main tasks – selling and taking care of business.

Note that ClickFunnels automates and simplifies the entire sales funnel process. A sales funnel is simply the entire selling cycle broken down in steps.

Understanding ClickFunnels pricing structure

ClickFunnels pricing structure comes in table form. It may seem complex at first, however, this is definitely not true. The following sections will demystify the ‘complexity’ behind Clickfunnels pricing structure. Clickfunnels pricing table currently offers two plans: ClickFunnels basic ($97/month) and ClickFunnels Platinum ($297/month.).

ClickFunnels pricing structure

Clickfunnels pricing structure is different for each of its plans. The basic plan is ClickFunnels’s plain but extremely functional. You pay $97 a month for the following features:

  • Ability to share funnels
  • Max of 20 funnels
  • Max of 100 pages
  • 1 user
  • Max of three payment gateways
  • Max of three domains
  • 24/7 chat support
  • Funnel hacker forum
  • Funnel fix

ClickFunnels Pricing Platinum Plan features

ClickFunnels Pricing also includes the Platinum Plan. You’ll have access to all of these amazing features for just $297 a month. They are:

  • The ability to share sales funnels.
  • The ability to build unlimited funnels.
  • The ability to build as many pages (landing and support) as you want to.
  • Ability to add 3 users to each account.
  • Ability to add 9 different payment gateways.
  • Access to the building as many follow up funnels as you want to.
  • The ability to add 9 domains for every account.
  • 24/7 chat support.
  • Access to weekly peer review hackathons.
  • Access to the funnel hacker forum.
  • Almost unlimited training resources with the Funnel Flix program

Each Basic Plan feature is explained in more detail below:

Ability to share funnels
This feature is common to both plans in Clickfunnels pricing structure. Sharing funnels is easy. All you do is email the funnel to another user or copy the funnel link. The person then adds it to his or her (ClickFunnels) account. However, make sure that the person you email your funnels to is also a ClickFunnels member. This is a smart strategy since you’ll have a copy of your sales funnel. You can always rely on this should your funnel get hacked into or corrupted.

Max of 20 funnels
Each funnel is a website with many pages that have different tools designed to convert. These tools convert cold leads into warm prospects and warm prospects into loyal customers. Clickfunnels pricing structure can get a little tricky. This is because the basic plan only allows you to set up 20 sales funnels with each account. You’ll get many features, but they are basic and somewhat limited. For example, you’ll be able to design up to 100 pages for all of the funnels.

The basic plan also only accommodates up to 20,000 visitors in total. This may be ideal if you are starting a business and don’t want to spend lavishly initially. Startup business owners find that it can take several months to get 20,000 visitors a month. You’ll be able to generate and store as many contacts as you want. The flip side is that the basic plan doesn’t have a visual builder. This is offered with the more advanced ClickFunnels plan.

You also will not be able to track conversions or any marketing metrics through email. The number of affiliates you can have supporting your funnels is limited. You’ll not have the option to sell through subscriptions.

Max of 100 pages
You can only create 100 pages for all of your 20 funnels. The reason for this is because the basic plan is meant for small scale entrepreneurs. People who sell as a hobby can also use it. However, this does have its advantages. You’ll have unlimited options in terms of the types of pages you can create. For example, you can create a squeeze page. This comes in handy if, for example, you sell consulting services. You can pique interest and gather vital contact information. You’ll have the option of sending targeted email messages to these prospects.

Of course, you can build intriguing landing pages that describe what you sell in detail. If these pages are informative and exciting enough, you can generate sales immediately. These landing pages have contact sections where you can have customers (and prospects) enter their contact details. Once again, this creates a great email marketing campaign opportunity! This may be crucial in terms of expanding your business and revenue streams.

You’ll get good value for your money with Clickfunnels pricing structure. This is becasue ClickFunnels will offer you dozens of professional, pre-made templates that are guaranteed to convert immediately. You can use these for your various landing and squeeze pages. ClickFunnels allows you to create a wide variety of pages. This is crucial if your small business is growing rapidly. You’ll get conversions and loyal customers in no time. You can create the following types of pages with the basic plan:

  • Thank you page – this encourages repeat business because it gives the visitor a favorable impression/image of your business.
  • Misc page – you can use pre-built templates and customize it to support your landing page. This will land you more conversions and loyal customers.
  • Sales page – this page encourages sales. It also encourages the nurturing of contacts because it asks for contact information at the POS.
  • Optin page – this is useful because it gives the visitor the option of receiving future information from your company.

One user
The plan offers basic features, so only one person can create an account and use it.

Max of three payment gateways
ClickFunnels is a sales software program. Therefore, it does not have its own payment gateway. However, you can choose a max of three payment gateways with ClickFunnels basic plan. While many payment gateway options exist, you may want to use the following gateways:

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Authorize.net


One thing that ClickFunnels users love about it is that anyone can build amazing landing pages. Even novices can use its drag and drop features to build a website that would make webmasters jealous. One of the great features of ClickFunnels is the diversity it offers you in terms of integrating payment gateways. One of these is Stripe. It allows you to accept payments from a variety of mediums. This includes Apple Pay and other mobile wallets, and all major credit, and debit cards.

Stripe is a popular payment gateway for ClickFunnels because of its trigger and response mechanisms. This allows you to manage your sales pipeline and strategies.

You can program Stripe to initiate certain actions for ClickFunnels. This is based on the trigger and response features of Stripe:

  • When a visitor makes a new purchase, Stripe will automatically search for the visitor based on his or her id.
  • Stripe will automatically add a new customer when his or her credit card transaction is approved.
  • Stripe will add a new product when a visitor enters his or her payment information.
  • Stripe will automatically search for an existing charge based on the customer’s id. This occurs when a new invoice is created.
  • Stripe searches for subscriptions by a subscription or a customer ID. This occurs when a visitor creates a new subscription.
  • Stripe will add new customers to your contact list when they make a purchase.
  • Stripe will let you know when a customer deletes a subscription.
  • Stripe will let you know when an attempted payment has failed.
  • Stripe automatically lets you know when a customer disputes a transaction.
  • It sends automatic alerts when a customer successfully requests a refund.
  • You’ll be alerted the minute a new product is created.
  • You’ll receive an immediate alert when an invoice is emailed out.
  • You’ll immediately know when a customer updates a subscription.
  • You’ll be alerted three days before a customer’s trial period ends.

These features and more allow you to be proactive with both your payment and marketing strategies.

Stripe does charge a fee for accepting and processing transactions. It is 2.9% + 30 American cents. The upside is you’ll get a volume discount if you make more than $80,000 in sales annually. You aren’t charged a monthly fee for using it. Other payment gateways like PayPal charge a monthly fee. You’ll need to integrate it into another payment gateway for it (Stripe) to work. You’ll also have free access to the API. It charges a $15 fee for refunds.

Integrating Stripe with ClickFunnels
You’ll be able to easily create products in Clickfunnels. You’ll then be able to accept and process payments through Stripe. Most of this will occur automatically. If you want to integrate Stripe into ClickFunnels, do the following:
NOTE: Make sure that you have a Stripe account. Also, make sure all of the countries you will be operating in accept Stripe.

  • Log out of your Stripe account. Note that you can skip this step if you are currently logged out of Stripe.
  • Go to your ClickFunnels admin dashboard.
  • Go to the payment gateways section.
  • Select the ‘add payment gateways’ option.
  • Click on Stripe.
  • Select the ‘create Stripe account’ option.
  • Key in your account name.
  • Note this is optional: go to Apple Pay. Then select the domains you want Apple Pay to work on.
  • Note this is also optional: select Apple Pay as your default payment gateway.
  • Note that this is mandatory: select the ‘create Stripe Account’ option.
  • Click on the ‘connect with Stripe’ option.
  • You’ll be directed to a page. You’ll need to create a Stripe account there if you don’t have one.
  • Click on the ‘sign in’ button. This is towards the top right side of the page.

You have now added Stripe to your ClickFunnels account. Note that 70% of ClickFunnels users integrate Stripe as a payment gateway!


PayPal is one of the most popular payment gateways for online store owners. It is also one of the easiest to use. Perhaps that’s why 20% of ClickFunnels customers use it. PayPal is actually a brilliant payment method to use with ClickFunnels.

People love PayPal because it ensures their customers’ transactions will be secure. The same is true with their credit card and other sensitive information. More than 300 million people around the world use PayPal. It charges a fee of 2.9% + 30 American cents per transaction. This is among the lowest in the payment gateway industry.

Set up is free and easy. You have two choices in terms of ClickFunnels integration:

  • API
  • 3rd party

You’ll be able to easily collect payments from any mechanism or device if you install PayPal using this method. Do the following to integrate it into Clickfunnels:

  • Go to a specialized website. It will allow you to go directly to the PayPal Developer Apps page through a link.
  • You sign into PayPal. You’ll then be on the dashboard.
  • Go to the My apps and credentials section and click on it.
  • Choose the Rest API.
  • Click on the ‘Live’ option.
  • Select the create app option
  • You’ll need to name this app. You can give it any name you want.
  • Select the ‘Create app’ button.
  • .Select the ‘show’ button.
  • You’ll be taken to a screen that will display your PayPal app being created in your ClickFunnels account. The PayPal app will appear by the name you gave it. Just note that you need to connect (integrate) this app into your ClickFunnels account if you want to begin to receive payments.
  • Don’t close this page. Instead, open up a new page. You’ll be logging into your Clickfunnels account from there.
  • Once you are in your ClickFunnels account, go to your ‘avatar’ icon. It will be at the top right-hand corner of the page.
  • Position your mouse on this icon. Keep it there until a drop-down menu appears.
  • Select the ‘account settings’ option (in the drop-down menu).
  • You’ll see another menu on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Select the Payment Gateways option: Note: it has the shopping cart icon to the left of it.
  • You’ll see another screen appear. The ‘select payment gateway’ button will appear there. Select it.
  • You’ll then see two buttons appear. PayPal (with its tell-tale logo) will be at the top. PayPal V2 will be below that. Select the PayPal V2 button because it will give you more options and functionality than PayPal will.
  • You’ll see a screen that shows PayPal’s logo near the upper right-hand corner. The upper left-hand side will ask you to submit your Pay Pal account information. This is necessary if you want to integrate PayPal into ClickFunnels
  • Migrate back to the PayPal tab in your dashboard. Then copy all of the client ID information there. Paste it into your ClickFunnels dashboard.
  • You’d be better off using the functions on your keyboard to do that.
  • If you’re using Windows, activate the keyboard by holding down the Ctrl and V keys simultaneously.
  • Hold down the CMD and V keys simultaneously if you’re using a MAC operating system.
  • Visit your PayPal tab again. You’ll want to copy the Client Secret section. You’ll be pasting that into the Clickfunnels dashboard.
  • Once you are back in the Clickfunnels dashboard, go to the Client Secret section. Paste the information into the client secret box.
  • You’ll see the ‘Create PayPalV2 account’ button. Select it.

You have now successfully integrated PayPal V2 into your ClickFunnels account. This will give you many options as a store owner. For example, you’ll be able to:

  • Add PayPal buttons on your ClickFunnels’ landing page order section.
  • PayPal V2 will let you create a subscription plan in ClickFunnels.
  • You’ll be able to create test orders through PayPal to see if it’s working properly.

3rd Party
There are many advantages to using this method to Integrate PayPal. One is the ability to add PayPal buttons to your ClickFunnels’ order page. You’ll then be able to use another payment gateway like Stripe or Recurly to accept payments. Just note that you will not be able to allow your customers to upgrade products with a single click. Do the following to add PayPal to your ClickFunnels account:

  • Sign into your PayPal account.
  • Migrate your mouse on the Tools button this appears towards the center of the top part of the screen.
  • You’ll see a drop-down menu appear. You’ll want to select the “all tools’ option that will appear. Select it.
  • You’ll see the PayPal buttons option appear. You’ll want to select the Open option.
  • You’ll see many options related to selling and promoting products that have no variations. Select the Buy Now button. It will have the description “Make it easy to buy one or more of a single item!’
  • You’ll see a screen that asks for product details appear. Enter the relevant information.
  • You can then go to the ‘Customize advanced features’ page.
  • You’ll see three steps. Select the third one (Customize advanced features – optional).
  • You’ll see many variables with yes and no buttons. These are limits you can set in regards to the options your customers will have when they want to buy from you:
  • For example, you can decide if you want to let your customers change the quantities of a particular item they are buying.
  • You’ll want to open a new screen. (don’t close the previous PayPal page though!) you’ll sign into your ClickFunnels account. Then you’ll open your sales funnel.
  • Select the settings option.
  1. You’ll then select the third party Membership+ access button.
  2. You’ll see an ‘Add product’ button. Select it.
  3. You should add all information, including price.
  • You’ll want to go back to the PayPal page that you left open.
  • You’ll want to go back to the first step of setting up the payment buttons.
  • You’ll see your item ID.
  • Copy it.
  • Go to the opened ClickFunnels page. Either copy or key in your item ID.
  • You’ll see a Webhook URL.
  • Highlight and right click your mouse to copy it.
  • Then select the ‘click product’ button.
  • Clickfunnels will now display your new product.
  • You’ll want to go back to the open PayPal page.
  • Select the third step. This will give you the ability to customize advanced features
  • Go to the advanced variables option.
  • Check the box.
  • Type notify_url= into the box.
  • You’ll want to paste the Webhook URL after the = sign.
  • Select the ‘create’ button.
  • You’ll see the new button and product that you have created in ClickFunnels and PayPal.

You’ll now be able to add new products and PayPal buttons when you want to.

Authorize.Net lets you do business with vendors and merchants. You’ll be able to accept any type of credit card or e-check payments. Authorize.net is unique because it lets customers key their payment and ship to information directly into the platform. It consolidates the e-payment cycle and process into three steps. This simplifies it. The three steps are:

  • Authorization
  • Capture
  • Settlement

If a customer buys on credit, Authorize.net will check his or her bank account. This is to determine if there are enough funds to cover the payment amount. If there are enough funds, the payment will be approved. However, the money will still be in the customer’s account until it is captured.

Authorize.Net will contact the customer’s bank. The platform asks the bank if the customer really does have enough funds in his or her bank account. If the answer is “Yes” Authorize.Net will ‘claim’ the money. The funds will then be locked.

The funds are wired from the customer’s account to your company’s account.

Other useful features and benefits of Authorize.net are:

  • Advanced Fraud Detection
  • Customer Information Manager
  • The ability to handle different types and modes of payment
  • The ability to handle repeat payments
  • It automatically updates customer account information
  • Managing customer invoices
  • Simplifies checkout

Advanced Fraud Detection
You can use up to 13 filters to find and block fake transactions before they can go through. Some of the more powerful and popular filters are:

  • Velocity Filters
  • IP Filters
  • Transaction Filters
  • Shipping Filters

Velocity Filters
You can limit the number of times a particular customer can purchase from you in a day.

IP Filters
You can program ClickFunnels to block websites with a particular IP. you can do the saFe with (IP) region, address, and transaction velocity. You can even select specific server IP addresses for submitting transactions.

Transaction Filters
This allows you to verify the customer’s credit card information before you process the transaction. You can limit the dollar amount a customer can purchase from you per day. This significantly limits the number of fraudulent transactions. You can also use Authorize.Net’s property criteria to identify and block potentially fraudulent transactions.

Shipping Filters
You can use features like Shipping Address verification and Enhanced AVS. This will inform you if a bogus customer is using a fake shipping address. It helps you correct discrepancies in shipping information as well.
Customer Information Manager
Customers can store their payment information on Authorize.Net. That way they can make repeat purchases with a few clicks. You’ll be able to manage the information either directly on Authorize.net or through ClickFunnels with an Application Programming Interface (API.)

Authorize.net complies with and uses the latest in payment credit card industry standards (PCI-DSS). This ensures that your customer’s payment information and purchases are always safe.

Customer information management
This feature allows customers to store their payment information in the system. They can then make future purchases with the click of a button. The customer information management feature allows customer profiles to include multiple shipping addresses as well.

As a vendor, you’ll have the ability to manage multiple profiles simultaneously. You can also use the application programming interface (API) to automate and send out invoices. If you are old school, you can manually create them and email them out. This feature also allows you to automate subscription and regular billings. Your bills will always be sent out on time.

You can program CIM to automate customer billing and address information as soon as it changes. This will help you manage your customer databases better.

Payment Types
This simplifies and streamlines the payment process. Authorize.net accepts all payment types. Your customers can pay with their preferred method with a few clicks. As a vendor, you have many payment options to choose from;

  • All-in-One.
  • Payment gateway only.
  • Enterprise solutions.

Use this if you lack a merchant account because it guarantees payment in this situation. You’ll get an Authorize.net merchant account and payment gateway regardless of your payment set-up. You’ll love the following about it:

  • Free set up.
  • No monthly gateway charge.
  • A change of 2.9% + 30 American cents per transaction.
  • A multitude of plan features that will benefit you as a vendor.

Payment gateway only
This is the pan for you if you have a merchant account. You’ll enjoy many features and benefits including:

  • Free setup.
  • No monthly gateway charge.
  • A charge of 10 American cents per transaction. You’ll also pay 10 American cents per payment batch.

Enterprise Solution
This option is for you if your sales revenue is more than $500,000 a year.

  • Nonprofits (501 C 3) can process payments and donations/fundraising proceeds.
  • You’ll enjoy a customized pricing plan.
  • You’ll get help with moving data.
  • You’ll have the options for interchange-plus.

Automatic recurring billing
This is useful if you have lots of customers who buy from you regularly. This also is useful if your customers pay in installments. You can automate accepting and processing the regular payments. The automatic recurring billing option works for any type of electronic payment method.

Account updater
You’ll enjoy updates in all of your customers’ credit card information on a monthly basis. It does the same for other types of electronic payment methods. Some beneficial features include:

  • Increase your authorization approvals.
  • See an increase in loyal customers and customers who make repeat purchases.
  • You will also get more referral business.
  • You won’t be charged if Authorize.net has to automatically update your customers’ payment information.
  • You’ll be updated regarding changes in your customers’ payment information and statuses.

Increase in your authorization approvals
Your customers’ payment information will be updated regularly. You will no longer have to worry about losing loyal customers because of payment declines from outdated payment information. You also won’t have to incur the additional costs you would by reaching out to customers and updating the information manually.

See an increase in loyal customers and customers who make repeat purchases
Your customers will be happy because the payment process will be regular, consistent, and smooth. They will want to buy from you more often because of this.

You won’t be charged if Authorize.net has to automatically update your customers’ payment information.
Since customers update their payment information frequently, you’ll see real savings. This is money that you can reinvest in your business.

You’ll be updated regularly regarding changes in your customers’ payment information and statuses
You’ll get regular reports. These will tell you the payment information that changed for your customers. You’ll also be informed as to why it occurred. You’ll also understand which accounts were closed and why.

You will be able to email customers billing invoices on any electronic device. The emails are customizable. Gone are the days when you had to endure the headache of updating customer account information and invoices manually.

Simple checkout
This is perfect for nonprofits. It also helps smaller businesses that sell a single product. Now they can easily sell with a big and conspicuous buy button.

Integrating Authorize.net with ClickFunnels
Do the following to integrate Authorize.net into ClickFunnels:

  • You’ll need a way for Authorize.net to ’talk’ to ClickFunnels
  • If you are a merchant, the only way you can do this is with a VAR sheet.
  • You’ll have to ask your merchant account provider for this sheet.

Note: you will fail if you try to integrate Authorize.net directly into ClickFunnels. Integration can only be done through another payment gateway. ClickFunnels recommends using Gateway Funnel Pros for this. You will need to use an NMI gateway that is compatible with ClickFunnels.

  • Log into your NMI account. Select the ‘customer vault’ option.
  • Go to the left side of the menu bar. You’ll see the ‘options’ icon there. Select it.
  • A ‘settings’ option will appear next. Click on it.
  • You’ll be directed to the settings page. You’ll see the ‘security options’ there.
  • Go down to the icon and select the ‘security keys’ option.
  • Name your security key.
  • Assign the key to a user.
  • You will see the API and cart options. Select them.
  • Select the ‘create new key’ option.
  • You’ll be presented with an API key. Be sure to copy this.

You are now ready for the next phase. You will be connecting your NMI gateway with your ClickFunnels account. Follow these steps during this phase:

  • Go to the ‘Account settings’.
  • Go to ‘payment gateway’ from there.
  • Select the ’add new payment gateway’ option.
  • You’ll need to search for NMI. Select it once you have found it.
  • Sign in to your NMI account.
  • Past the API key.
  • Select the ’create NMI account’ option.

You have now integrated Authorize.net into ClickFunnels. From here, you can easily add new products.

Though ClickFunnels basic plan only allows at most three payment gateways, another good gateway deserves mention. This is Recurly

Note that you need to have a Recurly account in order to integrate it with ClickFunnels. However, don’t use it if you sell to the E.U. You are better off using Stripe in this instance. You do the following to integrate Recurly with ClickFunnels:

  • Go to your Recurly account and click on the “Integrations” tab.
  • Choose the “API credentials” box.
  • You will need to provide your public and private API keys.

You are now ready to complete a series of substeps which comprises step # 2. They are explained below. But just remember to set up your Recurly account before following these steps for your integration to be successful. Remember to enter nothing more than the subdomain portion of your ClickFunnels account when you sign up for Recurly.

  • Go to your Clickfunnels dashboard.
  • Select the Account Details tab.
  • Click on “Payment Gateways”.
  • Select Recurly
  • Enter the subdomain for Recurly.
  • Input the Public API Key in the corresponding field.
  • Input the Private API key in the corresponding field.
  • Select the “Create Recurly account” button.

Benefits of using Recurly with ClickFunnels
You need to integrate your ClickFunnels with Recurly because it will give you many options. This is in reference to payment services like PayPal, Amazon, and others. Recurly has PCI Level 1 certification. This means your transactions and payments through ClickFunnels will always be secure.

But Recurly offers much more than this. It does what conventional payment gateways like PayPal, Paytm, and Amazon can’t. It provides the highest level of security in the payment gateway industry. This allows it to monitor and notify you of fraudulent transactions immediately. An added plus is that Recurly takes tax considerations by country into account. This allows you to adjust your prices for taxes in countries like New Zealand and Canada.

Many Recurly users love their analytics information. They can use this to better understand how their website(s) is performing in terms of sales and marketing by region. They can then increase sales, revenue, and strengthen their customer bases through targeted marketing campaigns and strategies. The analytics comes in handy when they are trying to determine the funds to allocate to their annual marketing budgets.

Max of three domains
Well, you don’t even need to add a domain to use ClickFunnels (either the basic or premium plan!) However, you should because it will help you sell your goods and services easier and faster. You can connect either a regular or a custom domain with the basic plan. Follow these steps to connect a custom domain to ClickFunnels basic plan:

  • Create a CNAME record.
  • Once you have done this, go to the dropdown menu and select the CNAME option.
  • Type the desired domain name into the search field.
  • Now search for the domain to ensure that it has a green check. Then point target to ClickFunnels.com.

Now you come to step 2.  The following sub-steps comprise this main step:

  • Go to the settings section on your ClickFunnels dashboard.
  • Select the “add new domain” option.
  • Go to the right part of the page and choose the “use an existing domain” option.
  • Enter the desired domain and select the “add domain” button.

Note: you must remove the www. Part of the domain name if you are adding a subdomain.

  • You will be directed to the next page where you select the “I’ve done this step” option.
  • Go back to the domain settings in ClickFunnels. It will tell you if your selected domain name has been verified.

Your domain may now be a part of ClickFunnels, but you have to make sure that it can’t be hacked into. Not doing so could compromise your entire sales funnel. You need to verify the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) of your domain. This can be done through the following steps:

  • Make sure that 10 minutes have elapsed from the time you added the domains.
  • Go to domain settings in the ClickFunnels dashboard.
  • Click on the three dots that appear next to the added domain.
  • Select the edit option.
  • Go to the SSL section and select the “expand” option.
  • Select the “Check SSL” option

As is evident, Clickfunnels pricing structure is very reasonable and flexible for small-scale entrepreneurs. This is evidenced by the amazing functionalities that the basic plan offers its users.

24/7 chat support
You can access a customer or tech service rep at any time of the day or night through chat support. This courteous, knowledgeable, and friendly professional will be able to answer any and all questions you may have. He or she will also be able to resolve your most pressing ClickFunnels issues and challenges in a timely manner.

Funnel Hacker forum
This allows you to learn through your peers. You will be connected to the vast global ClickFunnels network. These knowledgeable and helpful professionals will help you set up your ClickFunnels account and start to market and sell your goods in no time!

They say that you learn more by watching what others do and by implementing their successful strategies and plans. The Funnel Hacker Forum (and funnel hacking in general) works off of this principle. When you hack a funnel, you are essentially examining the marketing and selling methods, knowledge, and practices of your competitors. You then do the same for your company using plans and strategies that will work best for you!

Just make sure you never do the following. Doing this could spell disaster for your business in terms of sales, customer acquisition, revenue generation, and more. It could also set you up for potentially long-term damaging lawsuits and retaliation from powerful competitors.

  • Never copy your competitors’ funnels to the T
  • Never pass off their work and strategies/plans/actions as your own
  • Don’t do anything illegal, immoral, or unethical in terms of digital marketing. Black Hat SEO tactics and practices would be a big “no-no” in this instance
  • Never use tantalizing marketing practices to lure people in and then either con or dupe them. While this may win you short term sales and customers, it is sure to backfire on you. You’ll end up losing revenue streams, profits, customers, and most importantly, your reputation

Why you want to do funnel hacking
“Why is doing funnel hacking so advantageous anyway?” Many business owners have asked this question. If you are one of them, the answer is: it allows you to learn from your competitors’ successes. You will be tailoring their successes to your own company to ensure that your company is also successful.

For one thing, you don’t have to spend lots of time and money testing marketing strategies and plans. Your competition has already successfully done this for you. You can also save potentially hundreds of thousands on SEO and marketing optimizing. This leaves you with more time and resources to run your business successfully. Your business will have more revenue streams and (more importantly) profit faster. You can see what made your competitors fail. Then you can make sure that you don’t repeat their mistakes. Finally, you can really understand what your business does and the industry it operates in. Doing so will make you an industry expert, and potentially even an industry leader!

But funnel hacking is NOT for all businesses!
“Hey wait! How can funnel hacking NOT be for all businesses?” Well, you’ll have problems if you start to copy everything your competitors do. Not only may it fail for you, but you can be sued for predatory practice (among other things!) Copying funnel hacking may alienate your current customers. It can also cause you to totally mistarget advertising to those prospects in your target audiences. Also, not all businesses need funnel hacking (but most do) to be successful!

You need to understand what makes your competition so successful because…
Well, for one thing, you can attract lots of visitors to your landing page quickly. The best part is that you can get lots of high-paying conversions quickly. You also don’t have to ‘reinvent the wheel.’ One of your competitors has probably done what will make your business successful.

You need to know and do funnel hacking if you want to sell your own products and services. You need to know and do this if you want your business to be a success. Additionally, ClickFunnels will pay you big money if you become an affiliate. That’s money you can reinvest into your business to make it even more successful! Funnel hacking can turn a business that no one has ever heard of into a successful industry leader. In fact, it has saved many businesses from ‘going the way of the dinosaurs!’

You need to understand the following if you want to be successful in funnel hacking:

  • You need to understand how your competitors’ landing pages work. This includes understanding how they are structured. You also need to know which types of content makes them (landing pages) successful. Knowing this and more is the only way you can drive traffic in the droves to your landing page.
  • Understanding how your competitors’ sales pages work will tell you all about their sales strategies. You can use this knowledge to craft your own successful sales strategies, plans, and campaigns. You’ll also know what NOT to do in your industry to sell.
  • You’ll understand how ads work and which ads work. You will learn how to make your competitors’ ads work for you!
  • You’ll learn what makes their email marketing campaigns successful. With luck and a lot of hard work, you will be able to duplicate this success.
  • You’ll know where you should be pricing your products. There are certain price points that are great in maximizing revenues and customer bases while minimizing expenses.

It’s possible to learn all of this and more by split-testing and analyzing what your competitors do!

Do you know how to funnel hack successfully?
Well, probably not. If you did, you would not be reading this article. You would, instead, be hacking your funnels successfully. If you want to be successful in funnel hacking, you need to know and understand exactly what your competition does. Since they probably do one or more of these, you need to make the following a part of your marketing strategy:

  • Set up webinars.
  • Feature lots of Pay Per Click (PPC) ads on your landing pages.
  • Be active on social media platforms.
  • This includes doing lots of paid and organic advertising on major platforms like Facebook and Pinterest.
  • Feature regular podcasts.
  • This will keep you connected with your visitors. It will be easier to convert them if they have a warm connection/relationship to/with you!
  • Post infographics on your landing page.
  • People always like to get free stuff. In fact, they are more willing to buy from those businesses who do this regularly.

Note that you can easily get regular subscribers if you do one or more of these. Regular subscribers can easily turn into loyal and regular customers. They’ll also give you lots of referrals. Remember that referrals are ‘like gold dust’ in the business world.

The 10 ingredients you need for a good funnel hacking recipe
Business strategies are like recipes in that they need the right amount of certain ingredients. They also need to be executed in a certain order in order to turn outright. The 10 ingredients you will need for a good funnel hacking recipe are:

  • Know what your marketing goals are.
  • It helps if you know who your target audiences are.
  • It also helps if you know the revenue streams you want to realize in a particular period of time.

How do you know whom to market to? Well, you could go out and survey everyone in your target audience. However, that would be too time consuming and expensive. Also, there is a good chance that people would either not respond or get annoyed. That would not be good! You can easily understand the tastes, preferences, buying behavior, buying patterns, and more of those in your target audiences with buyer personas.

A buyer persona is an imaginary person whom you create, whose personality exactly mirrors that of your target audiences. Creating a buyer persona is invaluable because it allows you to understand the detailed nuances and psychology of those you are marketing to. You can also adjust your buyer persona’s characteristics and details as nature and/or demographics/composition of your target markets change.

A good buyer persona will be detailed and tell you (at least) the following:

  • How old the average person in your target audience(s) is.
  • If they are single, married, widowed, divorced, etc…this is important because single people have different tastes and needs than married people.
  • Whether or not the average person in your target audience has kids.
  • What they do for a living.
  • How much they make in a year. This is crucial because wealthier people tend to want more expensive products and services. They have a perceived need for it and can definitely afford them!
  • What they do in their spare time.

However, you want your buyer persona to be so detailed and descriptive that this profile seems like a living, breathing person. This is crucial because it tells you whom to market to. You’ll also understand how to market to them. You’ll know what material to market to them, and much more! Some other useful things to have your buyer persona answer in detail are:

  • Where to find them en masse online.
  • What are their problems in life? Make sure to only include the ones that your products/services can solve.
  • What would solve their most pressing problems
  • What do they worry the most about?
  • What is the one thing that they would change about themselves?

Your buyer persona is useless if it also doesn’t tell you in detail who NOT to sell to!

Amazingly enough, you’ll succeed if you know how much you want to earn when you design your sales funnels. Make your projections on a monthly basis. Then use that number when designing and building your funnels. Always remember to keep your monthly revenue goals and buyer persona in mind when designing the funnels.

Ingredient # 2: find the successful players in your industry
Once you have found them, analyze what they do, and repeat it. Of course, make sure that what you repeat is tailored to your business. Since this is easier said than done, you’ll be most successful if you:

  • Jot down the top players in your industry (players means companies)
  • Make sure that the ones you do note are making more annual revenue than you are.
  • You can include players in parallel industries. This can help because it can also give you insights into complementary products/services that you could be selling.
  • Get Clickbanks
  • This is a software program that has detailed information on 100,000 of the top businesses in any industry imaginable.
  • It ranks the highest-earning players first and has a menu that sorts players by industry.
  • It is therefore easy to navigate and understand. You’ll also have a quick and easy time finding what you need to.

Of course, Clickbanks is only useful for you if you know how to use it! You do the following to use it:

  • Go to the landing page and click on the affiliate marketplace option.
  • Find your industry in the extensive menu on the left side of the page.
  • Select the most successful products and services. Make sure that these are similar to what you sell.
  • Purchase these items/services. If they come with upsells, buy these as well. As you are going through the buying process, take strategic screenshots. Be sure to design a rough draft of a sales funnel as you’re doing this.

The fourth ingredient in the funnel hacking recipe is understanding where your competition’s traffic comes from. You need to understand how they drive traffic to their sites as well. A good sales tool you can use to do this is Similar Web. You’ll love it because it’s effective and free! Pay attention to the sources where the majority of their traffic comes from. Since this tool will give you a horizontal bar graph breakdown of traffic sources, know it by heart. Chances are, a good percentage of their traffic will come from major social media platforms. This is one of the reasons why social media marketing (SMM) is so important in the digital age.

Ingredients 5-10 are mentioned below in bullet points

  • Ingredient # 5: sign up for your competitors’ newsletters.
  • This is advantageous because you’ll have exposure to all of their target markets.
  • You can market your products and/or services to these markets.
  • Make sure you understand how your competitors are asking you to join their email lists.
  • For example, they could be taking a short preference quiz.
  • Be sure to emulate their methods of gathering information. This is crucial because you can incorporate them into your marketing strategies for instant success.
  • Be sure to take screenshots of the pop-up screens and opt-in pages the competitors use to get subscribers. You can analyze this and incorporate the successful elements in your own email marketing campaigns.
  • Be sure to note the following once you get regular newsletters/e-mail correspondence from them:
  • How many other subscribers (email addresses) are on their lists?
  • If they send random information about the usefulness of their products/services.
  • Do any of these emails incorporate Russell’s scripts? This is important because Russell’s scripts are ‘tried and true’ in terms of selling!
  • What do the links in their emails lead to? If these are backlinks, pay attention because they could lead to the top players in your industry.

Ingredient # 6: Know how the competitors model their sales funnels

  • This means thoroughly analyzing their site to see which elements bring in their sales. It may be a demo followed by a squeeze page.
  • It’s important to learn their techniques in terms of generating successful sales funnels. You will then be able to customize and emulate their ‘secret sauce’ for your business.
  • Also make sure that your site’s layout, structure, and XML sitemap look like theirs. Just remember to be unique with content and design.
  • Pay special attention to their usage of social media icons, format, innovation in headlines, etc…It also is crucial to note where they mention product/service prices. Note if their headers are floating or fixed. Other things to pay attention to are:
  • Price points
  • Total number of words on each page.
  • Any mentions of discounts and/or one-time offers.
  • Nature and setup/layout of their site’s color schemes.
  • The methods they use to gather contact and other vital information from customers. Note if they use opt-in pages or squeeze pages. Also note their size, layout, and format.
  • The placement of their links and buttons that gather information and incite a call to action.
  • The types of content that is above and below their folds.
  • If and where product/service benefits and/or features are mentioned.
  • Note if the text content is supported with video, audio, or visual content.

Note: always make sure that you are taking notes when hacking the competition’s funnels. These notes must be concise, to the point, and organized.

Ingredient # 7: copy what the competition does that makes them successful
The key lies in customizing it for your site. All companies that are successful in their respective industries have a formula for their success. The entire point of funnel hacking is to figure it out, customize it, and copy it through reverse engineering. You should also always be thinking of ways that you can do what your competition is doing better.

Ingredient # 8: Apply ingredients 1 – 7 when hacking your own funnel
While it may seem strange to hack your own sales funnels, it is necessary. This is the only way you will be able to determine if you are doing things the right way in terms of setting up the sales process. It consists of a series of phases:

  • Phase # 1: check and control traffic temperature
  • Phase # 2: build a pre-frame bridge
  • Phase # 3: obtain quality subscribers
  • Phase # 4: Identify and attract quality buyers
  • Phase # 5: Identify and attract hyperactive buyers
  • Phase # 6: Age and ascend the relationship
  • Phase # 7: Change the selling environment

Note:  Hacking your own funnel will work only if you follow the phases to the T. They must also be followed strictly according to their sequence.

Phase # 1:  Check and control traffic temperatureThis involves pre-qualifying your web traffic into different categories:

  • Cold traffic means that visitors are ‘on the fence’ about buying from you. They are borderline customers. They can easily be converted with a little marketing effort and good content.
  • Warm traffic means that the visitors like the products and services you sell. They are just not convinced that these could successfully resolve their pain points. Most of them will convert with some social media marketing and digital marketing efforts. These efforts must revolve around outstanding content that is well written.
  • If your website has lots of hot traffic, it has lots of visitors who will make immediate purchases.

You need to determine what the ideal traffic temperature needs to be for your website to start earning. Then build your sales funnels and strategies around this. Now it’s time to discuss how to hack your own funnel

Ingredient # 9: understand the sales flow of your funnels
Ultimately, the only way to do this is to ‘hack into’ your own sales funnels. You examine what the competition is doing in terms of funnels and then copy it! For example, if they are successfully using opt-in pages, you should do the same.

Ingredient # 10: design the sales funnels to sell your products well
This may seem obvious, but many business owners either forget or don’t know this. If you do this successfully, you’ll be copying your competitor’s strategies and methods. You’ll then be customizing them to fit your company, products/services, mission, etc…

Of course, if you want any of these ingredients to successfully build your sales funnels, know the following at all times:

  • Target audience demographics
  • Products and services you are selling
  • Landing page layout and content
  • Traffic sources
  • Ad copy

Funnel Flix
This section of clickfunnels teaches you how to use it. You can become a clickfunnels expert quickly by doing the following:

  • Watching online courses
  • Watching online training

Rest assured that you’ll become an expert quickly because these are led by industry experts.

By watching these courses and training, you’ll learn the following:

  • How to make your landing pages a success in just 30 days.
  • How to make clickfunnels and sales funnels work for you with the affiliate Bootcamp program.
  • How to successfully operate a physical store.
  • How to succeed in online selling.

This in itself is a bargain offer. However, ClickFunnels wants you to succeed. This is because they succeed when you do. Therefore, they offer the following online classes in the following areas and mediums:

  • Documentaries – you can watch the following in documentary form to learn how to ace every aspect of Clickfunnels:
  • Funnel Hacker TV
  • Funnel Hacking Live
  • Operation Underground Railroad
  • Funnel building – you’ll learn how to build sales funnels that actually sell by watching:
  • Funnel Agency Secrets
  • Funnel Builder Secrets
  • Funnel U
  • One Funnel Away
  • Unlock the secrets
  • Copywriting/sales – this will create the content that will convince visitors that they should only be buying from you!
  • 10x Secrets coming soon
  • Funnel Hackathon no
  • High Ticket Secrets
  • Agora Copywriting
  • Traffic – these video courses will teach you how to drive droves of traffic to your site
  • Add skills
  • Traffic Secrets
  • YouTube Traffic Secrets coming soon
  • Agora Media buying

The list of potential online classes you can watch to build successful sales funnels is endless. You can watch classes in business strategy and mindset. You’ll learn many secrets to online selling. These will make your funnels an instant success. ClickFunnels is able to provide online courses that work because it focuses. It focuses on all aspects involved in online. This is what makes it so effective.

The funnel flix has many components that make it one of the most sought after sales educational tools. With the funnel flix, you can get an MBA style of education in sales without spending the big money on it. It also educates people on the ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly influencing sales. Also, since AI is becoming an integral part of sales, funnel flix is being redesigned. The new version will offer three layers of support.

The first tier of support will be AI-focused. The new and improved funnel flix will have an entire section that discusses AI issues. This will be done in a Q&A format. This is supported by the community expert program. It is similar to the funnel hackathon in many ways. The CEP is composed of talented and knowledgeable people who are willing to support each other. They are also willing to help them learn. It does differ in the key aspect that it is primarily designed to resolve issues related to using and selling on ClickFunnels.

The third tier can be thought of as the foundation of the new Funnel Flix. It consists of seasoned and knowledgeable customer support professionals. These individuals are trained to answer any technical or business questions related to using Clickfunnels. They can also resolve even the most complex technical or business issues quickly.

Now that you have an idea as to how the funnel flux is designed to educate you on ClickFunnels and general business, it’s time to delve deep. As mentioned earlier, the funnel flix contains many courses. One of the most important ones is the Daily Virtual Hackathon Event. These sessions are filmed live and are very useful for learning about ClickFunnels and business principles. You’ll have the support of millions of like-minded peers as well.

Tony Robbins is to selling what Babe Ruth was to baseball. Robbins has a lot of knowledge and insights about selling successfully. This comes from his many years of experience. It can’t be learned from sales classes or books. You need this knowledge and these insights if you want to stand out and sell like crazy immediately. You’ll also be motivated to perform your best whether it is in your professional or personal life. The ClickFunnels Funnels Flix includes seminars from Tony Robbins.

You can access the One Funnel Away Challenge. This alludes to the fact that you are always one funnel away from selling more. It’s a 30-day boot camp training program for sales that includes recorded lectures.

The affiliate Bootcamp program contains testimonials, stories, and real-life experiences from people who have made it in your industry. You’ll learn their selling tactics and strategies. More importantly, you’ll learn what NOT to do!

Marketing and advertising support sales. After all, it’s the marketing and advertising departments that create the literature that salespeople use to sell. The same logic applies to your online business. If you enroll in a paid training program that is taught by seasoned guru Justin Brooke. You’ll learn all about the theoretical, practical, and technical aspects of e-commerce that are worth several millions of dollars.

You can enroll in online classes at ClickFunnels University. These free classes will teach you the best ways to market your business to success. You’ll learn what not to do as well. The classes are worth tens of thousands of dollars in terms of the knowledge and insights they will offer you.
You can also participate in a special training session. This is called the ‘secret laboratory.’ The industry experts do an in-depth analysis of the best sales funnels in existence. They will teach you how to start selling successfully from day 1! Some of the things you will learn about include

  • Funnel strategies
  • Sales offers
  • Split tests
  • Special ClickFunnels code
  • Maximizing sales
  • Blueprints for sales
  • Sales scripts
  • Selling cheat sheets

The Funnels Flix offers a unique type of training program. It’s called 10X Secrets Masterclass. You’ll learn all of the fundamentals of selling. You need this if you want to be successful against the ‘big players’ in your industry. For an added bonus, you’ll get 16 of Russel Brunson’s seminars. Russel Brunson is the founder of Clickfunnels. He is also an amazing sales rep. If you watch all of the seminars, you’ll be able to sell refrigerators to Eskimos. This will be true even if you are innately terrible at sales.

The eighth goody is traffic secrets. You’ll learn how to attract millions of visitors to your website within the first month. It is literally worth its weight in gold.

The ninth goody is The Anthology by Jay Abraham. You’ll learn how to tap into the hidden markets in your business and industry. This will allow you to make profits, revenue streams, and have assets you never thought imaginable. The experts in terms of marketing strategy, innovation, marketing, performance, and management teach these classes. Therefore, you’ll be selling like a seasoned pro in no time.

The tenth goody is The Warrior Way’s Doctrine. This teaches you how to optimize and harmonize four vital components in your life: the foundation, the code, the stack, and the core. You need to know how to successfully manage these if you want to have a successful online business. These seminars also do wonders for your self-confidence and self-esteem.

The eleventh goody is 30 Days. This is a series of seminars which puts you in a hypothetical situation in which you have failed in every aspect of your life. You’re penniless and broke. To make matters worse, you have 30 days to figure out how to restore your life and make money with ClickFunnels. These series will comprehensively train you what to do to be successful every day of those thirty days. You’ll also learn how to do it.

Goody number twelve is 10X: A ClickFunnels story. You’ll learn what to do and not to do in terms of making the in-person and online sales presentations and pitches that are always guaranteed to sell!

The thirteenth goody is Funnel Builder Secrets. You’ll learn how to build a successful sales funnel from the drawing board to its final materialization on your landing pages. Since this is a comprehensive set of courses that progresses by steps, you’ll be a sales pro in no time.

The fourteenth goody is Operation Underground Railroad. This is a brutally realistic documentary that discusses the horrors of the underground sex trade in detail. You’ll learn to think creatively and analytically after watching this movie. You’ll also be more appreciative of everything you have!

The fifteenth goody is Funnel Hacker TV. you’ll learn how to think and act like a successful entrepreneur. This includes thinking and acting smartly and quickly. You’ll also learn how to identify prime and hidden opportunities in your industry.

The sixteenth goody is Funnel Hackathon. This training program lasts for three days. You’ll be watching live (but recorded) seminars. These will comprehensively inform you of how to sell successfully. It will also tell you what you need to do to accomplish this.

The seventeenth goody is Unlocking the secrets. Unfortunately, you have to sign up for the super expensive collective ClickFunnels plan to access this. This program teaches you exactly what those who built the most successful sales funnels in their industries did and did not do to be successful. But this program offers more than this. You’ll also learn the tools, strategies, and swipe files necessary to build super awesome sales funnels.

The eighteenth goody is Agora Copywriting. Once again, you can access this only if you are under the collective plan. You’ll learn how to create the marketing literature and content that has been proven to sell. You’ll also learn how to be successful in terms of copyright.

The nineteenth goody is Agora Media Buying. Once again, this is only for collective plan members. You’ll learn how to do media buys the right way. But this finance-based newsletter also teaches you how to create the ads that keep on converting. You’ll learn how to create killer campaigns. Some other equally valuable things that you’ll learn include how to interpret reports, how to do research, how to execute plans and strategies, and when and how to scale your business.

The twentieth goody is the Outsource Force. This program will teach you how to hire, use, and leverage/manage the skills of virtual assistants. You’ll need them in the form of clerical staff as you scale your business up.

The twenty-first goody is Product Secrets. You’ll learn how to take transformational ideas and convert them into products and services that sell. You’ll also learn the right way to sell and promote them.

The twenty-second goody is a Money Mindset. This is for you if you’ve run businesses that have failed miserably in the past. For the first time in your life, you’ll be making lots of money and running your business the right way. This course helps you by teaching you how to make, manage, and spend money from a business standpoint.

Of course, while this seems like a lot of things to learn for the measly price of $97 a month for the basic plan, the best is yet to come. Some courses that are still being designed and created are:

  • High ticket secrets
  • Offermind
  • Funnel Hacking LIVE Documentary
  • Course Secrets
  • Funnel Agency Secrets
  • YouTube Traffic Secrets

Clickfunnels pricing structure is designed to make E-commerce newbies very successful. This is most evident in its basic plan.

Clickfunnels Pricing for its Platinum Plan
As mentioned earlier, ClickFunnels Pricing also includes the Platinum Plan. These features are discussed in further detail below.

Since many of these features were discussed in detail when describing the ClickFunnels basic plan features, this section will embellish.

The ability to build unlimited funnels

You can literally build a thousand pages with each sales funnel. While this may seem excessive, it can actually help your business become the industry leader. You can build squeeze pages, opt-in pages, and more. This is useful for collecting vital contact information that you can use to email these prospects useful information in the form of articles and newsletters. But you’ll also be able to customize your landing and support pages extensively. Of course, you can always use the pre-built templates to do this. However, you can be creative and custom design your landing and supporting pages.

The ability to build as many pages (including landing and support) as you want

You can build a killer marketing strategy that will make you an instant industry leader with an unlimited funnels option. The different pages can contain content and information that works towards the ultimate goal of converting as many of your visitors as possible. With the unlimited pages option, you can build many to the point pages that will support the landing page. You can then build specialized pages that support the supporting pages.

The ability to add 3 users to every account

This option is crucial if you are expanding from the start-up phase. You can have strategic employees manage your entire funnel. Examples would be the marketing director and the Chief marketing officer.

The ability to add up to 9 different payment gatewaysThis is a huge departure from the ClickFunnels basic plan. The ability to add many more payment gateways gives you the ability to access otherwise impenetrable markets globally. You can also rely more heavily on payment gateways that don’t take a transaction fee. The three payment gateways discussed for the basic plan also work with ClickFunnels Platinum. So, do the following gateways:

  • Blue Snap
  • PayPal V2
  • Payment cloud
  • Flagship
  • Pro merchant
  • Card connect


ClickFunnels users love it because it can be easily integrated into their sales funnels. It allows them to accept more payments from far-flung places in the world. This is possible because the gateway syncs with all global and major banks. It accepts all major currencies. Blue snap also uses a patented and proprietary tool. This is capable of recognizing the issuing nation of various credit cards. It then will ask a local bank in that country to process the transaction. ClickFunnels users and their customers love it because they don’t have to pay expensive processing fees.

Users love the fact that Blue Snap complies with all banking rules and regulations of all nations in the world. This makes processing and Accepting payments quick and easy. Blue Snap also accepts payments from other major processing gateways. These include Apple Pay and Google Pay. Blue Snap also doesn’t take a commission for currency conversions. You’ll also be able to transfer up to 17 major global currencies with Blue Snap.Blue Snap offers many products. These are:

  • Online and mobile checkout
  • Subscriptions
  • Invoice payments
  • Virtual terminal
  • Marketplaces
  • Integrates payments for platforms
  • POS payments
  • Unified commerce

All of these products will work on ClickFunnels Platinum. You just need to decide which is best for you!

PayPal V2

Paypal is one of the major payment gateways that accept payments from customers as well. Your transactions will be secure. It recognizes 203 global currencies. You don’t have to convert currencies with PayPal V2. However, the gateway does take a 3.3% fee for transactions that are not made in US dollars.

You can register on PayPal and download the app for free. It’s the quickest and easiest way to send money to others (PayPal users). This works for one time and recurring payments. You can also buy on credit using the PayPal Mastercard credit card.Other reasons why using PayPal V2 will help are:

  • You never have to worry about your credit card being declined.
  • You can send money to anyone around the world instantly.
  • Its iPhone app is easy to use .
  • It’s easy to use with online auctions.
  • It offers its customers special and unique discounts.

You never have to worry about your credit card being declined

Paypal gives you the option of adding as many banks as you want. You can also add different accounts from different banks. Your online purchases will never be declined provided you have enough funds in the bank. Additionally, all of your bank based transactions are secure.

You can send money to anyone around the world instantly

It’s possible to send money to anyone around the world with just one or two clicks. The money will reach them instantly. Paypal does take a small commission for transferring funds. However, this is a fraction of what traditional money transfer instruments would charge.

Its iPhone app is easy to use

You have the same options with the app as you do with the PC version of PayPal. You’ll be asked to provide a pin number for payments made with a debit card.

It’s easy to use with online auctions

Paypal integrates with major online auctions like Amazon.com and PayPal. This allows you to make and accept payments from an unlimited number of vendors and customers globally. You can also sell products on these auctions through your ClickFunnels account. The buyer resolution center acts as an online customer service department. You can resolve any issue – customer-centric or not – from there.

Payment Cloud

It allows you to accept credit card payments from high-risk companies. Payment Cloud provides vendors who otherwise have no access to credit with low-cost, high-quality financial products and solutions. They work wonders in terms of e-commerce solutions especially. One of their strengths is in virtual terminal credit card processing.

This makes it possible for its customers to send and receive payments over the phone. Best of all is that their credit card transactions will be completed entirely over the phone. Payment Cloud’s virtual processing system can do the same for debit cards and e-checks. Customers only need a company generated I’d to do so.

Payment Cloud’s virtual terminal gateways also have a form that customers can use for money orders over the phone. This information includes the customer name, payment type, amount, and frequency.

Many businesses, including traditional ones, prefer the virtual payment terminal option partly because of its ease of setup and use. All transactions, including credit card and account information, are one hundred percent secure. It also allows its users many options in terms of extending purchasing and payment offers to their customers. Companies in the following industries prefer Payment Cloud because of its virtual terminal technologies:

  • Companies that deliver and/or dispatch goods and/or services.
  • Individuals and companies who freelance.
  • Companies offering online technical support.
  • Accounting companies.
  • Companies that draft various types of documents.
  • Companies that repair the credit of companies and individuals.
  • Companies that consolidate debt.
  • Saas companies.
  • Property Management companies.

Other wonders of virtual payment products/solutions

  • One time payments
  • Automated recurring billing
  • Backup and recovery
  • Fraud protection
  • Account updater
  • Invoicing

One time payments

You can now enter any type of electronic payment that is made either online or over the phone. This can be done through the virtual terminal. It’s a perfect choice for companies that only buy a particular product once repeatedly.

Automated recurring billing

You can now set your automated billing system up through Payment Cloud. Simply enter in the frequency and time period for this to occur. Payment Cloud will take care of the rest! All you need is your customers’ credit card or money order information.

Backup and Recovery

You can still work offline in the odd off event that your company’s entire system crashes.

Fraud Protection

The virtual terminal comes with PCI compliance and data encryption. It also comes with Visa’s 3D Secure Authentication Protocol. This keeps your customers’ most sensitive information secure. The fact that you enter all data manually also helps.

Account Updater

The virtual terminal uses a special kind of technology that automatically updates your customers’ most sensitive information. A good example is credit card information. This updates your system regularly. It also keeps hackers from accessing this data.


You can send out electronic invoices to your clients and customers. These forms will collect their credit card and other sensitive and pertinent information. They will then send the information back to you. This can be automatically stored in your online system.

Payment Cloud offers shopping carts as another e-commerce solution for its users. Companies that sell products and services online need them. They would never be able to make transactions or bring in sales revenue otherwise.

These companies want to make the process of adding items to the cart, checking out, and making payments as streamlined as possible. Customers tend to get frustrated and abandon their carts if this is not the case.

Payment Cloud realizes this and offers integrative solutions that streamline shopping carts and shopping as much as possible. For example, it makes the process of accepting and processing credit cards easy. Payment Cloud ensures that all credit card transactions are secure. This gives its users and their customers peace of mind.

This payment gateway uses open API technology. This is compatible with any payment processing program.


Payment Cloud can integrate with any type of online store software program or extension. Good examples are Shopify and Woo Commerce. This is crucial because these programs and plugins allow third-party integration. Payment Cloud can be viewed as a ’hidden force.’ This is because while it’s not visible on users’ websites, it opened up their payment gateway options and horizons.

Users must be approved by Payment Cloud before they can connect to it. Upon approval, they must be able to connect their sites to a gateway allowing third-party integration. A good example is Authorize.net.

The good news is that Payment Cloud can be integrated with any payment gateway. The integration process is easy to learn and intuitive.  


This is a great payment gateway for merchants.

The multiple payment gateways option offered through the Platinum plan is ingenious. It’s one of the best features in Clickfunnels pricing structure.

Access to building as many follow-up funnels as you want

This allows you to cultivate relationships with new customers and prospects. It also allows you to nurture existing relationships. All of this and more is possible with the follow-up funnel feature which allows you to send follow-up emails to customers. You’ll have an easier time getting repeat purchases from them. They will also be more responsive to upsells. You can look forward to lots of referral business from them.

The ability to add 9 domains for every account

How to add a domain name to a ClickFunnels account has previously been described. Adding more domains is useful if you are a blogger who makes money off of different but interrelated sites. You can make unique points and tie themes together by discussing different topics on different websites. The websites can discuss each topic from different and unique angles.

Access to weekly review peer hackathons

This feature is even better than the funnel fix or ClickFunnels University. Each hackathon only accommodates 25,000 members. It is also only available to ClickFunnels Platinum members. They will teach you how to build particular types of strategic funnels. The hackathons are hosted daily at 9 AM American EST and at 3 PM American EST.

Hackathons are funnel specific. You’ll learn how to build a certain type of funnel from scratch. The hackathons are interactive, have an extensive Q&A session, and are taught by industry experts. You’ll learn how building a particular type of funnel can strengthen your strategies and dramatically increase sales.

Hackathons are live events. They discuss each of the three major funnels that clickfunnels allows you to create in detail. Each funnel is discussed from every angle and viewpoint. You’ll learn which funnel is right for your business and industry. You’ll also learn how to build them to transform your business into an industry leader.

Almost unlimited training resources with the funnel fix program

The funnel fix offers numerous courses that teach you how to use ClickFunnels in alignment with your business objectives and mission. You’ll have access to a greater selection of courses than you would with the basic plan.

Clickfunnels pricing structure is set up to offer entrepreneurs affordable business solutions based on their needs!

ClickFunnels give you MBA knowledge, insight, and expertise without spending the moneyIndeed, ClickfFunnels is more than just another web building software program to make online selling easier. It allows you to build powerful online businesses that sell. This is possible because of its almost exclusive focus on sales. This is reinforced with its emphasis on business functions related to sales. A good example is the business strategy. Many small businesses have been able to ramp up rapidly in extremely competitive industries with ClickFunnels. They quickly became industry leaders. Using Clickfunnels is like having an in-house staff of experienced E-MBA consultants guide your business. You can’t afford not to use it! So now that you know all of this, why don’t you sign up for ClickFunnels today? Click on the link below to start your 14-day trial today!

Clickfunnels Pricing

Clickfunnels Pricing

Clickfunnels is one of the top sales tools that businesses use. It especially helps small business owners generate lots of leads and sales. But what exactly is it? Also, what is its pricing structure? This article will explain all of this and more!

1. What is Clickfunnels?

This sales tool makes entire business and IT departments redundant. In the past, you’d have to hire web wizards and computer programmers for a professional website. However, Clickfunnels takes care of all of this and more. Put simply, Clickfunnels automates and consolidates the sales process and puts it online in the form of a series of to the point pages. These pages all have the purpose of gathering contact information and inciting calls to action.

2. How does Clickfunnels work?

A lot of sales jargon like squeeze pages and sales funnels is tossed around when discussing the ways in which Clickfunnels works. Basically, Clickfunnels gets people to buy from you immediately after coming to your landing page. The best part is that you don’t need to be a webmaster or wizard to use it.

3. How does Clickfunnels help you in terms of marketing?

Clickfunnels’s websites are content-rich. You can now create intriguing funnel pages that are full of powerful and intriguing content that incites a call to action. Clickfunnels also does your email marketing campaigns. You can add the basic necessities that all sales pages need. These include order forms and shopping carts. It also provides excellent stats and analytics regarding website/page performance. This allows store owners to concentrate on running their businesses.

4. Understanding Clickfunnels pricing structure

Clickfunnels’s pricing structure as outlined in its price table can appear complex and confusing. However, it is not. This section will simplify the pricing structure. You can sign up for two plans under Clickfunnels:  Clickfunnels basic and Clickfunnels Platinum.Their features are explained below: 

A. Clickfunnels Basic

This is Clickfunnels’s most basic plan. You’ll pay $97 a month for the following:

  • Ability to share funnels
  • Max of 20 funnels
  • Max of 100 pages
  • 1 user
  • Max of three payment gateways
  • Max of three domains
  • 24/7 chat support
  • Funnel hacker forum
  • Funnel fix

Each feature is described in a bit more detail below.

  • Ability to share funnels
    The ability to share funnels allows you to backup your data on multiple networks. You simply send your funnel(s) to as many people as you want. Should something happen to your network, you can always reinstall your funnels from their computers onto yours.
  • Max of 20 funnels
    You can only set up 20 funnels. These funnels give you many features that will allow you to build landing (and associated) pages. You can still build many squeeze pages, pages that gather contact information after inciting a call to action, and more!
  • Max of 100 pages
    The basic plan will only allow you to build a total of 100 pages. The basic plan was designed to help small-scale entrepreneurs succeed. It is also great for people who sell items (like jewelry or makeup) as a hobby. You’re in luck if you know nothing about web page/site design because Clickfunnels has hundreds of pre-made templates. These allow you to create websites and pages that would make the best webmasters jealous.
  • 1 user
    Only one person can create an account with the basic plan. That person will not have the ability to add others.
  • Max of three payment gateways
    You can add up to three payment gateways. Some of the more popular ones are Apple Pay, Google Pay, and EasyPay. Small business owners love these gateways because they don’t charge a transaction fee. The one caveat is that Apple and Google Pay have to be integrated with Stripe to work. Stripe does charge a small transaction fee.
  • Max of three payment gateways
    You can add up to three payment gateways. Some of the more popular ones are Apple Pay, Google Pay, and EasyPay. Small business owners love these gateways because they don’t charge a transaction fee. The one caveat is that Apple and Google Pay have to be integrated with Stripe to work. Stripe does charge a small transaction fee.
  • 24/7 chat support
    The chat support feature is a godsend for small business owners. Clickfunnels’s chat is open 24/7. The customer service reps are known for their promptness, courteousness, and vast knowledge. They will respond to any query within 2-3 minutes.
  • Funnel fix
    The funnel hacker forum is to Clickfunnels what the Internet for Dummies is to beginners. It allows you to learn the fundamentals of Clickfunnels and much more. It features four tabs, but the basic plan will only allow you access to the first one. This tab features many courses that help users get familiar with using Clickfunnels and similar software programs. Some popular ones include 30 days summit and Affiliate Bootcamp.

B. Clickfunnels Platinum

This plan includes all of the features in the basic plan and then some. The Clickfunnels Platinum plan costs $297 a month. The features that Clickfunnels Platinum shares with the Clickfunnels Basic plan are described further. You can build as many funnels as you want with the Platinum plan. You can also build as many pages per funnel as you want. This plan allows three users for one account. Clickfunnels allows you to integrate 9 payment gateways. You can also create up to nine domains for one account. This comes in handy if you are a tech blogger and have multiple blog sites that generate revenue. It also helps those who sell various products and services.

  • Follow up funnels
    One new feature of this plan is the follow-up funnels. This allows you to send follow-up email messages to existing customers. The idea is to maintain the professional relationship you have created with them. This is crucial since previous customers tend to be more responsive to lucrative upsells. They also bring in lots of referrals. The Platinum plan lets you create as many funnels as you want.
  • Unlimited chat support
    You’ll enjoy unlimited chat support with the Platinum plan. This will allow you to discuss even the most challenging and complex issues with professionals.
  • Weekly peer review hackathon
    The Platinum plan also has the Weekly Peer Review Hackathon. You’ll be guided by seasoned users and professionals who will be devoted to your success.
  • Funnel fix expanded
    Clickfunnels Platinum offers the standard funnel fix, but it goes one step further. You’ll have access to many more tabs than the basic plan allows. You’ll also have access to additional training and review sessions. These courses are designed to make those who are new in terms of online business successful. They have a strong emphasis on digital marketing. Digital marketing is the core of online business.

C. Clickfunnels promises to transform E-commerce

With the many features it offers for people who are new to E-commerce, Clickfunnels promises to transform it.

14 ClickFunnels Emails For Promotion

14 ClickFunnels Emails For Promotion

Here is a list of 14 Emails that we use to promote ClickFunnels:

Email 1:
How to boost your business to the next level! We are about to tell you..

Today we are here to tell you about how to get maximum returns on your business. Being an entrepreneur in the 21st century is not easy, there are higher challenges and greater risks. 

1. Are you suffering losses in business?

2. Are you trying to get more leads but still not successful? 

3. Not sure how a funnel can help you?

4. Trying to find a platform to send follow up emails?

What is a Sales Funnel?

Sales funnel refers to the buying process that companies lead customers through when purchasing products. A sales funnel is divided into several steps, which differ depending on the particular sales model. It is basically a journey which is made by the consumer of a service/goods.

Well, whether your company is a small startup or you own a business with multiple units, ClickFunnels can help you achieve the full potential of your business. We feel immense pleasure in sharing our affiliate link below which will give you free access for 14 days. In my upcoming emails, I will discuss in details on how Clickfunnels can change your life!!!

Thanks & Regards,
Team Millionify

Email 2:
Unleash The True Potential Of Your Business

Sales funnel refers to the buying process that companies lead customers through when purchasing products. A sales funnel is divided into several steps, which differ depending on the particular sales model. It is basically a journey which is made by the consumer of a service/goods.

Well, whether your company is a small startup or you own a business with multiple units, ClickFunnels can help you achieve the full potential of your business. We feel immense pleasure in sharing our affiliate link below which will give you free access for 14 days. In my upcoming emails, I will discuss in detail on how Clickfunnels can change your life!!!

In short, whether you own a small startup or own a big business with multiple units, ClickFunnels is there to provide you with the most efficient funnel that will boost your business. Hurry click below to join now. 

Thanks & Regards,
Team Millionify

Email 3:
Free Yourself From High Expenses Of Hiring Developers

So you got a brilliant business plan, but you are confused on how to implement it. The only way out is to hire someone else and explain them your vision and get the job done, which is often costly and maybe your expected result is still not achieved. Often the cost goes above the budget. It’s like you’re being held hostage by the tech people who you used to tease in high school… AND the money-trap of having to pay way too much money for something you don’t even know will work or not. Sadly, This Is Where Most Entrepreneurial Dreams Die. But don’t worry we got a solution for you!!!

Instead of hiring developers to code and piece together your funnel, ClickFunnels allows you, the entrepreneur, to build funnels FAST with our one-stop funnel creation system. You can build high-converting funnels to generate leads, make sales, one-click upsells, webinars and more!

Cut down your expenses with ClickFunnels. It helps you become self-sufficient and saves a lot of money for your business. Click below to join now !!!

Thanks & Regards,
Team Millionify

Email 4:
ClickFunnels Affiliate Marketing

ClickFunnels is a powerful tool for creating a dynamic sales funnel. It is quite popular right from its launch, changing the lives of many entrepreneurs.

ClickFunnels affiliate program is a great way to earn additional income for you and your family. You may become the owner of your dream car if you provide 100 active clients to ClickFunnels. For every referral that signs up using your affiliate link, ClickFunnels will give you 40% as a commission for the life of the account.

Amazing features from an amazing platform:
1. Simple drag and drop web page editor!
2. Quickly build sales funnels that convert!
3. Smart shopping cart with 1 click upsells!
4. Email and Facebook Marketing Automation!
5. Everything organized in one simple dashboard!

Clickfunnels in itself is a revolutionary platform which helps you to earn more and grow your business. So make the most out of it and join now for free!

Thanks & Regards,
Team Millionify

Email 5:
ClickFunnels is the best platform for building funnels

One of the primary reasons for ClickFunnels being famous is its UI. We do understand that funnel building may be scary and relatively confusing for many of you, but ClickFunnels provides a unique and relatively easy experience. It’s a simple drag and drops feature. You can drag the image block, heading block, comment block, adjust the margins and much more, by doing some mouse clicks.

It is not important that you need to be a technically sound person, ClickFunnels can be operated by anyone within a few days. It also provides Help Center which will provide all the answers that you need to get started. You can also join their community to stay up to date with ClickFunnels.

Are you tired and confused due to using multiple complex systems and platforms and yet not getting results?

Try ClickFunnels, it is one of the most dynamic as well as easy to operate the platform. Join this revolutionary platform today. Click below.

Thanks & Regards,
Team Millionify

Email 6:
ClickFunnels Handles Your Email Follow Up Like A Pro

I hope you’re doing well. We are here to discuss another awesome feature of ClickFunnels, Actionetics. Instead of using email auto-responders that “don’t talk to” your funnel, Actionetics is fully-integrated with ClickFunnels! Actionetics allows you to create “Smart Lists”, and send messages and sequences that speak DIRECTLY to your customers, based on the actions and behaviours of the visitors going through your funnel.

Advantages of Actionetics:
1. It is fully-integrated with ClickFunnels.
2. It allows you to create smart lists.
3. Allows custom design of your messages.
4. Easy to operate.
5 Action-based triggers.

Also instead of hiring different monthly messaging services (with separate monthly fees), Actionetics MD allows you to create simple Follow-Up Funnels to reconnect with your customers using ONE easy platform! Actionetics MD allows you to reach your audience at ANY TIME, no matter where they are, or what they are doing!

So hurry up and start sending follow up messages with ease. Join ClickFunnels now.

Thanks & Regards,
Team Millionify

Email 7:
Solution to Scary And Overly-Complex Affiliate Software Is Here

Choosing an affiliate program is always a big decision in terms of the business future. Now there are several risks associated like failing to integrate with the funnel and other such complexities. ClickFunnels has bought a solution to that as well, which is known as Backpack. Backpack Is The Easiest Way To Create Your Affiliate Program, And Scale Your Business…(Without Scaling Your Workload Or Advertising Dollars!)

Instead of using scary and overly-complex affiliate software that may or may not integrate with your funnel… Backpack is an EASY all-in-one affiliate software that allows you to add an affiliate program to the back of ANY sales funnel in just MINUTES using pre-designed template pages! It is relatively easy to set as well, so let’s get you started.

Free yourself from complex affiliate software. Eliminate the risks and the stress. Join ClickFunnels now. Click below.

Thanks & Regards,
Team Millionify

Email 8:
Not Sure How You’d Use A Funnel For Your Company?

Did You Know That Websites Are Nothing More Than A Flashy Digital Brochure? The reason behind it is website is not designed to sell. It provides surface-level information (like a brochure) without any guidance or buttons telling them where to go next.

If they don’t know where to go, they’ll leave your site, and you have NO way to follow up with them. Instead, you need to take your prospects by the hand and walk them through each step of the sales process. This is what we call sales funnel.
1. Want to be the best selling author? There’s a funnel for that.
2. Want to capture leads so you can sell them products or services, sell the leads outright, or both? There’s a funnel for that!
3. Sell your products.
4. Sell your services.
5. Selling to other businesses? There are funnels for that too!

ClickFunnels gives you the highest converting funnel templates for Free! So whatever your goal is there is always a funnel specifically for your business. So hurry up and click below to join now.

Thanks & Regards,
Team Millionify

Email 9:
Want A Funnel To Generate Leads? ClickFunnels Got You Covered!

Lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business. Leads can be created for purposes such as list building, mailing list acquisition or for sales. Well, ClickFunnels provides you with a simpler and effective solution to gather leads.

Now, there are two ways that people generate leads with ClickFunnels.
1. The first one would be Squeeze Page Funnel. This funnel generates basic email or messenger leads. This style is useful for those who want to capture the email address and build the list.
2. The second one would be Application Funnels which is effective in capturing more than the email address. It has a long-form which is intended to capture name, phone number, and more detailed information about the leads. The best news is, there are tons of beautiful templates for free.

Are you all set to generate some serious number of leads for your business? Click below to get started with ClickFunnels and generate leads for your business.

Thanks & Regards,
Team Millionify

Email 10:
Run A Webinar or an Automated, Evergreen Webinar Event For Your Company

A webinar is an online seminar that turns a presentation into a real-time conversation from anywhere in the world. Webinars allow large groups of participants to engage in online discussions or training events and share audio, documents or slides – even when they’re not in the same place as the meeting host or in the same room where the event or presentation is taking place.

Running events with ClickFunnels is really easy. There are two ways:

1: The first is a live webinar using a 3rd party software like gotowebinar or zoom. They use ClickFunnels to customize the registration process to increase conversion and increase sales.
2: The second is to run an automated, on-demand, evergreen webinar that is completely run on ClickFunnels. For this funnel, you take a presentation you already created and use our funnels to run the whole event.

So get started with your own personalized webinar for your business and join ClickFunnels now.

Thanks & Regards,
Team Millionify

Email 11:
Showcase Your Products With ClickFunnels

Today we are here to discuss the most important thing- Selling Your Products/ services. ClickFunnels provides a platform where you can showcase your products in an attractive way and thus reach a wider group of people around the world. ClickFunnels members have used our simple sales funnels to generate over a BILLION dollars in sales inside of ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels provides 3 ways which a member can use to sell their products and services, and let me assure you all of them are equally efficient depending on your business.

1. The first is what we call a two-step “tripwire” or “unboxing” funnel. This is generally for the lower priced product but where the goal is to get a customer, and then use 1-click upsells in the funnel to generate a profit.
2. The second is generally for products that require a little more selling, either because the product needs more explanation or you need a presentation to sell people on the perceived value of what you’re selling. This is generally done with a sales letter or a video sales letter.
3. The third is when you are looking to launch a new product or service, and you want to build up excitement for the launch. For this, we use a type of funnel made famous by Jeff Walker called “The Product Launch” funnel.

This funnel also works really good for more expensive products because you have more time to sell people on the perceived value of what you are selling.

There is another option: Webinar Funnel, which is equally effective when a person is trying to launch a new product.

In short, whatever your business is, ClickFunnels can help you get the most out of it. Join below.

Thanks & Regards,
Team Millionify

Email 12:
Earn More With One Click Upsell!

A smart man always finds a way to earn more. Earn more with exclusive one-click upsell page by ClickFunnels. Upselling is a sales technique where you will induce the customer to purchase more items, upgrades or other add-ons in an attempt to make a more profitable sale.

Dramatically increase your cart value by adding pages that offer additional products or services to customers after they buy. Customers won’t have to go through the entire check-out process again.

With just ONE click, ClickFunnels can add any upsell to their purchase! And the great news is you can select from many free cool templates for your upsell pages.

Take the smart decision of increasing your cart value with ClickFunnels. Click below to join ClickFunnels for free and start earning more

Thanks & Regards,
Team Millionify

Email 13:
Order Forms Made Easy

It is very important for a business to ensure that its clients have a seamless experience with us. The order page is a very important page, it needs to be simple and work efficiently. ClickFunnels got that covered as well. ClickFunnels Basically Gives You Everything You Need To Market, Sell and Deliver Your Products Online!

Create an EASY, non-confusing check-out process for your customers, and reduce cart abandonment! It is very important as confusing or complex pages may lead to losing a client. Use the traditional style order form, or the special 2-step order form, which captures lead information so you can market to those who abandon their cart.

You can also add instant order bumps to add-on the impulse purchases that increase your profits.

Customers hate it when they are stuck in complex order forms. But don’t worry, with ClickFunnels order forms are made easy. So join ClickFunnels now and increase your profits.

Thanks & Regards,
Team Millionify

Email 14:
Your Companion In Your Success

Hope you are doing well. Over the last few days, we have been telling you how ClickFunnels changed our as well as many of our fellow entrepreneur’s lives. We have already discussed a lot of advantages of ClickFunnels, and I assure you will find many more, once you start to use it. It is a really easy and fun platform.

With ClickFunnels, you can:
1. Generate consistent high-quality leads for your freelance business or agency.
2. Convert your leads into paying clients who come back again and again for your service.
3. Make money so you can create a sustainable business.
4. Save money on hiring expensive developers.
5. Very easy to use even for a person with no technical knowledge.

And The List Continues……

ClickFunnels Was Created So That Entrepreneurs Like You…
Who aren’t programmers
Who have no desire to ever learn a single line of code
Who doesn’t have time to waste
And can easily build pages inside of a sales funnel that is proven to convert!

ClickFunnels is thus your companion to the road to success. Click below to join now and transform your life and business.

Thanks & Regards,
Team Millionify

27 Features and Benefits of Shopify

27 Features and Benefits of Shopify

If you own an online store, you must be familiar with E-commerce platforms. You may have wondered what the best E-commerce platform available is. The answer is Shopify because of its amazing features and benefits. They make setting up and running an online store easy. You’ll be able to offer the products and services your customers need. Shopify also allows you to create detailed product and service descriptions.

Creating a professional website that rivals those of E-Bay and Amazon.com is a breeze. You don’t even have to know programming languages or HTML to do so! It’s payment mechanisms make selling products and accepting payments quick and easy. You’ll learn why Shopify is the best and most popular E-commerce platform available!

1. What is Shopify and how does it help store owners?

In today’s hyper-competitive digital world customers shop online. You need to have a professional website that attracts people right away and keeps them there. All of this and more is possible with Shopify. Shopify is a platform that allows you to create online stores,  you can sell any product (or service) imaginable. Use Shopify and you’ll join the hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs who are happy customers. Furthermore, these vendors are located in more than 175 nations.  

Shopify will help you because it will introduce your products and services to the vast global market. You’ll be able to transcend national and international boundaries by selling to those you never thought imaginable. The best part is you can create a professional and awesome online store with just a few clicks.

2. How is Shopify used and what types of goods/services can be sold on it?

Shopify uses SaaS (software as a service) to operate. It uses cloud technology This makes it scalable. You can increase capabilities during the busy season, and scale back during downtime. Paying a small fee will allow you to access the admin panel.  You’ll be able to add and remove products/services when needed. Shopify will also give you the ability to process orders and manage products/services through data entry. You can create and track shipments as well. Shopify charges a $29 monthly fee for these capabilities and more. A two-week trial period will demonstrate just how powerful Shopify is.

While you can sell any product or service on Shopify, some sell better than others. The most popular products you can currently sell are:

  • Shapewear
  • Grooming products for pets
  • Athleisure
  • Bathroom stools
  • Pet beds
  • Smartwatches
  • Minimalist jewelry
  • Dish racks
  • Safety shoes
  • Posture correctors

If you want to sell services (intangible products), some good ideas are:

  • Professional services (good examples are content writing, financial planning, online teaching.)
  • Workshops and seminars for training and consulting
  • Creative classes (cooking, art, crocheting, sewing)
  • Appointments 
  • Free or fee-based personal shopping services
  • Onboarding sessions and/or product setups
  • Customized support sessions which are interactive in terms of teaching and learning
  • Service appointments
  • ‘White glove’ delivery services

3. Who uses Shopify and why?

Almost all online stores use Shopify to sell.  Doing so offers them many benefits that they love. Shopify constantly updates its software with innovative offerings.  Obviously, innovation is what sells products and services in the competitive online world. But Shopify is not just another e-commerce platform. You can use it as an inventory or database management system. This helps you keep track of sales, customers, and revenue. You can also analyze the data in the system to determining buying patterns and behavior.

It is easy to link your Shopify website to social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. Since hundreds of millions of people visit these sites every day, you’ll get more customers. In this way, Shopify will ‘bring the entire world’ to your store. Shopify can handle large volumes of inventory and this makes it perfect for selling on social media.

You can combine Shopify’s many pre-fabricated templates to create a unique storefront that attracts and sells! Other E-commerce platforms don’t offer this option. Unique and customized stores are what give business owners a competitive advantage in the digital world. The best part is that you don’t have to buy hosting from GoDaddy or other services. Shopify will do that for you. Adding apps makes your store even more customized and appealing. It also makes shopping much easier.

Over a million business owners already use Shopify. Its wide reach necessitates that you use it as well. Shopify has strong financial fundamentals. This means it’s going to stay around. You don’t have to worry about seeking a new and expensive hosting service. You would likely have to do so with another hosting company.

Shopify is also very affordable. For example, the most advanced version will only set you back $299/month. You can negotiate the pricing with Shopify Plus (if you are an owner of a large and successful storefront). However, Shopify Plus generally costs $2000/month.  It is easy to accept payment with Shopify. All your customers need to do is click on the ‘Buy Now’ button. This button will link shoppers back to their accounts which the money will automatically be deducted from. They can easily track order statuses using Shopify.  Shopify will also manage your shipments and payments.

4. It is easy to set up and use Shopify

Did you know that you can set up Shopify in only 19 minutes? This means that you can set your store up on your lunch break and still have time to eat! If you are not sure if Shopify is for you, you have a 14 day trial period to decide. After that, you’ll have to enter in payment information.  
Setting up Shopify is a breeze. You need to follow these simple steps to launch an online store that sells:

  • Register
  • Name your storefront
  • Add your shipping and billing information
  • Custom design your store
  • Pick the right theme
  • Customize the theme to appeal to your customers and prospects
  • Add your products and/or services
  • Describe what you sell in detail (this is the only way people will buy from you)
  • Stun your visitors with crisp and professional product and service images
  • Price your goods and/or services
  • Enter the weight of your products (so that Shopify will know how much shipping costs are)
  • Add size and color options.  You’ll need this if you are selling rings
  • Customize a domain name 
  • Use Shopify to purchase the (domain) name
  • Add a way to accept payments
  • Hit the Finish button and your store is ready to do business!

Your customers and prospects/visitors are inundated with options from online competitors. You need to make sure that your website generates stickiness. This is done through captivating content and innovative and pleasing layout. They want online stores that are easy to navigate and make purchases through. Customers and prospects/ visitors tend to leave quickly if this is not the case. Shopify will provide all of this and more for your store. The fact that anyone can set it up makes it popular among store owners.

Shopify is intuitive meaning that you learn how to use it as you use it. You can manage and track your inventory and store it through the admin panel. Shopify gives you many other options through this panel.  

5. Shopify provides business owners with eye-pleasing website templates and layouts

If you have an online store, you need to attract visitors. However, there is a lot of competition out there. So how are you doing this? Well, you do so with eye-pleasing website templates and layouts. These are proven to generate traffic and create ‘eyeballs’ and ‘stickiness!’

Shopify’s templates and layouts will give your website the professional look. This will help it stand out from the competition. A good template is narrative. Shopify offers three styles of this.  You’ll want to use this template if you are selling clothes, jewellery or any other brandable product.  This is especially true if your industry is hyper-competitive. The narrative will allow you to brand your products through unique and emotional stories.  This will attract customers and keep them on your site long enough to buy. It comes in three colors:  warm, light, and cold

You likely have an online catalog and this template is perfect because it supports this. In fact, you want to use Narrative if you sell only one or a handful of products. The narrative is good for you if, for example, you sell unique cat jewellery on Etsy! Additionally, many store owners differentiate themselves by using YouTube videos to sell. If you are one of these people, you can easily use the Narrative’s features to create a custom made video.  This video will have the autoplay and audio to appeal to your customers and prospects.  The best part is that it will attract by being at the top of your website’s landing page!

The blocks on this theme are perfect for enhancing your brands’ stories. This can be done through customizable images, sliders, quotes, and more. You can convince your visitors that they should only be buying from you!

Web analysts find that ease of navigation is crucial in terms of attracting eyeballs and creating stickiness. The narrative is perfect at both. It will create the best surfing/navigating experience with menus, logos, carts, and more. Visitors will find these surfaced and easy to find!

The vertical slideshow will display your products, information, images, blogs, and other content in easy to find areas. Your visitors will love the sleek look of this template and its layout. They will be coming back for more!

The layout is half of the equation in terms of website look and appeal. Shopify will offer you an entire range of layouts through its templates. These are designed to give your website the professional look and feel that will create ‘eyeballs’ and ‘stickiness!’

6. What kind of apps Shopify supports and integrates with?

An app is an add-on program that improves the functionality of your website. Shopify supports and integrates with hundreds of premium and free apps. You can choose apps that will help you add payment mechanisms to your store. Because many online store owners are cash strapped, they seek out free apps. Some of these are mentioned below.

  • Oberlo
  • Kit
  • Order printer
  • Product reviews
  • Free shipping bar

A. Oberlo

This is a great app to incorporate if you sell products. It is also good if you want to sell unique business ideas. The best part is that Oberlo brings the suppliers to you. You can simply drag and drop different products in your store professionally. All you need to do is contact Oberlo when you start selling. They (Oberlo) will handle shipping and packing for you.  

B. Kit

Of course, you can always post regularly to an SEO friendly blog site if you want constant and heavy traffic. You can also use the Kit app. The kit works wonders by demystifying social media marketing on popular platforms like Facebook. It does the same for email marketing campaigns. The kit will send you regular reports and analytics regarding the traffic to your website and its performance. The best part is that Kit acts like a sales analyst and rep at once. It will help you identify and reach out to key prospects on Facebook and Instagram. You can use targeted marketing to deliver powerful and emotional stories through marketing content. These are guaranteed to drive traffic and convert!

C. Order Printer

Use this app to give your store the professional look and edge with crisp, printed invoices, labels, packing slips, and receipts. These print out well on any printer. You can predesign them using templates and print in bulk to save time and money. Order Printer offers customization options to give your documents a unique and professional look.

D. Product reviews

Nothing sells like reviews from products. These like customer testimonials are the ‘seal of approval’ visitors will use to determine whether to buy from your store. However, your customers will be discouraged from posting product reviews, no matter how good, if the process is difficult. The product reviews app allows you to copy and paste glowing customer reviews to current products. This enhances their salability! You can also improve your site’s search engine rankings by inserting popular keywords in strategic places in the product reviews.

E. Free Shipping Bar

Free shipping may cost you more, but you can increase your sales volume by 66% a month with this option. You can create a free shipping slideout bar using this app.  The bar will offer your visitors many options for free shipping. You will be amazed at how quickly this app will convert.  

F. It creates a safe and reliable website

Shopify does create safe and reliable websites. This is the main reason for its immense popularity. It tests its safety features by paying white hackers to find ways to hack its sites. These hackers think of all of the ways hackers can sabotage sites.  Shopify then uses these ways to ‘hackproof’ websites. This makes Shopify very reliable. Shopify always offers all of its users its latest security updates and features. Additionally, it provides its users with top-notch risk analysis tools.

G. It helps websites load quickly

Speed matters in the world of online shopping. A two-second increase in loading speed can increase bounce rates by 32%. Additionally, sites that take longer than a sixth of a minute to load lose more visitors. You can easily do performance analyses on your websites. This will help you determine if your site is fast enough. Some of the many tools performance analysis offers are:

  • Image optimization
  • Minimization of CSS
  • Image compression
  • Super responsive themes that load hyperfast

7. Shopify is an outstanding tool for marketing

You obviously have neither a store nor a business if you don’t have customers. Shopify is an outstanding tool for marketing. It allows you to create powerfully and targeted SEO blogs that will reach your audience and convert. It offers many SEO tools with attractive title tags and powerful meta descriptions that accurately summarize your blog. You can create a unique and attractive blog that drives traffic and mass conversions. This can all be done in a few months!
Social media marketing (SMM) is a great way to reach the global market. You can do SMM on major platforms like Facebook and Instagram for free. However, many people say that paid SMM ads are more effective. They also have a much more targeted focus and a much wider reach. Now, you can create content and image-rich posts that showcase your latest products. You can also advertise your blog with its hyperlink on Twitter.

Shopify also allows you to run Google smart ad campaigns. This is crucial since the entire world uses Google. You can run an advanced Google ad campaign that will convert the thousands. All you need to do is set your daily Shopify budget. Google will pick the best products you can afford at that budget. It will promote those to the masses. You will see more sales and sales revenue skyrocket.

Facebook’s carousel ads are also equally valuable. They are animated that this is what makes them great at telling stories. These are emotional stories designed to sell. They support up to five products. Visitors will be encouraged to explore these products in detail. They can decide which products would best solve their pain points.

8. Shopify sites are responsive on mobile devices

As wireless broadband capacity increases exponentially each year, mobile websites load faster. More people are shopping online on mobile devices because they are more responsive. Shopify responded by making its sites responsive on mobile devices. Mobile traffic has increased by more than 100% since 2014. The numbers speak. More than half of all Shopify traffic is from mobile devices. Shopify has been revamped with many mobile-friendly features. These include responsive themes, mobile-friendly stores, and mobile-friendly checkouts.

9. Shopify offers 24/7 quality customer service

If you have a question at 4 A.M. about placing orders, Shopify’s 24/7 customer service is your answer. Its friendly and knowledgeable reps answer any question with professionalism. The issues can be accepting payments or installing certain Shopify features. You can go to Shopify Support page or you can call +1 855-816-3857.

10. Store owners have many payment options and payment is easy

Customers need many payment options because they have many different payment preferences. For example, you can use Shopify Payments or PayPal if you want to let customers pay by credit card. Store owners who offer the credit card payment option see many more sales. The best part is that PayPal allows customers to pay from their PayPal balance. If you choose a third party or Shopify option for credit card payments, customers can pay easily and quickly. All they do is enter their credit card information and click a button. With the case of PayPal, they can just click a few buttons.  

If you like bitcoin, you can allow your customers to pay with cryptocurrency. Shopify also supports payment through e-wallets. For example, customers can download the Webkul e-wallet app from Shopify’s app store. They can make payments through this e-wallet.

11. Shopify is great for SEO

Shopify is great for SEO because it supports blogs which contain SEO keywords and long phrases. Only strategically positioned websites will draw traffic and conversions in the hypercompetitive digital age. You strategically position your website with SEO which Shopify supports. Eight features which make Shopify awesome for SEO are mentioned:

A. Shopify optimizes the structure of your website

Shopify will help you create a website with a great layout and design. The structure of your website will be simple but professional. You’ll have all of your products neatly divided into a few categories and subcategories. Search engine bots love this feature since these types of sites are easy to crawl and rank.

B. Shopify improves the browsing experience

Users have an easy time navigating through Shopify sites. Shopify sites load quickly on any device. This keeps visitors on your site longer and encourages conversions. You can do the following to improve the browsing experience:

  • Use a responsive theme
  • Smaller images are ideal because they load faster
  • Only include necessary apps
  • Don’t use sliders

C. Research the correct target keywords

you do this by jotting down five key topics that are important to your customers. These topics should also be product-specific and relevant. Then think about the search words your customers would use to find these products.  Some great inspirations for search words are:

  • Buyer personas
  • Forums and redits that discuss products similar to yours
  • Social media hashtags that pertain to your products
  • Titles, meta descriptions, and image-alt text found on your competitors’ websites

D. All product pages must be optimized

list strategic keywords at the top of each product page to describe it. This is especially true for:

Product pages that were key in launching your store initially

Product pages that appeared the most in keyword searches in the past month

You need to include the best keyword descriptions for webpage categories. Follow this simple formula to do so:

1st keyword – shop for keyword – names of products

You can optimize the title and meta description for your products by using unique keywords. Keep in mind that these should flow naturally with your content. Google and other search engines will penalize you for keyword stuffing.  

  1. Acquire backlinks – any industry has leaders who set trends. People know about these companies and will buy from them and their associates. You can capitalize on this by acquiring backlinks. Some great backlinks are:
    • Those from manufacturers and/or suppliers
    • Backlink to the ‘key players’ in your industry
    • Make sure your website is listed in several strategic places online
    • Get rid of any broken links
  2. Content marketing will get you higher rankings – the key to effective content marketing is unique, original, and captivating content. Your content is powerful if it answers your customer’s burning questions.  
  3. Only the best in SEO apps and tools will do – you can use plugin SEO because it is multilingual. It also is updated as search engine criteria changes. Finally, this plugin will always check your shop. You’ll receive instant and automatic notifications regarding any shop changes  
    1. Smart SEO – this technique will:
      • Reduce site optimizing time
      • Eliminate the need for typing content in
      • Will give search engine bots structured data
    2. SEO Image optimizer
      • You’ll get much more traffic from Google image search
      • You’ll optimize images instantly and effortlessly
      • Even a programming novice can do this professionally and easily
    3. Yoast – this plugin has the following great features
      • Monitor pages for SEO strength and constantly gives suggestions for improvement
      • You can edit entire pages with one click
      • Yoast optimizes content in accordance with Google’s constantly updated algorithms
    4. SEMRush
      • The competition’s most popular keywords are visible
      • You can view the keywords that get your competition its rankings
      • It’s easy to see which pages get the most organic traffic

12. Shopify helps recover abandoned carts

Abandoned carts are a fact of life. They are also a frustration for online store owners. The recent statistics state that an average of 80% of carts is abandoned in online stores. To make sure you are not one of these shops, do the following: 

  • Use Shopify abandoned cart tools to view total abandoned carts
  • A good example is the abandoned checkouts tool in the orders section of the admin panel
  • The carts are listed by abandoned number
  • Recover the cart by sending a recovery email. Some shoppers will reply.

The abandoned car recovery section on Shopify will help you analyze trends in buying behavior. This will give you insights into the reasons for abandoned carts. Shopify’s admin dashboard allows you to view the payment history of each customer. You can go to abandoned carts and view payment history. This will allow you to understand if the cart is being abandoned because of multiple payment failures. In rare instances, carts will be abandoned even though the payment succeeded. You can view these carts by:

  • Going to the abandoned carts option in the orders section (on the dashboard)
  • Select an abandoned cart
  • Scroll through the payment history
  • Click on a payment event
  • Analyze the patterns

You’ll want to send abandoned cart recovery emails to these prospects. Some will respond by completing their orders. You can send manual and automated emails to these people.
You can manually send abandoned cart recovery emails. It’s as simple as:

  • Going to the abandoned carts option in the orders section
  • Select an abandoned cart
  • Click on the ‘send cart recovery email’ option
  • Click on the ‘review email’ option. Remember that first impressions are very important
  • You can click on the back button to amend your email. Click on the send notification button to send your email.

This is the best way to personalize your emails. Research shows that people respond to personalized emails more often even in today’s automated digital age! You can copy and paste the email address if you choose to email through this route.
You can send automated abandoned cart recovery emails. Note that all emails (manual and automatic) contain a link to the abandoned cart. This allows prospects to complete their purchases from their mobile devices. You can customize all abandoned cart recovery emails with different logos, layouts, or color schemes. Shopify will NOT send abandoned cart recovery emails under the following circumstances:

  • A prospect has multiple abandoned carts. Shopify will send a single cart recovery email.
  • If the purchase is completed before you send out the recovery email
  • If the cart was abandoned because of a payment processing error
  • If your online store doesn’t ship to the customer’s physical address
  • If the customer enters in a phone number instead of an email address
  • If all of the selected products are out of stock at purchase time
  • If all products are free and the customer does not go to the shipping page

13. Shopify auto-calculates shipping prices

Shopify has been auto-calculating shipping prices since 2017. This streamlines the selling process for online store owners. The Shopify shipping feature allows store owners to display automated shipping prices. This is true for both the USA and Canada. The shipping rates will be flat rates based on package weight and dimensions and shipping destination.  
For example:

  • A first-class package will ship to anywhere in the USA or Canada for $2.77 within 3 business days
  • Priority mail packages ship for $5.75 within 2 business days
  • Priority express mail packages ship for $21.18 within 1 business day

Shopify customers will choose from their (Shopify’s) discounted rates for USPS and Canada Post. These are lower than USPS and Canada Post’s standard shipping rates.  Many store owners love discounted rates because it allows them to price goods cheaper.  This gets them more happy and satisfied customers.

Another benefit that Shopify’s auto-calculated rates offer is far fewer abandoned carts. If you calculate your shipping rates manually, they will be overpriced 80% of the time. This will lead to many more incidences of abandoned carts. Customers love buying from online stores that offer accurate and reasonable shipping rates. They (customers) also love to be presented with many shipping options. Shopify offers all of this and more. This is why Shopify store owners have high rates of repeat and referral-based business.  
Shopify’s auto rates make international shipping a cinch. Store owners can ship to customers around the world. They don’t have to worry about losing money on orders because of unusually high and wrong shipping prices. If you are a store owner, you can offer auto shipping rates by:

  • Updating all shipping zones – make sure that the locations of all shipping zones are current
  • Ensuring that all products list the right weights – doing so will allow you to accurately estimate total shipping prices. You can decide if you want to offer free shipping (note you’ll sell more if you do!)
  • Choosing the packaging you want to ship with beforehand – this is crucial since some packaging is more expensive
  • Obtaining the packaging from the appropriate shipping partners – you’ll have many options here ranging from USPS to DHL. Buying packaging beforehand will save you money, time, and headaches.

14. How to calculate your shipping rates and methods

The method you choose should be based on the nature and location of your business.  Logistics will also heavily influence the method. Some of the more popular shipping methods and rates are listed below:

  • Free shipping – you should choose this method whenever possible because it allows you to sell much more. You’ll also be dealing with the headache of abandoned carts less. Since you’ll be paying for the shipping, do the following to reduce your overall shipping costs:
    • Add an extra financial cushion for you. Increase the prices of your end products
    • Bear the full shipping costs out of the profits you make
    • Include a slight price increase in products
    • Offer customers who choose free shipping discount codes
    • Offer free shipping only when customers order a certain amount
  • Charge what the major carriers do – Shopify has relationships with major carriers worldwide. This allows you to offer customers shipping options with real-time rate schedules
  • Charge a flat-rate fee – this is ideal if you sell the same products. You can simply charge customers a flat-rate fee of $5 per order. This will cover your shipping costs without eating into your product margins. The shipping fee is low enough to keep customers and prevent abandoned carts.

15. Shopify POS accepts global payments

The majority of Shopify’s customers buy through mobile devices. Shopify streamlined the payment process with the Shopify POS app. The Shopify POS app accepts global payments. Store owners love it because its dashboard can be pulled up on any browser.  The app simplifies the credit card payment process. It also allows store owners to quickly and easily send e-receipts.

The Shopify POS app stopped being compatible with the ios 10 operating system. This occurred as of February of this year. It currently only works with smartphones having the ios 11 operating system (or greater!)

You can use the Shopify POS app if you have:

  • An iPhone 5 or higher with at least the ios11 operating system
  • An iPad that is at least a generation 4 with at least an ios 11 operating system
  • A mini iPad that it is at least a generation 2 with at least an ios 11 operating system
  • An Android device that has at least the version 5.0 Lollipop operating system

None of the ios beta versions are compatible with the Shopify app.
The POS app accepts any type of payment method from anywhere in the world. However, some qualifications exist. For example, American and Canadian shop owners can accept credit card payments from iPhones and iPads. Shop owners in America, UK, or Ireland can take credit cards and contactless payments. They must have the EVM-compliant Tag, Chip, and Swipe reader integrated though.  
Shop owners living in other places in the world have the following options:

  • They can buy or rent an external credit card terminal for payment acceptance
  • If they have an Android phone, they can take payments by cash or credit card
  • They’ll need the Swipe reader to accept credit card payments.

The app accepts payments from all major global credit cards (AMEX, Visa, Master Card, etc…). It will also take Debit Mastercard and Visa Debit card payments.  Store owners should remember to manually enter credit card numbers if the swipe mechanism malfunctions. Canadian store owners must reject credit card payments from Interac only credit cards. They will need the Moneris terminal to do so. This terminal is only available in Canada. American store owners with a supported card reader can accept Apple cash payments.
Store owners who use external credit card readers can only accept certain supported credit cards. They must take the following into account when deciding which card reader to buy:

  • If the card reader can read Tag and Chip credit cards
  • If the reader can read Chip and Swipe cards
  • If the reader supports Swipe cards
  • If the reader supports Tag, Chip, and swipe cards
  • If the reader is Moneris iPP320 terminal compliant

As a general rule of thumb, the app will support the following credit cards in America on all smartphones:

  • Tag & Chip readers
  • Chip & Swipe readers

The UK and Ireland support the following credit cards for iPhones and iPads:

  • Tag, Chip, and Swipe cards that are EVM card reader compatible

16. Shopify has a discount code that can boost sales

Discount codes can be a powerful catalyst for driving web traffic and boosting conversions. However, they have to be used correctly. Shopify’s discount codes are easy to track. But, believe it or not, discount codes can actually hurt some store owners. For example, store owners selling DKNY or Michael Kors bags would not want discount codes. The same applies to store owners whose profit margins are very low. Discount codes could actually lose them money and customers.

Store owners who combine discount codes with a well-thought-out, goal-oriented campaign are the most successful. Small campaigns that are constantly measured are also very successful. If you are a store owner, you have two main options in terms of discounts:

  • Percentage-based discounts
  • Dollar-value discounts

You can offer these options in the form of automatic discounts and discount codes.  

How percentage-based discounts work? If you own a jewellery store, you have used percentage-based discounts to clear stock.  Two types of percentage discounts are available:  incentive percentages, and larger percentages. Incentive percentages are generally no more than 5-10% off of the sticker price. These are designed to get to the buyer to purchase. Larger percentage discounts tend to be 25-30% off of the sticker price.  These are designed to get buyers to make larger purchases. A significant percentage of discounts are at least 50%. All store owners have used this discount to move inventory after Christmas.  

How dollar-value discounts work? If you own a store, you can offer credit-based dollar-value discounts to motivate your customers to buy. Store owners whose unit prices are less than $100 should use percentage discounts. Those whose unit prices are greater than $100 should use a dollar-value discount.

17. Shopify can integrate very well with social media

Since almost everyone uses social media, businesses market their products well through it. Shopify is no exception. In fact, Shopify integrates well with many social media apps.  Social media is effective since it is essentially word-of-mouth marketing online. Word of mouth marketing is the best way to advertise products. This is true even in the digital age.  Some of the most effective social media apps are listed below:

  • OSI affiliate software – this starts referral programs on social media platforms. These programs help store owners because they have others promote the store’s products.  This is done on various social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and even Twitter. The software rewards those who successfully sell store products.
  • Facebook Product Feed by Flexify – this app allows you to create your own Facebook Product catalog. You can feature this catalog on Facebook and on the Facebook marketplace. You can use the app to sync your shop with your FB catalog and Facebook store page. Store owners find that their products sell better and faster if they are advertised on Facebook.  

18. Shopify offers dropshipping which eliminates excess inventory

drop shipping is to 21st century what JIT and Kanban were to the 20th. Both allow store owners to keep only the inventory they need on hand. With dropshipping, store owners have suppliers ship products to customers only after receiving orders. Many small-time entrepreneurs love it because it allows them to run their stores out of their homes. They can also spend time managing their stores on their lunch breaks or in their spare time.  

People who sell costume or low-value jewelry and similar products love Shopify’s dropshipping feature. Since store owners contact suppliers only when necessary, they don’t have to spend money on storage or inventory.  Apps like Oberlo allow them to manage orders from a dashboard with a few clicks. The best part about dropshipping is that it is easy to learn and use.

19. Shopify offers expert knowledge and advice in terms of selling

Shopify is like the ultimate consultant for online store owners. This is because it offers expert knowledge and advice in terms of selling. Shopify has many blogs which store owners can access if they want to know the best and fastest ways to sell their products. If you are a store owner, you can talk to the experts at Shopify’s partner program. These professionals will help your store become the Walmart of your industry. The following tips were culled from these experts to help store owners make their online stores rock:

  • Keep product pages simple – remember to KISS (Keep it simple, stupid- A Design Principle) in terms of the content. The content should be straight forward, to the point, and easy to understand. Do not have sentences that say in 20 complex words what could have been said in 5 simple ones. Also, remember that the product page content should never meander. Above all, readers should be convinced that the products will solve their pain points.
    • Product pages should have the following key components:
      • The products  – make sure that their key features and benefits are clearly and concisely communicated. Also, make sure that the descriptions answer all questions visitors may have.
      • The brands – this communicates your products. Remember that visitors don’t necessarily always go to landing pages when they buy. Brand names are the only way they can distinguish products.
      • The copywriting – this is the way you use words and emotions/tone to explain how your products are unique. The copywriting explains why visitors should buy your products over those of the competition.
      • Descriptions and testimonials about user design and experience – this is crucial since the customers talk directly in this section.
  • Make sure your product page offers a clear message to buy – this is a call to action.  Any product page is useless without this. All products on the product page must have a ‘buy now’ (or similar) cart. This is the only way visitors will be motivated to buy. The call to action button should be attractive and clearly displayed in the middle of the content. This will tempt visitors to buy.
  • The photos on product pages must be taken by professionals – this means the photos should be pixel rich and with clear graphics. Remember that ‘a picture says a thousand words.’ Online store photos will enhance the buying experience and will encourage more conversions.  
  • The photos should highlight and enhance the key features and benefits of the products – if you sell costume jewelry that is like the original, your pictures should reflect this. Make sure that the gemstones and material sparkle like the real thing.
  • Product features should be linked – linking product features (variants) is crucial because they will bring the products to life. This will motivate customers to buy from you.
  • High-end products should have detailed and flowery descriptions – this is the only way to get a woman to buy an expensive and high-end Dooney and Bourke bag from you. If you don’t do this, your visitors may be tempted to go to Walmart to buy their bags. Detailed and flowery descriptions communicate the unique and valuable benefits of your products.  
  • Detailed and flowery descriptions don’t always work – if you are selling fishing lines, keep the product descriptions simple. Big adjectives and flowery language may actually drive visitors away.

20. Shopify offers analytics and reports which provide comprehensive tracking

The IQLECT app is music to Shopify store owners’ ears. It allows them to track vital website stats with comprehensive tracking analytics and reports. If you are a store owner, you will love its many features which include:

  • E-commerce analytics that large enterprises use. This allows store owners to use the information to improve their websites. The analytics will have higher conversion rates as a result.
  • Artificial Intelligence and analytics which are given in real-time. It’s this streaming feature that will make it easy for store owners to understand the real position of their stores
  • The information and statistics are visual.  This will make it easier for store owners to analyze the fundamentals of their businesses.
  • Store owners will have access to the entire platform of features. This includes custom analysis, charts, notifications, train models, and much more!
  • The app offers the most value for the price charged.

The IQLECT app includes many other important features that make it the preferred for tracking analytics. For example, its ability to provide you with instantaneous analytics will professionalize your store. These analytics also give you the ability to do the following with your store. You’ll be able to use these numbers to understand data patterns and segment customers. The numbers will allow you to improve key features like product offerings and descriptions. This will boost conversions.  You can also easily create specialized variables for your shop. These will allow you to track several buying behavior patterns and traffic.

The IQLECT app’s full AI and ML capabilities allow you to analyze data and make formulate strategies and decisions. You’ll be able to do this quickly. You’ll also be able to make business operations more efficient with the analysis of data patterns and trends. The app comes with ML models. You will be able to analyze data even if you are a novice. The IQLECT’s algorithms allow you to customize models for specialized data analysis.

You’ll have access to many interactive dashboards that you can customize. This will allow you to gain deep insights regarding real-time data. You’ll be able to make immediate strategic business decisions and actions. The app contains more than 30 dashboards and 270 premade charts that are immediately deployable. You’ll be able to see and understand your data much better with these tools.

IQLECT generates detailed and complete business reports. These reports allow a comprehensive and detailed understanding of your business’s performance.  The reports offer detailed and insightful information regarding total sales and sales volume.  You’ll also know the dollar value of an average order and much more. You’ll be able to understand buying patterns and behavior by analyzing carts. This is especially valuable in helping you understand why carts are being abandoned. You’ll also understand why orders are being canceled.

You can customize analytics to help you track the performance of your top products.  You’ll know the sales patterns, total sales, and other vital information. The app will let you reverse and reduce the number of abandoned carts. IQLECT generates customer scores that will identify your best customers. You can design campaigns to sell more to them. You’ll be able to thoroughly analyze the checkout process. This will help you understand why and if checkout failure is occurring. You’ll be able to reduce the number of checkout failures and abandoned carts.

Finally, the app generates reports telling you the current volume of website traffic to your site.  You’ll understand how many people and who is visiting your website on a weekly or monthly basis.  This will allow you to fine-tune your marketing strategies. The customer retention analysis feature is invaluable. It’ll allow you to analyze customer buying patterns.  You’ll know your customer retention numbers and percentages. You will also be able to categorize sales from new and returning customers. This will allow you to launch massive customer retention marketing campaigns.

21. Shopify is instantly scalable and it can easily handle high volumes of traffic

This is especially true with Shopify Plus. As a store owner, you’ll be able to increase and decrease store capacity as needed. This will come in especially handy during Christmas time and Valentine’s Day when sales tend to peak for a few weeks prior to the major global holidays. Shopify has an important feature in the form of super-fast servers that allows it to do this. These servers use the latest in technology and are able to access any part of the world instantly. According to some estimates and sources, Shopify can handle up to million-plus customers a day.  

22. Store owners can sell wholesale with Shopify

You can indeed use Shopify to build a wholesale online store. This will help you compete with major wholesalers like Alibaba. The beauty of having a wholesale store is that it allows you to sell your products in bulk to retailers. The retailers then find customers to sell your products to. They take a small commission but remit the bulk of sales back to you. Now all you have to worry about is business operations and product quality.

Selling wholesale allows you to easily compete with established industry giants like Walmart and Amazon.com. This is especially true if you have an online store. The era of the Internet and e-commerce is shaking up the traditional wholesaling industry. While the objective of selling to the end consumer is the same, it is making smaller ventures viable.  Good examples of this are Wayfair and Wish.

Selling to wholesalers dramatically increases your market base.  You’ll do this without spending a fortune on advertising. After all, you’ll be having indirect access to all of your retailers’ customers!  

You’ll also be selling to new markets without the risk of having expensive marketing campaigns fail. This is especially true if you sell to online wholesalers with a global reach.  A good example is Alibaba. You don’t have to research the buying psychology of foreign customers. You will also avoid the headache of creating buyer personas from scratch. All you have to do is sell to those with an established presence in global markets. Then you can watch the money come in!

You ‘ll still need to formulate a pricing strategy since selling wholesale is complex. You’ll be offering retailers a 50% discount. You should price the products to allow you to retain a 50% profit margin on retailer sales. You can make money off of deeply discounted sales by offering incentives for placing large orders. This way, your profit will increase because of the large volume of goods you are selling.  

It helps to formulate a contract when selling to retailers.  You can specify the Manufacturing Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) as the fixed unit price. By multiplying this price by the volume you are selling, you can avoid being undercut by retailers. Retailers may try to undercut each other by a dramatically reduced price. This will result in lower profit margins for you.  It may even be hard for you to stay in business!

How to sell wholesale? It is often beneficial to sell wholesale. However, you will have to set up a wholesale store on Shopify first.  You follow a sequence of steps to do this. These steps are listed below:

  • Choose a password for your store. This will keep retailers not on your list, from placing orders at lower than your MSRP. The Shopify admin panel will allow you to easily create a password.
  • Create a separate online store on Shopify. This applies only if you sell directly to customers (B2C) and to wholesalers (B2C)
  • Since most people shop on mobile devices, you should create a wholesale store on Shopify’s app. This will allow you to increase sales and maximize profit margins.
  • Since you’ll likely be receiving a lot of IOUs and 30 or 60-day shipping agreements., payment terms will be different. If you do sell wholesale, only pick reliable retailers like Kroger or Walmart. You may find it beneficial to ask for references if you want to be adventurous with retailers. This action may keep you from losing tens or even hundreds of thousands in unpaid sales.
  • Use Shopify features to add net payment terms to your payment preferences. You can tag customers beforehand to ensure that they will pay orders.
  • Since you’re selling with IOUs and shipping agreements, collecting payment can get tricky. A good way to ensure that you receive all payments is to save customer orders as draft orders. You’ll be able to easily remember who owes you money.  It will be easy to send them reminder emails for payment. Draft orders allow you to accept a wide variety of payment forms. This includes checks, credit cards, and money orders.
  • Some customers may pay you after agreement terms. Don’t worry, you can use the Afterpay app to easily accept these payments.  

How to find retailers? You have many options. You can find them through your online store. It’s just a matter of having your site rank high with enticing blogs. You ‘ll need to cleverly place strategic keywords in them. Also, include a contact form that is specifically designed for order placements.  
Other ways of finding retailers include:

  • Going to trade shows. These are specifically designed for vendors and wholesalers like you, to meet like-minded customers. You’ll find retailers and vendors in every industry imaginable from electronics to jewellery. The managers of these shows hand out trade show catalogs. These list the contact information of all the retailers and vendors. These also list a description of the industries they are in and the products they sell. This is vital if you want to find reliable customers who will pay on time.  You’ll also learn about upcoming trade-shows in these catalogs. The one caveat is that even the smallest trade-shows often cost hundreds of dollars to attend.
  • You can enlist on wholesale marketplaces. A good example is Doba. You’ll find thousands of retailers who will want to place immediate orders with you. This is because they carry no inventory and have high sales volumes. These marketplaces allow you to list your inventory categories and contact information. You then wait for the retailers to contact you.
  • Reach out to retailers who sell products similar to yours. You can indeed widen your customer base by reaching out to retailers selling similar products. These retailers are often in similar industries. You can cold call from trade directories. Many wholesalers have found retailers this way, though the rejection rate is high. You can also post on the social media profiles of various retailers. You’ll be more successful because this will establish a strong relationship between you two!

23. Shopify allows store owners to customize their online stores via plenty of themes

Store owners need unique themes to have their online stores stand out. This is the only way visitors will notice their stores. They can use Shopify’s many themes to do this.  Customizing themes can also fit into your marketing strategy if you are a store owner.  This is because you can build your brands around your themes. This way, people will associate your brands with a particular theme. They will be more likely to visit your website and buy from you!

The theme editor feature on your dashboard allows for easy customization of themes.  The theme editor supports theme documentation. This (theme documentation) is an invaluable tool for customizing themes. The theme documentation will allow you to edit themes. You’ll be able to add and delete certain sections in the themes. But theme documentation does more than this. It allows you to change your theme’s settings. You’ll now be able to change the layout, typesetting and fonts, colors, and much more. This will allow you to create a website whose content and appearance stand out in your industry.

You can also customize content by customizing the themes. For example, you can add sliders. This will enable you to add galleries of high-quality pictures of products. You can do the same with videos. These videos can be linked to and place on YouTube. The pictures can be linked to and placed on various social media platforms. Good examples are Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Shopify has thousands of themes. The platform allows you to add up to 20 themes at once.

24. Shopify offers increased security

Any online store is useless if its customers’ sensitive information is at risk. Shopify safeguards its website by supporting SSL certificates. This means that all online Shopify stores’ information can only be accessed through SSL encryption. People would need to have the corresponding SSL certificate if they wanted to access a particular website. This will protect sensitive customer data as it travels over the wide web. The SSL certificates have another safety feature of redirecting web traffic. Traffic will be redirected from traditional and less secure HTTP protocols to more secure https protocols.

Shopify also set up the HackerOne program in 2013. This has been vital in creating hacker safe websites. This special platform allowed Shopify to work with hackers. The objective was to test websites for vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit to access confidential information. The HackerOne platform served the key role of allowing Shopify’s internal security team to work with white hat professionals.  
Shopify’s dedicated team to monitor and implement best security practices
Its dedicated team does the following to keep online stores secure:

  • It makes sure that Shopify complies with Level 1 PCI DSS standards
  • PCI DSS is an acronym for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.
  • It establishes certain basic information security standards that all entities accepting credit card payments must follow:
  • Entities must have a secure network
  • Entities must have a vulnerability management program
  • Entities must constantly monitor and test networks
  • Entities must have a system capable of protecting customer credit card information
  • Entities must implement access control measures that can’t be easily hacked into
  • Entities must have a standard policy stipulating how exactly information will be kept secure.
  • This will ensure the security of all sensitive credit card information.

Shopify online shopping cart software and supporting system are compliant with PCI DSS standards

25. Shopify offers best in the class website security

through technical standards for website coding and architecture. It builds all of its websites in terms of coding and structure on the secure Ruby on Rails. This allows Shopify to offer deep website security for its (business owner) customers. Shopify is unique. It merged its security team with its production engineering team’s service tracking project. This resulted in the ability to automate and observe application dependencies.
Shopify used the unique and seldom-used strategy of building its security team slowly and from scratch. For example, they did not hire security staff immediately. Instead, they used more traditional but proven security techniques. These were effective in keeping sensitive information on online stores secure. Shopify hires security staff on an as-needed basis. It also only hire for certain specializations in security. These include fraud, application security, infrastructure security, networking, anti-abuse, etc…This gave it the ability to provide comprehensive security for all of its customers’ diverse online needs.

Shopify offers protection from viruses and malware. It does this by offering many apps that enhance website security. Six of the most common ones are discussed below:

A. Rewind backups

this is the ultimate backup system for store owners’ online shops.  They can plug this app in and can rest assured that their most sensitive information is safe. This includes order histories and credit card names and numbers.  It’s capable of backing up pictures and SEO tags. This makes it especially valuable to store owners who use SEO to drive traffic and get conversions. Shopify store owners love the following key features about it

  • The ability to back up the inventory information pertaining to online orders. The same is true for blog posts, themes and theme files, menu navigation, policies, and any other issue
  • Store owners will be able to initiate automatic and instantaneous backups at any time
  • Product changes and order changes are immediately and automatically saved
  • Store owners can backup as many files as they want to
  • All relevant information is backed up every day
  • Individual pieces or entire clusters of information can be rewound and restored.
  • The customer support reps are very friendly and knowledgeable. They are experts at ‘walking’ customers through issues in a detailed step-by-step manner until the issues are resolved.
  • It is Quick Books compatible
  • Customers love its 7-day trial period
  • It is the only GDPR compliant backup app available for Shopify
  • You will love this app if you have a high employee turnover rate. The same is true if you update orders frequently throughout the year. You’ll desire this app if your web content/inventory constantly changes as well. This app allows many users to make changes to your store simultaneously. You’ll be able to easily and constantly changing web content. This will reflect the changing nature and needs of your industry and customers!

B. Locksmith by Lightward

it is an app that protects your store from hackers and other online threats. Its key and distinguishing feature lies in the innovative options it allows its users in terms of online security. For example, you can make certain product hyperlinks accessible to only certain customers. This is vital if you sell to wholesalers and retailers. You would want to keep wholesale prices of products invisible to retailers. The app allows you to hide livestreams behind email signups. You can also create certain websites with specific links accessible only to specific customers. Shopify customers love these features about this app:

A 15 day trial period

You can give some customers access to specific passwords, tags, links, or actions. This will give them specialized access to specific products. This will help you sell more if you sell to wholesalers.

You can configure your site so that only people living in certain countries can see certain products

You can require merchants to meet specific criteria and conditions to access certain products and information. This is vital if you sell to both wholesalers and retailers.

You can protect certain products and content by locking it with a particular condition, term, or requirement. Those who wanted to access the information or products would need to know the particular condition, term, or requirement.

If you are a merchant, you can use the protection feature to lock specific carts and shops. This is especially helpful if you sell on IOUs. It also comes in handy if you sell to wholesalers and.or retailers.

The app allows you to send targeted and personalized brand messages to specific customer

If you sell lacquer jewelry to Chinese and Japanese wholesalers and other products to others around the world, you will want this app. It is also vital if you promote certain products before they come to market to specific customers. You want this app if you want to keep some of your customers from viewing particular products and brands.  Since the app operates intuitively, you do not need any programming knowledge to use it. This makes shop owners who want to keep certain customers from viewing certain products and information very happy.

C. McAfee Secure

this app constantly monitors stores for attacks on data. It also looks out for malware and other malicious activity from hackers. Store owners can learn about the security automatically and at a glance with the app’s safety checkmarks. This makes safeguarding individual pages quick, easy, and worry-free. Some of the stronger features that make this app so powerful are:

The ability to display the McAfee Secure symbol on all web pages. This gives shoppers the confidence that their transactions and sensitive information will be secure.

Visitors will be assured that the site and pages are secure. The current SSL certificate and Shopper Identity Protection will be visible. This will guarantee that the entire site is free from dangerous malware.

If you have less than 500 visitors a month, you don’t have to pay for this app.

You want this app if you are new and you want to assure visitors that your entire site is safe and secure. This will result in an increase in vital and initial traffic and conversions. 

shop owners who have customers in the EU need this. It is GDPR compliant. The GDPR is a set of laws specific to the EU. It requires store owners to disclose when and how customer information is used. The GDPR requires store owners to ask visitors and customers for permission before gathering data. This app is the seal of approval that indicates to EU shoppers that a website is GDPR compliant. It can be seen by the EU Cookie Bar which is prominently displayed on web pages. Some of the main features that make the EU accept this app are:

A cookie-notification banner. Customers have the choice of accepting or rejecting the cookie policy. It also reassures that the site is GDPR compliant.

The app features a transparent and easy to read the cookie policy

Store owners can become GDPR compliant quickly and easily.

The app can be designed to the same theme and layout as the store’s brands. This provides for easy integration and an easy (and pleasant) browsing experience

It loads very quickly on all devices. It also has a clean layout and appearance on mobile devices.

If you sell anything to people living in the EU, you need this app! You risk losing large swathes of customers otherwise.

E. Age check

this app allows shop owners to verify visitors’ and shoppers’ age. It is necessary for stores selling controversial and sin items like alcohol. Customers have to be of a certain age before they can buy this product in most countries. This is especially true in America and the European Union. All visitors will be required to enter their birth dates before being able to proceed further on the site.  This app actually encourages more traffic to sites that sell these products. This is because it assures them that only certain people can access the site.  Vendors love these features about this app:

Vendors can verify age in any language. They can also customize the language to certain regions. For example, a website in America would have a different version of English than a website in England. The app would allow this type of language customization.

Visitors and customers don’t realize they are verifying their age

It can be integrated into any theme without knowledge of custom Cascade Styling Sheet (CSS – a styling language).

Images can be designed to be compatible with any background

You’ll want this app if you sell Virginia Slims or Vaping products. In fact, you could get into trouble if you don’t have this app. Many countries have strict legal penalties for stores that make underage sales of certain products!

F. Cozy Anti-Theft

this keeps store owners from stealing content from other websites and incorporating it into their own sites. This type of IP theft can actually drive many store owners out of business. This is because it slowly erodes the competitive advantage that allows them to enter into new markets quickly. Store owners love the following features about this app:

Disables the copy and paste keyboard functions

Locks the copy and paste right-click functions

Keeps images from being saved, downloaded, or copied and pasted by locking them.

Competitors won’t be able to steal content with drag and drop functions

It’s easy to install

The 5 day trial period allows store owners to decide if the app is for their stores!

26. Shopify lessens work through task automation

Unless you’re an Internet Guru or a web programmer, it is hard to know what to include in your online store. This can lead to hours of wasted time when designing your website.  This is the time that you don’t have! Shopify realizes this and has streamlined the web design process with prefabricated templates. You can now drag and drop content in accordance with the website sections. Shopify’s intuitive themes make designing them in terms of layout, style, appearance, and color scheme easy. Shopify Flow contains these templates and more. The best part is that many of the most attractive templates are free!

But the templates go beyond this.  Their built-in features allow you to do everything that Executive MBAs are trained to do.  For example, they’ll (templates) allow you to track purchasing patterns and behavior.  You can use this information to create buyer personas.  These personas will allow you to create targeted marketing campaigns that sell quickly. You can easily become an industry leader in no time!  

The themes also allow you to identify and track your best customers.  Its automated features will allow you to design incentives and rewards programs.  These programs will motivate them to buy even more from you!  If you don’t dropship, you’ll be able to constantly analyze and manage inventory.  This will allow you to order when inventory levels drop dangerously low.

Some of the more popular templates are mentioned below:

  • Promotion – you can send automated push notifications when certain customers order twice.  Customers are king.  This is especially true of repeat customers. You want to have as many repeat customers as possible because 80% of the business comes from 20% of your core customers.  Unfortunately, you can only use this option with PushOwl customers.  Many store owners have found these push notifications to be effective in encouraging repeat purchases.
  • Customer complaints – you can raise a support ticket after a customer complaint.  Not all customers will be satisfied with your products.  Some of these upset customers may even complain on your website.  If you sell many products, you probably have hundreds of reviews.  You likely have dozens of new reviews posted daily.  It would take you forever to isolate the bad reviews and respond to them.  Now, you can use this template feature to create new help desk tickets in Gorgias.  This is a feature that automatically responds to one-star reviews.
  • Loyalty – you can use this template to win back at-risk customers.  Sometimes customers may find a product that they don’t really like from your site.  You want and need as many loyal customers as possible to stay in business.  Win back these ‘at-risk’ customers by sending Klavyyio email messages to customers who haven’t bought for some time.  These are automated and will keep many from straying to your competitors!  LoyaltyLion will track all customers based on buying patterns and frequency.  It will alert Klavyyio to act towards ‘at-risk customers immediately.
  • Personalization – you can categorize customers based on what they buy and how often they buy!  Use this template to tag all customers.  You can then identify customers based on buying preferences, patterns, and behaviors.  Then send them automated and customized marketing emails based on this information!
  • Inventory – Asana monitors inventory levels and alerts you when they drop dangerously low.  Nothing frustrates customers more than stockouts.  In fact, being out of certain products in your inventory can even cause you to permanently lose customers.  Asana prevents this.  It will alert you when certain products drop below a specifically defined threshold.  You then add the task to its (Asana’s) project list.  
  • Orders – send emails to your logistics team when you need to complete orders immediately.  Some orders need to be filled and shipped immediately after they are placed.  You will lose customers by not doing this.  Shopify’s templates automate e-commerce workflows.  They’ll send out automated emails immediately after an order has been placed.  You can tag these orders to group, categorize, and organize them based on certain criteria.  Your logistics team will be able to organize orders and ship them quickly!
  • Risk – you’ll know about high-risk orders before they pay.  Once you have the payments manual capture feature programmed in, this is easy.  You’ll get emails about high-risk customers.  You can then either send them email reminders or take them to collections!

27. Shopify makes e-commerce easy

Using Shopify is like having your own business of hired professionals and consultants without bearing the cost.  For a simple and low fee, you can access all business functions.  You can even have specific questions answered in the Frequently Asked Questions section.  Shopify’s blog offers advice regarding key issues you may have about your e-commerce store.  You can now easily sell like a pro with Shopify!

Disclaimer: This guide will show you the best ways to utilize Shopify, but we do NOT guarantee you’ll be a millionaire in regards to our brand name or make any amount of money whatsoever using Shopify.

21 Business E-mail Tips You Need To Learn Now

21 Business E-mail Tips You Need To Learn Now

Nowadays, Multiple digital channels are available to promote your business but still, most of the businesses prefer email than other media. E-mail is the oldest medium to market your products or services. But still an effective one. Thus in this article, I will share some business e-mail tips that you should learn to run a successful e-mail campaign.

If you have a startup and you want to invest in e-mail marketing or if you are not getting the desired result from your existing email campaign, then you are at the right place. Stop sending tons of emails to your recipient, as people may become irritated with that. Thus email loses its effectiveness. Thus let focus on business e-mail etiquettes, styles and formatting to get desired results. Hope this article will help you to run your first successful e-mail campaign.

What Is E-mail Marketing?

E-mail marketing is also a digital channel to promote or market your business. In the case of e-mail marketing, brands or companies share their products, services or offers with the audience directly. Thus often it termed as a direct marketing channel. Once you have your e-mail list then you can start your email campaign using tools like MailChimp, Drip etc. According to a survey 94%internet user have an email account. Hence, e-mail is the fastest, cheapest and effective medium to sell your products or services and build a personalized relationship with your potential customer as well.

Benefits Of E-mail Marketing:

It might confuse you that in the era of  Facebook ads and Google ads why should you invest in outdated email marketing. Hence, there are the following benefits of email marketing,

  • Cost-effective: Cost is a common issue in any business. So if you want to run ads on Facebook or Google, then you need to invest a lot of money earlier as these are becoming expensive day by day. Whereas you can run An e-mail campaign with minimal investment by subscribing any Email Service provider or e-mail marketing tool. Thus it is cheaper than other advertising platforms.
  • Offers Direct Marketing: In the case of  TV broadcasting or press release advertisement, you miss the larger part of your target audiences. As these are not targeted specifically. Whereas in email marketing you are sending the emails to your potential customers or whoever have shown interest in your products or services. Thus here the target audience is specific and chances of conversion are also high.
  • Offers lead Nurturing: Nowadays, businesses are generating leads from social media and websites. But generating leads is the first step. Then you need to nurture your hot and cold leads accordingly to ensure conversion. Thus where email is the best tool to perform that lead nurturing process, It will give you a better overview of your prospects. Hence, email basically encompasses all the other advertising platforms.
  • Easy to Analyze: Most of the e-mail marketing tools are basically comes with Analytics features. Analytics can track opens, click through rate(CTR) and Conversions. Thus you will get an overview of a Campaign. It will help you to fix the loopholes in the existing campaign and you will start to get better results.
  • Embed any types of ads (Image,video.gifs etc.): Email offers you the flexibility to embed any files in your Emailer or as content.  You can add Images, videos, gifs,pre-built templates etc. depending on your purpose. Whereas there is some restriction on other advertising platforms.
  • Easy to share:  Your subscribers may want to share your offers with their friends or contacts. They can simply share the email within a click. This easy to share option may help you to broaden your audience. It can simply introduce your business in a completely new market.
  • Bigger ROI: Every business focus on their respective ROI factors. Every entrepreneur expects a certain return on their investment. Email can help you to meet your ROI. As everyone emphasizes results, thus email increased the percentage of revenue.
  • Consume less amount of time:  Email marketing automation automates your workflow. You need not send the emails manually to your every recipient. You just need to schedule a campaign once. It will automatically deliver to your recipients. You may use the same email copy in the future campaign as well.  Using automation you can also trigger a certain message when a user performs a particular action. Thus it will basically automate your sales process.
  • Increase Website or Blog traffic: If you have a website or a blog then you can use email marketing to boost your web traffic. To implement that you should attach a website or blog page link with your email copy. But make sure that you are providing quality or valuable content to your subscribers.

Types of E-mails:

  • Newsletter: Newsletters are often sent to the subscribers on a regular basis. Newsletters do not raise the sales pitch directly rather it is used to build a relationship with your customer. You can send tons of value to your subscribers using E-mail. This is one of the effective hacks to build trust among your audience. If you have any blog or youtube channel, then you can share your content using newsletters. Thus your audience will never miss out your latest content.
  • Triggered Emails: These are the emails which used to send after performing certain actions are like purchasing a product, Sign up to a new account or complete any transaction etc. These are implemented by marketing automation.
  • Sales emails: These types of emails are used to share information about products and offers among the audiences. These basically raise the sales pitch where people asked to purchase a product using coupons and offers. These types of emails are perfect for upselling as well.

These are the generic types of email campaign people used to run. You can customize your campaign according to your objectives or requirements.

What Is Email Marketing Software?

As I have mentioned earlier that you need to opt for an automated email marketing software to run your email campaign. This is the only thing on which you need to invest. It helps you to save your contacts and run the campaign among them. Once you schedule the campaign then it will run automatically. This software helps in designing of the emailer. Some these have come with pre-built templates.  Its analytics helps to measure campaign performance like the number of opens, clicks and unsubscribe rates, bounce etc. Most importantly these are flexible tools. Thus you can integrate these with any CRM or Funnel building tools like Clickfunnels or any third party tools like Zapier. It’s work fine with them. Some of the best email marketing tools are:

21 Business email tips or Email Etiquettes:

  • Find your tone: You need to find the right tone for your email copies depending on your audience. It could be in between formal to friendly. But you should be professional. Relevantly use the “please and “thank you”. Always sign off using “Thank you”.
  • Focus on the Subject line: Never miss out to craft an effective subject line. A powerful subject line will surely increase your e-mail open rate as a good headline always drive attention. This is the right place to hook your audience. Your subject line should be brief and describe the topic of the e-mail. But make sure that your headline should not mislead the user. It should be perfectly aligned and relevant to your e-mail content.
  • Pay attention to Pre-header text: Sometimes marketer won’t pay attention towards preheader space as they use this as a compliment of a subject line. But it is equally as important as the subject line. It also increases the open rate. Thus use the preheader text in a most effective way.
  • Properly format the body of the content: If you are writing any lengthy content then perfectly format your content. Always split your content into smaller paragraphs and use proper spacing. Don’t put up a wall of a text. Use multiple headlines, bullet points, bold fonts, Maintain consistency in font size and spacing. Add relevant Call to actions (CTA) if needed. Often use  Infographics, cool images, videos and gifs as well. As nobody wants to read a wall of a text. There is a generic structure you can follow as well.
  1. Start with a greeting. If you are writing to your recipient for the first time then address them with their first name and write a little welcome message.
  2. If you are writing to your recipient for the first time then don’t forget to mention how you were connected. It will remind the user about the context of the following information.
  3. Add relevant Call to action. As you definitely want your audience should take certain action after reading your email. It could be anything like subscribing to your webinar or purchasing any products or services.
  4. Add an end message. For example, “Thanks for connecting”,” With regards”, “ We will connect you soon”
  5. Don’t forget to add your signature at the end of an email.
  6. You may share some links or files as an attachment.

Here is an example,

Subject line: Hurry up! Our Early Bird offer is Expiring Soon.

Hi, “ First Name”.
Good afternoon, Hope you are doing well. It was great to have you in my email list.
I am writing this email to inform you that our “Early Birds Offer” is going to end by tonight.
Hurry up !!
Book your ticket.
// include a button with relevant link//
Thank you,
// Add your email signature with contact information//

  • Perform proofreading: Never publish your email once you just finished your copywriting. Always proofread or review the content carefully. Check whether it is correctly formatted or not. Check the grammars as well. You may use some grammar checker or spell checker tools during copywriting. Always review your article from a reader perspective. If possible hire some professional proofreaders to review your content. As content is key to drive the conversion. Hence, you need to invest time and money in that.
  • Keep it clear and simple: Don’t stretch your email copies unnecessarily. You just need to fulfil one purpose in each email. Thus keep your email copy concise and clear. Don’t hide your request.  Your audience should understand your request for minimal reading time. Thus it’s better to use some numbered lists or infographics. If possible form a team of graphic designers. They can help you in designing some visually attractive emailers.
  • Don’t spam: Always avoid spammy behaviours. Try to send emails to those who have given you permission. Don’t send emails to strangers who are not expecting to hear from you. If you do so, it will badly affect your brand’s reputation. Never use the emails of your Linkedin connections and avoid email scrapping techniques. It always better to collect leads information from your website pop-ups and Lead generation campaigns.
  • Use Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) to send private emails:

What is BCC?

Email offers you add BCC and CC.BCC is typically knowns as “Blind Carbon Copy”. Using BCC you can send information someone privately.

How to Use BCC?

If you are sending an e-mail to mass people where the recipients don’t know each other, there obviously you don’t want to disclose other’s email information. This is where comes the application of BCC. In such cases, you should add BCC to maintain the privacy of the recipient’s contact information.

  • Provide the recipient with an unsubscribed option: Always add an Unsubscribe option in each email. Thus any recipients can unsubscribe you if they don’t want to hear you further. It will help you to keep your contact list fresh. Your Email marketing tool will help you to implement that.
  • Avoid E-mail blasts: Some marketers prefer to send hundreds of emails to attract their potential customer. But unfortunately, it does not work at all. Rather sending a blast of emails will reduce your authenticity. Thus it’s better to analyze your audience’s problems and needs. Then send personalized email, Yes, it is time-consuming but it will increase your conversion rate. At the same time, you will build a relationship with your audiences.
  • Add email signatures: Never forget to add an email signature at the end of each email. Even you can run upsells using email signatures. Write a description of  5-6 words and add a link of your new products and offers with the description. Put that under your contact information. You will start to see more replies from your recipients.
  • Give a prompt reply: Always to reply to your emails within 24 hours. Not more than that. Thus your clients will feel, that they are important to you.
  • Use pre-built templates and Customize: If you running out of time or don’t have a team to prepare email templates on a daily basis, then you should use pre-built templates. Those customizable templates actually work better than the individually crafted ones. So don’t underestimate the power of customizable email templates.
  • Track campaign and Reply faster with CRM: You can use CRM software to track your email campaign. Thus when any of your recipients click on any links or open the email, you will get quick notifications, Thus you can respond faster. Those CRM also offer email template.email scheduling and bulk email service as well.
  • Make engagement a priority: Ensure engagement in your each email copy. This should be your Top most priority.  Run surveys or create polls to bring engagement. If your subscribers will not engage with content then automatically chances of conversion will become lower as well.
  • Split test your email copy: Always run split tests on your email copies using your e-mail marketing tools. Design with multiple variations, Measure the metrics from analytics and choose the most effective version. It will help you to optimize your campaign and ensure the conversions.
  • Don’t show desperation: Don’t show desperation to send follow-up emails. Always ensure a certain time gap before sending follow up emails. You can automate your entire follow up a workflow using marketing automation tools. Connect with our experts to know more about marketing automation.
  • Design a Professional Email Signature: A professional email signature should include your name, position, the logo of your brand, website links, social icons or any other contact information. Apart from those you can add any promotional links or banner with your email signature. But make sure it should be simple and not too lengthy. You just need to put that information smartly which defines you and your brand’s identity with contact information due to communication purpose.
  • Never criticize anyone: Avoid criticism in your email copies. Never insult your competitors or any brand in your email copies.
  • Reward your subscribers: Often reward your subscribers. It will help to keep engagement. You can send some free ebooks, pdf of any case study or any valuable content. Giving rewards or sending free values will surely increase your conversion rate.
  • Try to use plain text: Plain texts are always performed better than HTML template. Plain text template always increases the number of link clicks. As we all want to communicate with the customer and most importantly want to get a response from them, thus you should prefer plain text over HTML template. No matter how gorgeous your HTML template is.

Why plain text is better?

  • It is easy to read.
  • As most of the users are nowadays open their emails in their smartphone, thus the plain text is widely preferred on mobile. As it is easier to read in mobile
  • Plain Text has higher delivery rates
  • It will increase the number of clicks or email open rate
  • It is also trackable from Mailchimp email Campaign.

How To Choose The Right Email Marketing Software?

Email marketing is not just about sending the tons of email to your client’s inbox. Rather it’s about sending targeted content to recipients which will generate conversion. As we are living in an era of automation, thus we need a complete automated system to build a peer to peer connection or a personalized relationship. Hence, before choosing a software keep following things in your mind,

  • Integration:  As you need to reply faster, thus you should integrate your email marketing tool with your CRM. Always check, if those tools are flexible enough to integrate with your CRM or not. Also, check it supports any third party app integration or not.
  • Responsive Template: Most of the internet user nowadays open their email from their smartphones. Thus you need to use a responsive and highly optimized template. So make sure that your software should come with a responsive template.
  • Response handling: You may receive more than thousand of response in a day. Thus segregate those emails manually is impossible. A good email marketing software will keep your database fresh and organized. Thus it will be easier for you to send the appropriate response to your recipients.  Check those workflow features before choosing your software.
  • Social media sharing: Check your software if they are providing you with the social media sharing option or not. As you should provide a social sharing option to your subscribers that they Can share your content on social media.
  • Preview of Inbox: Good email platform will provide you a preview of an inbox. You will be able to see the preview of your email on different devices like desktop, mobile and tablet before sending the emails to your subscribers. Thus you will get the opportunity to make necessary changes before delivering emails to the recipients.
  • Business requirements: Consider the requirements of your business. Decide the number of emails you need to send in a month or how much subscribers you have. Consider the number of email addresses you will need. Thus depending on those factors choose the suitable software for your business.
  • Reliability and Support: As your core marketing part is depending on your email software, thus always make sure you have good support for your e-mail software. If you are associated with a third party then always get a service level agreement. This will provide you a guaranteed response if you will face any problems in future.
  • Security: As hosted email services are best for the small businesses, thus if you will buy a hosted email service make sure the service providers are trustworthy and give full protection of your data. It should compile with GDPR rules and regularly take the backups.
  • Analytics features:  Check the analytics features of the software. This will track your entire email campaign. Explore advanced features of analytics. More advanced features you will get. More deeply you can analyze your campaign. Thus you can fix your loopholes quickly and generate higher conversions.
  • Flexible: Choose software which is flexible. As your business will grow, then your number of subscribers will also increase. In a certain scenario, your software should work fine with the growth of your business.

Final Recommendation:

As there are dozens of email service providers are available in the market. Thus always choose a software depending on your size of business and most importantly within your budget. Try to choose the most powerful tool within your budget.

If you are short in budget or have a small or medium-size business, then MailChimp is the right tool for you.  You can also share your requirements and budget with us. We have the highly skilled email marketers in your team to guide you. There are the following tools I always recommend,

  • MailChimp
  • Drip

Why did I recommend MailChimp?

Mailchimp- business email tips
  • MailChimp is user-friendly. It offers easy and quick set-up.
  • MailChimp is cost effective. It’s free up to 2000 subscribers including automation, A/B testing .audience dashboard, Contact profiles, Tags & segments.
  • MailChimp is flexible. It works fine with WordPress website, Squarespace website Shopify store.

How to use MailChimp?

  • Create a free account on MailChimp: Go to Mailchimp.com and create a free account first. Then choose a plan depending on your number of subscribers and requirements. Let MailChimp know if you are selling anything online. Thus you can use the e-commerce feature of MailChimp software. After that, you will be taken to your MailChimp account. There you will see that your domain is verified but not authenticated. You can skip that authentication process. Otherwise, you should register your domain first and then perform the authentication. Once you are done with the set up then you are ready to create your first MailChimp list.
  • Create a list: A Mailchimp  List is a place where Mailchimp organizes your subscribers. You can create as many lists as you need. But initially, Mailchimp will create a default list. By clicking on the “create list”, you can create your own lists.
  • Set up MailChimp sign up emails: In MailChimp, you can design a simple sign up forms which you can use as emailers. You can use pre-built templates to design your sign up forms or customize the template according to your need. You may add your business logo, brand colours on it as well
  • Connect your MailChimp with WordPress site: As I have mentioned earlier that MailChimp is flexible enough to work with WordPress Website. At first, you need to connect your MailChimp account with WordPress. Thus you should install a plugin “MailChimp for WP” in your WordPress site. Then put your MailChimp’s  API key there to verify your MailChimp account. Once your MailChimp account is connected with the WordPress, Then you can use MailChimp Forms, landing pages or pop-ups in your WordPress website. As MailChimp provides a shortcode of landing pages, thus you can embed those shortcodes anywhere in your website.If your website theme supports the widget section, thus you can add those Mailchimp sign up forms as a widget to your sidebar or footer as well.
  • Send your first email to subscribers: Once you are done with the above steps, then you are ready to launch your first campaign. Now just get back to your MailChimp account and click on “Create a Campaign”. Then you may see some options are like  Create an Ad, create an Email or create a landing page etc. From there choose “Create an Email” and select regular if you are not implementing any automation. Before moving further give a relevant name to your campaign. As it will help you in future to identify your Campaign. Now it’s time for Add recipients from your contact list. You can also send your campaign to a segment or group. After adding your recipients, write a powerful subject line of your Campaign and then design body of your E-mail.

Once you are done with your design, then check the Inbox preview on desktop, mobile and other devices. Check your design is working fine with every device. If not then make necessary changes.

Now you are ready to launch your first campaign. Click on “schedule”, if you want to use it in future. Otherwise, click “send” and you have sent your first email to the subscribers.

This is the basic application of Mailchimp. You can use advanced automation to grow your business. Automation can help you to retain your customers and also help you to get referrals as well.

Why did I recommend Drip?

Drip Email campaign - business Email tips

If you have a little higher budget on email marketing, then I always recommend drip. As it comes with advanced automation features.

How to use Drip?

Drip can cover several different marketing strategies. Thus it brings more engagements to your products and ensures higher conversions. These are following cases when you can use drip campaigns,

  • Welcome to subscribers
  • Customer Retention
  • Recommendation
  • Onboarding
  • Nurturing Leads
  • Engagement
  • Online or Offline Courses
  • Bring engagement
  • Upsell offers
  • Unsubscribes.
  • Abandoned cart Conversion

How To Run Email-campaign- 8 Step Process

business email tips-email campaign
  • Prepare an email list: First and foremost needs of an email campaign is an email list of quality leads who have interest in your products or services. Without a good email list, an email campaign is useless. You may generate quality leads from your website using popups. Otherwise, you may run a Facebook Lead generation campaign. There are multiple effective ways of generating leads. You can choose anyone relevant to your business.
  • Define your goals: Once your email list is ready then you need to define your goal of the campaign. There are typical goals like,
  1. Attract or welcome new subscribers.
  2. Bring traffic to Website or Blogs
  3. Increase engagement
  4. Nurture existing subscribers
  5. Retarget users.
  • Selects the types of email: Once you have prepared your email list and defined your goal then you need to choose the type of emails which you want to send the recipients. As I have mentioned earlier you can typically choose from any of these three types of emails,
  1. E-mail Newsletters
  2. Triggered Emails
  3. Sales Emails
  • Analyze your audience demographics: Before launching your campaign you should have performed an analysis on your target audience. It should be some guesswork once you are starting. After launching your first email campaign you will get a better overview of your audience Initially, you can analyze google analytics and  Facebook Ads reports or insights to know about your audience demographics, behaviour and other parameters.
  • Use tools: There are so many tools available to help you run an email campaign. Most importantly you don’t need any technical knowledge to use those tools. As most of them are drag and drop builder or comes with pre-built templates. Thus you can use those templates to design your campaign and automate the workflows. Integrate with other software if needed, Track the campaigns from analytics and optimize it for better results.
  • Write the subject line: Always write a  catchy headline. As it brings the attention of the user. It will increase your Email open rate.  
  • Design the Body: Then write the body with proper formatting. It should be clear and concise with a relevant call to actions (CTA).  A body should contain a
  1. Welcome message
  2. A true or inspiring story
  3. Any valuable content which adds value to readers.
  4. Create a poll or run surveys by asking exciting questions . it will increase the engagement.
  5. Add videos or Gifs
  • Test & Track: Once you have launched your campaign then monitor it from analytics and run the split test of your email copies, designs or subject lines. Identify which version is working best for you from analytics.


It’s been a long time that Businesses are investing in Email marketing. But a little amount of people has been able to generate revenue from that. The common reason behind this is, not knowing the right audience. Thus before starting an email campaign, always identify your potential customer and understand their problem. Then provide a solution in a personalized manner.

Are your subscribers really want to hear from you? If the answer is yes, then you will surely maximize your conversion from this channel. If you want to know more about email marketing or want to get some latest marketing tips, then connect with our experts. We also have a team of experienced  Email copywriters. They can help you in creating high converting email copy.

A – Z Guide For Clickfunnels Pricing

A – Z Guide For Clickfunnels Pricing

In the building of sales funnel pages, landing pages and domains there are diverse software tools available in the market. If you have a business, obviously you need all such pages and funnels. Buying them individually is expensive. In this article, we will talk about Clickfunnels pricing, reviews and plans.

What if we get them all in one place? What if they are easily customizable as per our needs? Anyone will be excited to get such an opportunity. Here it is, in the form of CLICKFUNNELS. Clickfunnels is a software that works to market, sell and deliver products & services. It is the best sales funnel builder with an easy to customize option. To avail the services, we have variant Clickfunnel pricing.

Why Clickfunnels?

Before we go deep into each pricing plan. I would like to bring an interesting thing about clickfunnels. For example, let us suppose we bought a product or service in the market. And we paid so and so amount. Then we start using the product or service. But there are probabilities that we may or may not be pleased with it. Though we might have been aware of its features, functions & usage through reviews.

To avoid all such possibilities. Clickfunnels will provide you with a free 14-day trial pack.

Wow! It’s truly interesting……..

Why would anyone miss an opportunity like this? At no cost, we are getting a chance to use and understand clickfunnels. We are at least earning $50 in one way. And in another way, we can also save our $97 if we don’t find clickfunnels worth.

What are the Clickfunnels Pricing Plan?

So let’s discuss the pricing briefly and see what are the benefits that we receive. When we land into the clickfunnels website, two plans are displayed. They are :

  • Basic or standard plan ($97 month)
  • Etison suite plan ($297 month)

I hope many people who have a running business are eagerly waiting to learn about the pricing. And improve their business with the most suitable plan. Your wait has ended now. As you finish reading this article you will be a clickfunnels user.

Basic or Standard plan ($97 month)

This plan is just $97 per month. We have limited access for this plan, like 20 sales funnels, 100 pages, 20000 visitors, 3 domains and unlimited contacts.
You might have concerning about 20 sales funnels. To your kind information, clickfunnels can build unlimited sales funnels. But you can run only 20 funnels at a time with the standard plan.

This plan is suitable for small and medium scale business. Where 20 sales funnels are more than required to run a business smoothly and efficiently.

Features of Standard Plan:

  • 3 Custom domains
  • A/B split tests
  • Email Integration
  • Click pops
  • Click opt-ins
  • Sales Funnels
  • Webinar Funnels
  • Hangout funnels
  • Order Pages
  • Upsell Pages
  • Downsale pages
  • Share your Funnels
  • Membership Funnels
  • Auto Webinar Funnel
  • 1 SMTP Integration
  • Billing Integration ( 1 Per Type)

Etison suite pricing plan:

This plan is at $297 per month. We have unlimited access for this plan, like n number of sales funnels, n pages, many domains and unlimited visitors.

For this plan, we have flexible options. We can create as many funnels as required. Which can run our multiple functions at a time? A large enterprise can make huge benefits from this plan. It is best suitable for large scale business with high traffic of visitors.

Features of Etison suite:

  • Unlimited funnels
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited custom domains
  • Actionetics
  • Visual E-mail builder
  • Manage Email lists
  • Send Broadcast E-mails
  • Tracks open and Clicks
  • Action funnels
  • Autoresponders series
  • Magic Social contact profiles
  • Backpack
  • Unlimited Affiliates
  • Easy to set up- 1 click
  • Subscription Plans
  • Manage Affiliates
  • 3 SMTP Integration
  • Billing Integration (3 per type)

Explain Briefly About Clickfunnels?

Businesses market, sell and deliver their products with the help of sales funnels. Funnels are the driving tools that will help any business to run smoothly and safely. There are many online sales funnel builders. Clickfunnels is one among them. It can drive huge and repeated traffic to a business. Because it’s an easily customizable and flexible funnel builder. It has diverse characteristics and features which will differentiate it from other funnel builders.

How useful are the Actionetics & Backpack?

Apart from sales funnels, pages, domains & visitors. We have access to some great features. Which is really gonna compel you to choose this plan. These features are:

  • Actionetics
  • Backpack

The names are truly athletic, adventurous & travel-friendly. But do they function and generate such an enthusiastic feeling as their names sound? let’s consider one by one to perceive their actions.


Actionetics - Clickfunnels pricing

Actionetics is clickfunnels built-in email responder system. With this, you can create action funnels. And the action funnels will directly integrate with sales funnels to send smart or auto emails to your customers. This is really a helpful tool provided in etison suite plan. Some of our email burdens will be reduced.

Features of Actionetics:

  • Auto e-mail list builder:(smart list ):It helps to create your email list. You just need to turn on the “smart list “ option while you are creating your email list. It will automatically add and remove contacts from any contact list depending on your applied filter. You may filter it by applying the following rules:
  1. A contact who visit a specific page of your funnel.
  2. A contact who purchase a particular product
  3. Match a contact who has opened your e-mail  at least once
  • Save unlimited contacts: You may found lots of software in the market for which you have to pay a certain amount to save a certain number of contacts. If you want to save more numbers then you need to upgrade your plan. Thus it becomes s too expensive. Whereas in actionetics you can save unlimited contacts in a single account.
  • Flexible funnel: The action funnels are very flexible to use. It consists of a series of steps where you can send an email or trigger any action. Actonetics offers some third party app integrations like facebook. Thus you can use most out of your Facebook ads by integrating your ads with actionetics.


kpack -clickfunnels pricing

The backpack is another great feature in clickfunnels etison suite plan. It is the own affiliation system of clickfunnels. Suppose we have a product to sell. It would be really burdensome to handle all other chores and selling. To ease our selling, we can create our affiliate program and also recruit marketers who can sell the product.

Clickfunnels is providing us with such a system in the form of a backpack, which can truly simplify our business.

Apart from the standard and etison suite plan, there is also a little plan or share funnel plan. This comes with very few options. We can only add 3 funnels and 10 pages. The cost of this plan is only $19 per month. As I discussed the free trial plan. This share funnel plan can also be used as an experimenting plan to understand clickfunnels. Some people can’t grasp the required knowledge in 2 weeks using the free trial plan. So this low budget plan will surely help you learn through experimentation.

Features of Backpack:

  • Dashboard: it has a dashboard which shows all your affiliate program related data. Starting from your affiliate earns to how much commission you have earned and all.
  • Affiliate section: There is a separate section where your affiliates will add automatically. you may add your affiliates manually as well.
  • Affiliate types: Here you can create different types of affiliates. As clickfunnels offers you multi-tier affiliate program.
  • Affiliate funnels: All your affiliate program related funnels will be listed here
  • Payment section: it helps the user to track there due payment. Enabling this feature will help you to pay your affiliates without any dues.

This backpack is the best affiliate marketing tools which can smoothly run the multiple affiliate programs from a single dashboard.

How to Save Money Using Clickfunnels?

As we have gone thoroughly through the pricing plans of clickfunnels. We have now understood the different pricing. But in today’s market, the discount is the demand of the customers. Every individual will expect some sought of discounts on products or services they purchase. I’m really sad to inform you that clickfunnels have no such discounts for monthly packs.

But what if I say clickfunnels have some really beneficial and money saving plans. I feel cheerful enough to describe the plan. Funnel builder secrets at a cost of $ 2997 per annum. A total savings of 15.9% for this plan. That is every month we have to pay $ 249.7 instead of $ 297. A monthly savings of $ 47.3. And also a 12 months free etison suite plan. We can create unlimited sales funnels, pages and traffic for 12 months. Above all savings, you also have some additional benefits through the free training provided with funnel builder secrets. Those are;

  • Funnel builder secret training
  • Traffic secret membership
  • Free access to funnel strips for 12 months
  • And also funnel hacks master class

If I have a business then neither I will hesitate nor I will waste a single second to think further. I will purchase this plan. And I do believe the same about intellect business owners.

Funnel builders secrets also have a 6-month plan at $ 1997. A monthly cost of $ 332.82. Which is more than the cost for the month of the actual plan at $ 297?  So I don’t prefer to dig deeper into this plan.

What is Funnel Script Pricing?

Funnel scripts is a web-based tool that is used for writing best copies for your business. To market the products or services of your business successfully, it is utmost important to maintain the copy for sales pages and forms.

Different kinds of scripts are therein in different situations. We can pick any script according to our requirement or situation. You will be given certain fill out blanks for the current situation in the scripts. And after filling the blanks the software will deliver the best copy that you can use. The cost of funnel scripts is $ 497 a year. But with funnel builder secrets it is just an added feature at free of cost.

Are There Alternative For Clickfunnels?

Of course, there are many alternatives. But whether they are better than clickfunnels or not. For this let’s study the features and functions comparing to clickfunnels.

Few of the alternatives are :

  • Thrive Themes
  • Shopify
  • Unbounce
  • leadpages
  • Instapage
  • Builderall
  • Kartra
  • SamCart
  • Covertri

Thrive Themes Vs Clickfunnels

Thrive themes

It is basically a collection of tools and plugins designed to be used with WordPress. The tools can build sales funnels and are capable of measuring their performance. A pre-built landing page templates and also a website builder you can use to create sales funnels. It contains all pre-built templates landing pages, opt-in forms, webinar pages and sales pages. The plugs are like quizzes, testimonials and countdown timers which can be added to sales funnels and websites.

Using Thrive Themes you can create any kinds of website. It is mainly a website builder. Whereas Clickfunnels is mainly used for building sales funnels to sell your products and services. The other functions that can be carried are;

  • Landing pages & leads
  • Architect
  • Headline optimizer
  • Widget and comments
  • quiz builder

The pricing plans for Thrive Themes are as follows:

Basic membership of $ 30 per month. It has to be paid quarterly. All the tools and plugins available for Thrive Themes are provided. But they can be used in up to 25 websites only. It is suitable for small and medium business. Where you have limited usage of websites.

Advanced membership of $ 69 per month. Even it has to be paid quarterly. All the tools and plugins available for Thrive Themes are provided. Here, there is no limit to the number of websites. All these tools and plugins can be used for n number of websites. It is most suitable for an enterprise or large scale business. Where you have a high usage of websites and sales pages.

When we compare the pricing of Thrive Themes to Clickfunnels. The price difference is too much. Clickfunnels cost is 6 times as much as Thrive themes basic membership plan. Of course, the Thrive Theme is the cheapest way to build your funnel. But what about the functionality in managing the sales funnel. For every managing function, we have to depend on 3rd party services. Thrive Themes have to integrate with 3rd parties for the following services;

  • Free hosting
  • Inbuilt payment integration
  • CRM system
  • Email autoresponder
  • One click upsell and downsell

The above-mentioned services are the key players for managing the leads of a business and sales funnels. And also we don’t get these services for free. For every service, we have to pay extra dollars monthly other than the $ 30 or $ 60 membership of Thrive Themes.

No doubt that Thrive Themes has unique tools and plugins to create a website focussed on conversions. But most of the enterprises and marketers prefer to have their own tools and services to manage the funnels. Instead of paying to each service individually. The business owner will opt to choose an all in one software tool. That is simple, quick and works efficiently.

Concluding :

As Clickfunnels is one such tool. Which has everything needed for your business at one place? It can create funnels, manage your leads and automate your whole marketing process. And also we can run automated email marketing campaigns & affiliate programs using Actionetics & Backpack. Without the need of depending on any 3rd party services.

Shopify Vs Clickfunnels


Shopify is basically an online store builder which can manage lots of products with the help of an inventory management system. There are lots of themes to build your own website. That can be dragged and dropped as per your choice. You can easily beautify your website with all such options. You have access to tools that can help to set and run your online store. There is a developer community which will assist all your issues. And a building app store full of plugins and integrations which we can add to enhance its function. And also add CSS and HTML codes. Every single website is mobile responsive.

The features included in the Shopify are as follows;

  • Online store builder
  • Inventory management system
  • Analytics dashboards
  • Customer management system
  • Sales channels
  • App store
  • Payment integration
  • Shipping and delivery
  • Mobile app

The pricing plans of Shopify starts from $ 29 per month to $ 299 per month. The basic/entry level plan $ 29 per month for starting a new business.

Medium Shopify plan $ 79 per month for a growing business.

Advanced Shopify plan $ 299 per month to scale high profits for a business

Shopify has really great features to develop a website and sell the products when compared to clickfunnels. Every feature and function in Shopify is smooth and transparent. It also has a similar integration of payment options with multiple payment services like clickfunnels. As Shopify is partnered with the leading shipping service providers like DHL, USPS & UPS.

But despite all the best features Shopify has no knowledge of marketing. And there are no tools which will look after the marketing of a business. I would like to quote Shopify with an example.

Let us suppose that we have the fastest running vehicle and there is no fuel in it. What is the use of having the fastest vehicle? Shopify seems to be similar to this. Marketing is the fuel of any business. You need to be a marketing expert to use Shopify for your business. Without marketing knowledge, Shopify is not at all useful to grow your business.

Whereas clickfunnels has all similar features of Shopify along with some added features especially for marketing. Actionetics and backpack run the marketing campaigns and affiliate programs. Shopify has to integrate with other services at a specific cost to get such features and benefits. No marketing knowledge is required for clickfunnels. Any new bee can create their funnels, market sell and deliver the products or services without many efforts.

Overall I recommend clickfunnels as the best to start a business. And it can assist you as a guide who will take your business to great heights.

Unbounce vs Clickfunnels


If you are running an online business, then you definitely need tools like Unbounce or clickfunnels. Now choosing the right tool is the time-consuming stuff.

Let me make your journey easier.

But before choosing any tool, you need to define your purpose first. If you just want to create some cool and attractive landing pages, then Unbounce is the perfect tool for you. As in 79$ package, you will be able to create up to 75 landing pages, 8 pop-ups and sticky bar. Every package comes with the Drag and drops builder, Pop-ups and sticky bars, high Converting templates and essential integrations( with WordPress, MailChimp. Google Analytics). You may purchase higher packages depending on your needs. Unbounce is basically a landing page builder.

Features of Unbounce:

  • Drag and Drop elements.
  • Landing pages are highly responsive.
  • Easily add any script
  • Use full-width background
  • Publish landing pages on your existing  domain or sites
  • Send push notifications using Unbounce API
  • Unbounce content Delivery network (CDN) ensures your landing pages, sticky bars load faster from any location.
  • Dynamic Text Replacement
  • Works with WordPress

But unlike Unbounce  Clickfunnels is a Complete Software. It will cover most of your business needs. In Clickfunnels you can create attractive landing pages and also implement your marketing automation. Using a basic package of 97$ you can create 20 sales funnel with drag and drop landing page builder, 3 custom domains and also you can run split tests, e-mail integration. It will help you to create sales funnel, webinar funnel, membership funnel and also in implementing upsells and downsell. You may upgrade your plan to use Autoresponders, send broadcast emails, track opt-ins and clicks or become an affiliate partner. Know more about Clickfunnels features.

Thus always choose a tool depending on your needs. If it comes to complete business software, then there is no replacement for Clickfunnels. Hence, most of the agencies and entrepreneurs are now prefer Clickfunnels than any other software.

Leadpages Vs ClickFunnels


Leadpages is also pretty similar to Unbounce. It mostly helps to create landing pages and helps to collect leads from different tools. It works fine with Facebook and Linkedin. Lead pages also integrate with most of the CRM( Infusionsoft, Zoho etc.), email campaign tools (Mailchimp.drip etc.), WordPress website and Shopify store. It helps to grow your email list faster. The basic plan of 25$ is perfect for new business. As your business grows, then you can upgrade to the PRO version.

Features of  Leadpages

  • Drag and drop builder (elements are image, button, text etc.)
  • Beautifully designed pre-built templates to pick and customize
  • Templates are highly optimized and responsive.
  • It offers split tests. You can test your opt-in forms or landing pages to choose the right version.
  • It offers integration with various software like CRMs to make most out of your landing page.
  • Leadboxes helps you to collect leads from the opt-in forms. This lead capturing feature helps you to grow your email list. Thus you can nurture this leads to ensure conversion.
  • It also works with Email campaign tools like Mailchimp, Aweber etc.
  • You may publish your landing pages on existing sites or domain.
  • Pages are SEO friendly
  • Easy to use WordPress Plugin.
  • Using leadpages You can easily embed videos and  Countdown timer on your landing pages.

But when it comes about complete marketing then Clickfunnels is the best. As you not only just grow your email list with clickfunnels but also nurture those leads effectively which will ensure higher conversion.

Instapage Vs Clickfunnels


Some people think instapage  is better than clickfunnels due to its clean design and useful integration.

Features of instapages:

  • You have to pay $99 per month if you pay annually or else you have to pay $129 per month.
  • Easy to use drag and drop editor.
  • Its heatmaps feature helps to analyze how your visitors interact with your pages.
  • Integrates with “Go to webinar” that you can make live events.
  • Integrates with email campaign tools like MailChimp, Convert kit, Activecampaign , drip and many others
  • Well designed inbuilt templates.
  • Conversion Analytics
  • Offers Unlimited A/B testing
  • Integrates with third-party platforms. Supports 40+ integrations.

But you will not be able to use  split testing in the Core plan. In that case, you need to upgrade to Enterprise plan where you need to pay $179 per month. Thus it will become too expensive for the small business owners.

At the same time, Instapage does not come with pre-built sales funnels. You need to spend extra time to build those funnels.

Instapage does not offer shopping cart features and payment gateways. Thus it would not be ideal for e-commerce businesses.

Due to the above limitations of instapages I always suggest choosing Clickfunnels over Instapages.

Builderall vs Clickfunnels


Builderall is also a funnel builder tool like Clickfunnels, let’s talk about features of builderall.

Features of builderall:

  • Custom domains
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Pre-built funnel templates
  • Set up and cloning of funnels
  • Supports third-party Autoresponders
  • Mobile responsive
  • Add pixel and tracking code
  • App builder. You may develop your own android and ios applications as well.
  • Heat Map tool
  • Browser Notification
  • Facebook Messenger chatbot
  • Share locker
  • Script generator tool
  • Animated Video creator
  • Presentation builder
  • Design studio and mockups

Builderall also is cheaper than clickfunnels. It will cost you $49 per month. As i have mentioned above all the cool features of builderall, thus it is always better for you if you have less than 10,000 subscribers. But if you have more than 10k subscribers then you should opt clickfunnels over builderall.

 If you have a startup and you are short with the budget then it is better to choose builderall than the standard plan of Clickfunnels. As for Clickfunnels standard plan you have to pay $97 per month where won’t get the Actionetics and backpacks features. Where you can get all the essential features in builderall with just $49 per month. As your business grows then you can subscribe the Enterprise plan of the Clickfunnels.

Kartra vs Clickfunnels:


Kartra is also a funnel builder.  It provides a bunch of solution to your online business.

These are the following features of the Kartra:

  • Full Featured product Cart
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Membership sites feature
  • Email marketing with powerful automation
  • Custom domains
  • Help desk portals
  • Dynamic follow up
  • Analytics tool. Tracks the entire customer path.

Why Clickfunnels is better than Katra?

If you are in e-commerce business then you need flexibility in products and Variations. In that case, clickfunnels is better to compare kartra.

Even if you want to run multiple businesses from a single account, thus clickfunnels offers that feature too. You can have multiple domains in a single account. It helps when you want to generate leads from different business. It makes your lead campaign hassle-free.

If you are thinking about to host a webinar or want to develop a Webinar Funnel then Clickfunnels is the right tool for you. It’ offers lots of advance feature in developing a successful webinar funnel.

The only reason you may choose the Kartra if you are short in budget. Thus you can choose Kartra over Clickfunnels standard plan. As you will get the marketing automation and affiliate program features with $89 per month.

SamCart Vs Clickfunnels


Samcart provides one of the best shopping cart services to online businesses. Its mostly focused on designing smooth and optimized cart transaction and checkout pages. Thus you may increase your customer retaining percentage by using samcart. But this does focus on building a sales funnel and developing landing pages.You can develop one click upsell using samcart. It makes paypal integration with your shopping cart easier and hassle-free.

Here are the following drawback of the Samcart

  • Poor Sales funnel support
  • Not supports integration with Email marketing tools.
  • Marketing Automation is also not possible with samcart.
  • You need to upgrade your plan to get more useful features.

Thus if you want to manage all your business marketing works from a single dashboard then obviously it should not be the right tool for your business.

Convertri vs Clickfunnels:


Convertri is a  true drag and drop funnel builder. In convertri you don’t need to insert any rows and columns. You can simply drag the elements and build your landing pages. Here are the following features of Convertri,

  • Lots of pre-built templates to use.
  • Responsive designs
  • Load Faster
  • Custom domains
  • Split test
  • Sticky headers
  • Two-step opt-in
  • Unlimited layers on any page
  • Custom HTML, CSS and scripts
  • Adjustable image compression
  • Element cloning

Having the above features  do not make it a complete software, as it does not support third-party integration and marketing automation. Thus despite becoming cheap, it still not worth for your business according to me.

Clickfunnels complaints:

  • The problem for newbies: As  Clickfunnels comes with a lot of features, thus it may confusing for newbies. Thus it better to participate in the training programs and get to know about different features and their applications as well. But if you don’t have the time to learn about clickfunnels then it will be better to hire clickfunnels experts. Otherwise, you will lose all your money which you have invested in clickfunnels. You may connect to our clickfunnels experts to make most out of that.
  • Problem to build a membership website:  if you want to develop a membership site then you may face some trouble during that. It is complicated to extract your site content from clickfunnels if you do not subscribe to clickfunnels anymore. Thus it is better to use WordPress when you are developing a membership website.
  • Expensive plans: Using the standard package of  Clickfunnels you may not be able to use actionetics and backpack feature of clickfunnels. In that case, you need to purchase autoresponders separately. Thus it becomes expensive for some small business owners and agencies.
  • There is no 24*7 support. Sometimes support team takes little time to respond.
  • Difficult to Integrate with the Squarespace sites.
  • If Clickfunnels hosting fails then your pages or sites go down as well.

Is Clickfunnels worth it – does it fulfilled expectations?

As Clickfunnels comes with lots of features. , thus it will help you to boost your sales process and profits.

But to judge the value of clickfunnels you should make a list of business marketing requirements. Fortunately, clickfunnels will tick your all boxes. It comes with all the features that a successful entrepreneur needs. Clickfunnels is useful in any kind of business whether it is small or big.

If you have any doubt on Clickfunnels then start the 14 days free trial and explore all the features. You may participate in the training of clickfunnels. In short, there is a way to use clickfunnels successfully and effectively.

The best thing about Clickfunnels is that you can manage everything from a single dashboard. You do not need to pay for different tools if you are using clickfunnels. You can build your website or landing pages using Clickfunnels. You don’t need to pay for the external Email service provider as Clickfunnels comes with ESP tools like MailChimp, drip, Aweber etc. At the same time, you can integrate your useful applications or software with clickfunnels. Most importantly you don’t need any technical knowledge as it is a simple easy to use drag and drop builder. Thus from each and every perspective Clickfunnels worth it and you should start using this from today. If you still have any doubts on clickfunnels then you can connect with our clickfunnels experts.


You may get the different types of funnel building software in the market but Clicckfunnels is the only software which comes with the educational community that will help you to sharpen your marketing skills.

There is no doubt that you will get maximum return on your investment in clickfunnels. As ,clickfunnels comes with prebuilt  6 funnels which you can use right after purchasing or you may customize it according your Campaign objectives.

Types of funnel you can build using Clickunnels are listed below:

  • Sales Funnel
  • Product launch Funnel
  • Perfect webinar funnel
  • Fishbowl funnel
  • Network marketing funnel
  • Membership sites

Hence, Clickfunnels meeting most of your business requirements. Thus why you should invest in different tools to meet your several business needs. In Cickfunnels you can manage everything from a single dashboard. Once you learn how to use clickfunnels in the most optimized way then you will be able to generate more revenues for your business. You may comment or reach us to know more about clickfunnels.

27 Features of CRM That Can Boost Any Business

27 Features of CRM That Can Boost Any Business

So, what is CRM? Before you scratch your heads and explore the surface level facts you know about it, let me introduce you to what a CRM actually is and what are the essential features of CRM that are giving multiple organizations a competitive edge.

In today’s generation, we come across several principles and tactics for the success of an enterprise or a business – from product development to sales, to innovation, to branding and much more, which does matter.

But not everything that matters genuinely counts. What actually proved to stand out, the one business trait that nobody discusses about much these days are ‘relationships’.

Maintaining relationships acts as a catalyst to the growth of any particular business planning to sustain in the market. Just like a human body would collapse without vertebrae or the spinal cord, similarly, there is no business without its niche, without a market of customers who are influenced to buy their product.

That one trait that will add the highest value to the service that you’re providing or the product you’re selling is the ‘customer relationship’ that you’ve maintained throughout your journey, consistently.

The Internet plays a key role by adding humongous value to the existing and newly emerging organizations to tip their businesses and expanding their market of influence.

CRM or customer relationship management is a combination of practices, strategies, and technologies that organizations utilize to manage and analyze customer interactions and database throughout the customer lifecycle, with a vivid goal of improving customer service relationship and assisting in customer retention and driving sales growth.

These are the following topics which i am going to cover in this article,

What is CRM?

Whether you’re a small business looking for a place to store information and have it accessible over multiple devices, or you’re a large business wanting to Manage customer interactions and focus on improving customer satisfaction, eventually you’re going to need a Customer Relationship Management software, if your current process is unable to find solutions to these pressing problems.

CRM is not just about technology, you’ll find a balance of people effectively interfering with the customer, through skills training. There are some business processes for efficiently and consistently managing customer interactions and automating appropriate business processes, which proves to be some of the great merits of having a CRM system.

A CRM software is something which is a keystone solution to all your customer management needs, because a business plan without a solid CRM strategy, is a plan that is bound to make your business non-existent within a few months of entering into the marketplace.

Your customers are the single most important asset of your business, one of the major reasons ‘why’ a business does ‘what’ it does is ‘customers’. A company’s product and the type of customers its’ product is influencing is what gives an organization a sense of purpose and the inspiration to do it throughout, consistently.

And if you’re doing it the right way, you’ve moulded your path towards exponential economic growth. The required features of CRM is the right way, I’m talking about.

You don’t create a product and then sell it to the customers. You create what customers need and then step in the market. The customer comes first and then comes your product. ‘Three out of four customers said they spent more money with a company because of positive customer experience’. The relationship that you cultivate with your customer will determine the level of success of your company.

The key to giving customers what they need is in understanding them, traits of CRM is what does that for you. It enables a scheduled practice of structured actions which leads to streamlining of the process of making sure needs are met in a timely manner.

Primary Benefits of CRM:

We might have heard this phrase several times, maybe from someone who owns a large corporation to someone who is a small scale business owner, which is ‘Customers are always right’. Which I won’t deny, it is a common belief that everyone in sales holds within them. It’s true because if you’re asking someone to pay you money that you want for your product, they by default have the rights to put demands on your time and resources and have you pander to them. It shows what importance customers hold for your business, if there are no customers, there is no business.

I’ve come across various businesses who work on their marketing strategies day in and day out, who go at a very granular level when it comes to the appeal and packaging of their products, who’ve hired one of the best sales coaches in the marketplace to keep their sales team pumped up and achieve groundbreaking monthly targets. But there’s this one business strategy nobody talks about and the only business strategy that brings in revenue for the long trade.

That one quality is ‘care’, I haven’t seen a lot of businesses that genuinely care for their customers, businesses that provide services without the motive of revenue in the back of their minds, a service purely based to make the customer satisfied and happy and I’ve seen only such organizations drown within 5 years of their existence, who don’t care about their customers.

I know, a lot of start-ups and the pre-existing businesses need to reverse engineer the way they’re playing the game. Genuinely caring for customers is what actually brings in loyalty, and not manipulating them to buy your products. If you genuinely care about your customers, the first step would be to engrave a solid CRM strategy, because it is your relationship with the customers that are ultimately going to help you take a stand in the market.

A CRM strategy is one of the most underrated aspects in the business world where entrepreneurs and investors put the least emphasis on. CRMs are no longer just for large scale organizations with huge databases of customers but are advantageous to even small and medium-sized organizations. Designed to streamline your processes, a CRM can be one of the most powerful management tools in your arsenal.

As a customer, have you ever had a really good experience with maybe a restaurant nearby your apartment – who keep updating you with the new offers coming up, or new dishes they’re introducing in the next week, or provide you with exclusive benefits as a result of you being a frequent customer. You wonder how they do it because it’s not visible to the customers and their service or product just seems worth every penny of yours.

It’s an outcome of having a strong CRM plan. It is what you do when nobody’s seeing is what makes the difference. In Millionify we have CRM experts to help you make most out of that.

Today, I’m going to discuss some of the primary benefits of having a CRM within your business:

Boost Customer Satisfaction:

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is used in managing a company’s interactions with prospective customers and current customers. It is a strategy designed to help companies increase their productivity and improve customer satisfaction and retention. This strategy is very powerful as it provides a comprehensive view and it helps monitor previous interactions, pending invoice, the status of orders and many others. Many existing businesses are using CRM software in tracking data of an individual client. It is important to know the information of every client a business holds for the sales team to deal with the customers – this enables ‘individualized service’ for every client.

Steps that we can execute using features of CRM to maintain customer relationships:

  • CRM helps in finding the customers and potential customers, for us to engage with them.
  • Feedbacks are the way to success. CRM helps us to keep track of our performance by making the customers to give us feedback.
  • CRM also opens the window towards the widely spread social media, that can help a business to maintain its existing customers and drive more prospects.
  • CRM helps to set up a complaint panel for the customers who’ve had bad experiences so that the company can work and rectify it.
  • All the existing businesses in the market must know that every customer is judging you by the way you maintain relationships with them, having a CRM strategy automatically gives you a competitive edge over those businesses who don’t have one.

Improve Customer Retention and Revenue:

Okay, so it’s good that you’ve got some customers and now your business seems to be rolling up, your months of planning and strategizing finally seems to be working out. But here you need to understand the difference between ‘customers’ and ‘consumers’, consumers buy your product probably only once. Customers, on the other hand, bring repeat business, or you can say they’re loyal to your product. They don’t have to choose when it comes to your products and your other competitors.

Customers are built when you constantly and genuinely ‘care’ about them and their needs over time. On the contrary, lack of ‘care’ can make you lose the customers you already have built and hence, customer retention is a crucial aspect every business must ponder on.

Yes there is always potential for new customers in the market, but it is when your existing customers promote your product to their family members, relatives, colleagues, and friends is when your business actually tips and what would make your customers do a word-of-mouth marketing in their warm market is your level of care and the kind of relationship you maintain with them.

A bulletproof CRM strategy is the way to retain your customers and build new customers who bring in repeat business, let me show you three parts of your business where features of CRM help retain your customers.

  • Data: CRM brings agility to the way you handle customer data. Data is essentially endless and constantly changing. As you grow and build relationships with customers over time, the way you handle this data, the efficiency and speed with which you store and access this information, will be vital to your growth.
  • Support: Existing customers have a better idea of your service than prospects do, so your strategy to retain the former must fall between engagement and support. Support is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of most businesses. But without consistent support, customers are liable to go elsewhere. So support should always be a top priority. A large portion of it can be automated and handled by the right software without having to do much more work. For instance, CRM can automate support emails to reply with answers to any common questions or to inform the appropriate employee to settle the issue quickly.
  • Engagement: Engaging your existing customers keeps them interested in your product and business. Because CRM stores every piece of data about your customers, you can tune the content you share and the discussions you drive to the interests of your customer base. This gives you more opportunities and a better chance to up-sell to your existing customers. For instance, having data about customer behaviour and comparing it with data on individual customers will help you decide what you should market and how you should market it. With this information, you’ll be able to reach each industry and customer type your business markets to and engage them in ways that relate to them.

Gain Valuable Business Insights:

When you are experiencing growth in your business, it is easy to lose track. It’s easy to deviate from the long term vision of your organization and become more revenue driven. I’ve often seen a deviation of motive over time after a business is in the self-sustaining stage. I’ve seen businesses only focusing on sales and revenue after one point. It is when your business is in the self-sustaining stage is when it needs the most attention. So, here comes the most critical part which is ‘analyzing’ what it is that has brought your business to this stage? Reconnection to your primary vision and analyzing your business inside out is that one core execution that’s going to take your business from 1 ton.

In this cut-throat retail environment, where companies are brainstorming every day to have the best marketing blueprint, the best sales training, the best advertising taglines and basically to stand-out in the marketplace. Another essential thing which businesses shouldn’t ignore is the complete analysis of your business as a whole which would bring you to critical questions like:

  • Which are the customers more likely to do repeat purchases?
  • Which are the customers least likely to do repeat purchases?
  • Which customers lead to most profits over time?
  • How likely is a customer (or) a customer segment to buy a product similar to one already purchased?

In business, it is not whether you have the right answers, it’s whether you have the right questions is what is going to bring a boost.

Better Internal Communication:

All the organizations ranging from a small scale organization to a large scale enterprise are widely being benefited by the merits of CRM. One of the keystone aspects of CRM is for the betterment of communication within the organization. Mostly, enterprise-wide CRM is intended to bring together all functional areas in your company for the common purpose of optimizing the customer experience. An effective CRM tool allows sales, marketing, service, shipping, logistics, IT and finance employees to see what stage a prospect or customer is in and what takes need to be completed in a given time frame.

Shippers, for instance, will get alerts from salespeople when orders are complete and can make similar notifications in return once orders are shipped. This not only aids in customer service, but it allows each employee to answer customer questions on what is going on with their products.

CRM can help an organization’s internal communications in many ways. If you have ever worked in an environment where communication was lacking and you did not know what was going on at the best of times, this is something you can closely relate with. This is exactly where CRM comes in and the benefits of using CRM tools is truly realized.

  • With CRM, everything that relates to the customer is tracked—customer experiences, journeys, details, communications, and requests, amongst other things. This information is then centrally stored and can be accessed by your employees as and when necessary.
  • It is this central storing of key information that streamlines communications within an organization because all information is accurately stored and easily accessible in a central location in an on-demand and timely format. This helps to immediately improve communications between departments and key players within your organization.

Optimize Your Marketing Efforts:

With such rapid pace of the way organizations are innovating with new and effective marketing strategies, the competition is tough and putting in more than what is required is the demand. But many companies just splurge money into marketing, expecting more than what actually shows up. One important thing about business is that before selling your products to the customers, you must first know the customers. By knowing, I mean to say understanding their purchasing behaviour and analyzing it, implementing thorough research on the demand of the customers and your way of supplying it to them.

We have to accept that in the business world, sales and marketing is the most challenging department, it demands most of your time, energy and brainstorming. But as it is said: ‘Insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results’. Being in the 21st century, we have to be much smarter and effective with our marketing efforts. Having a CRM system within your organization unlocks the doors for optimizing your marketing efforts in many ways. Your CRM is not only your database of record, but it is also the place where marketing and sales connect to create actionable data for both the sales and marketing department. Stated below are the ways of how a CRM software will optimize your marketing execution:

  • Automated lead management and processing functionality. As organizations begin to rely on a multi-channel approach to their marketing and communication strategy, more emphasis is being placed on the digital portion to generate leads and relay communications to prospects/customers/clients.
  • Customers expect organization members to know what’s “going on” with their accounts.
  • Customers receive and respond to communications from multiple channels.
  • Use analytics to identify “where my desired fish are” for targeted marketing/messaging.

27 features of CRM to take your business from where it is, to where you want it to be

1. Contact Management:

features of CRM

Contact management quickly evolved from Rolodex and Filofax systems into desktop-based contact management software and email clients with built-in contact management tools. Yet despite these significant technical advances, many businesses found that their contact management systems fundamentally amounted to little more than a simple database containing names, phone numbers, and notes.

As the categories of sales management and contact management software have grown closer in recent years, enterprises started to appreciate the benefits of unified processes and systems capable of capturing a wider range of business data.

It is said, an average business organization tends to lose about fifty 50% of its customers within a business cycle of five years. This mainly occurs due to poorly met customer needs, which keep changing from time to time. So it becomes increasingly important for an organization to effectively understand the requirements of its customers in an effort to keep them coming back for more.

But it’s easier said than done. Keeping track of every customer in a large company can be quite confusing and sometimes impossible. This is where the need for an automated or semi-automated system comes into play.

Contact management is a process where contact details are recorded and their interactions with a business are tracked. This system from the very beginning has been an important aspect for increasing sales and maintaining customer relationships. Benefits of the CRM allows you to manage all your contact details and their interactions in a timely manner. By combining the tracking of contacts, their interactions with the business, and their preferences and service issues, it became possible to create a single, unified view of the customer – vital data not only for a successful sales team, but also for the delivery of excellent customer service.

2. Sales Team and Customer Opportunity Management :

A January 2010 study by the Aberdeen Group revealed that many of the fastest-growing companies use CRM technology to turn more sales leads into revenue. The study showed that 63% of companies with the highest annual growth in terms of revenue from sales leads used lead management technology, such as CRM.

The features of CRM software gives the sales department a specified overview of the sales that have occurred at a particular period of time. Such analytical report gives enables you to plan marketing campaigns and prepare you for an increase or rise in the sales volume. The data which is extracted from a CRM helps you to manage sales territories wisely. CRM helps you to get view the schedules of your field agents by which you can allow the right sales member at areas which have high potential. This to a great extent optimizes your team’s performance.

This feature of CRM also helps you to maintain customer relationships which increase chances of customer retention and also opens windows for many other potential customers. The benefits of CRM is that it allows you to track down all the customer interactions occurring up to date and analyzing the scope of your sales volume in the coming time.

Companies are investing constantly in marketing strategies to generate new leads and attract potential customers. A CRM system helps you to know about the return on your lead investments and marketing campaigns on an ongoing basis. Having this feature allows you to see where your investment is producing the greatest of returns so that it focuses you more towards the growing source. CRM makes data on each lead accessible which is a valuable asset to your sales team.

3. Lead Management:

I have seen only those organizations winning who have dug deeper to know about their prospects and leads. Organizations which have invested a lot of time applying several marketing strategies in different sectors of the market and have closely analyzed which strategy worked where and in what way were the leads generated in every sector. Often, when a business scales up, it becomes chaotic to manage the new leads coming in and the leads that already exist.

Why do need lead management in your organization?
First to clear off the clutter about what a lead is – a lead is a person in your target demographic and market, who wants to learn more about the solution you offer. Every organization aims at converting that lead into a customer that is more likely to do repeat purchases. The process that involves managing your leads helps businesses understand what are the strategies and tactics that work the best in order to generate more leads. In this manner, you can optimize your sales strategies to be both effective and efficient.

A CRM software systemizes the way you manage your leads in the following ways:
a. Lead Capturing: If you’re determined every prospect if dealt with properly has a 100% chance to convert into a lead. Having a CRM simplifies your ability to engage with those leads and introducing them with the solution you’re providing, ensuring lead opportunities are not missed.

b. Lead Enrichment and Tracking: A CRM software allows you to understand the behavioural pattern of a lead, for example, their browsing pattern, links clicked, resources downloaded, email engagement and more.

c. Lead Qualification: Every lead that engages with the product that you’ve created or the service that you’re providing will have a level up to which their engagement ranks. Features of CRM helps you to prioritize your marketing efforts in the direction that makes those leads sales-ready.

d. Lead Distribution: Responsibility of every lead or every segment of leads needs to be assigned to a specific person who is in charge of that niche, a CRM software solves the problem by allocating lead management responsibility to the right person of a particular department. This automated system impacts the business at a greater scale.

4. Analytics to Track Sales:

Features of CRM have made it easy for large scale enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to function optimally in every department within their organization. Every business that has incorporated a CRM system have a competitive edge above those who don’t.

Having a CRM software gives you a chance to analyze your business throughout, every CRM software has ‘analytics’ where you can do the same. Analyzing your business is the key factor and the core decider of your company’s progress. Because, when you analyze various aspects of your business, for example, sales growth, lead investments, successfully executed marketing campaigns, etc you will have a better idea of where you currently stand in the market and what are the next steps that need to be taken to grow your business.

A CRM analytics tool can help boost and track sales which can ultimately lead you to take better business decisions because it is automated and doesn’t involve hours of putting your personal efforts to arrive at a correct and progressive decision. It is a big advantage for your sales team and for them to function optimally. So, how does CRM analytics tool help to track sales?

  • Study Customer Behaviour: You gather customer data from internal and external sources, such as sales reports, customer feedback, social media comments, and more. The platform then analyzes customer buying patterns and predicts customer behaviour to help businesses gain strategic knowledge and insights related to their product, marketing, and sales processes.
  • Measure Engagement and Retention: A CRM software enables you to keep a track of a customer journey mapping the customer journey helps in jotting down focal points of customer’s experience: from initial contact (awareness), through the process of engagement (urging the customer to purchase) and into a long-term relationship (post-purchase involvement). CRM tools help in providing an insight into the touch points of consumer interaction and post-purchase engagement, in collation with data of the journey map. This will help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing strategy and also provide guidelines to re-engage the customer if the rate of engagement has been less.
  • Measure the Impact of Marketing Campaigns: Every time a company is generating greater leads there is a need to run a marketing campaign which can make those leads sales-ready. A CRM tool here acts as a backbone to analyze all your marketing campaigns held at a particular time and give you a detailed report on the marketing investments, new leads generated and then the number of leads that got converted to a new customer. So, you can study the progress or downfall of every marketing campaign held and take an informed decision every time.

5. Mobile CRM:

Mobile CRM (Features of CRM)
Mobile CRM

We live in a world where smartphones are the most readily available products in the market. Every person is it from any financial background owns a smartphone and is experiencing the various positive benefits that come along with it. Businesses, on the other hand, have smartly incorporated the use of smartphones. Salespeople who are operating on the field can now have complete access to every single customer data and their history in their smartphones making it easier for them and making them more aware of how to act so that flow of customers doesn’t stop.

Mobile CRM, or Mobile Customer Relationship Management, is a CRM tool designed for mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. By connecting through mobile CRM, you allow your sales team’s access to customer data through a mobile CRM app or through a web-based browser with cloud CRM. A key benefit of using mobile CRM is to allow your sales force to access real-time data while out in the fields meeting prospects and customers.

6. Sales Force Automation:

Automation is critical for enterprise-wide organizations which deal with thousands of customers on daily basis, because just relying on the capabilities of a human resource often leads to mismanagement and that in turn leads to drop in sales and loss of many existing customers.

Automation is essential in CRM considering the requirement of handling a huge size of customer base and the level of complexity in each sales force related or marketing related tasks. CRM needs to be accessed by various people in the business. It is most frequently accessed and used by salespersons and managers of the sales activities at various ranks of seniority. Features of a CRM software helps a business to collect, store, modify, analyze and transport the sales related data which in turn is the strategy used to drive efficiency in your sales processes. You may connect to our CRM  experts to know more about CRM.

The major functionalities of Sales Force Automation are:

  • Account management
  • Contact management
  • Contract management
  • Document management
  • Event management
  • Incentives management
  • Sales prediction
  • Lead management
  • Opportunities management
  • Orders management
  • Pipeline management
  • Orders management
  • Product encyclopedia
  • Product Visualisation
  • Quotation management

7. Email Integration:

Emails or electronic mails have been the oldest form of internet medium to have conversations between people and also a great advantage for early businesses to sell and market their products. And yet, emails are the most underrated form of medium to market and sell, with the way advancements, have arisen in the past five years.

CRM email integration allows you to track your conversations by attaching copies of your sent and received emails, straight to designated contacts’ or leads’ card. Some of the major benefits of email integration in CRM are:

  • Your scheduling and communication records are centralized and easily accessible.
  • You won’t need to double-enter records anymore.
  • You can schedule, automate and analyze emails.
  • You can create support cases directly from your email.

8. Sales Forecasting:

The purpose of Sales Forecasting is to estimate the sales in the future as input to Resource Planning and Financial Planning processes.

Sales Forecasting and Analytics are the features of a CRM which allows forecasting and analyzing sales data for organizations of all sizes to create more accurate forecasts, expedite revenue growth, and encourage collaboration among management teams. In today’s ultra-competitive environment most of the organizations rely on CRM applications to manage customer and sales data.

The thumb rule of sales is that the more in-depth information you have about your past and ongoing sales, the more you can prepare for the future. The exact science of sales and anything in the world and how humans have attained growth is that they’ve predicted the future by analyzing their past. An appropriate CRM software and its benefits are what will take care of all your sales forecasting and sales report to plan for your growth.

9. Workflow and Approvals:

Workflow is a crucial aspect of Customer Relationship Management. In most CRM systems, the term workflow designates a sequence or progression of steps that are necessary in order to complete a sale or other business processes.

Workflow is necessary because a sale is a lot more than just pitching someone your idea and persuading them to buy it. There is a certain process which if followed, would produce the most successful outcome. This feature of CRM allows you to automate the process of the sale in order to get you the most desired result.

Approvals, on the other hand, are a single step that is induced within the workflow. You could create an approval step that allows salespeople to approve new revenue opportunities under a decided amount. If an employee tried to enter a new revenue opportunity above this amount, he or she would be unable to proceed without supervisor approval.

Workflow and Approvals are one of those features of CRM that have acted as a boon to sales teams within every organization by making the process of sales hassle-free, systemized, effective and less time-consuming. It is a one-stop way to optimize the efficiency of your sales team to ensure growth.

10. Sales Data:

Features of CRM - Marketing Dashboard
CRM – Marketing Dashboard

A CRM isn’t just a database of your customers, leads, and prospects. It is a blend of a complete history that you’ve shared with a particular customer. From their name to their contact details, to their purchases and various other forms of interactions and engagement. Having a CRM software is the way of automating, digitalizing and making data readily available to all the teams monitoring a particular discipline within your organization. The kind of role the features of CRM is providing is solving internal problems within an organization which is beyond your imagination.

For salespeople, a CRM software maintains a complete database of every customer the company is dealing with. It shows the sales growth and sales analytics, it shows which customers are ranking higher and producing repeat purchases. Customers who have shown long inactivity in terms of purchasing. Leads who have started buying products from you and many such aspects which in general, allows the sales team to strategize accordingly and produce growth.

Ten Reasons every salesperson needs sales data feature of a CRM software:

1. Enjoy a Safe Storage Space: CRM helps salespeople to safely and centrally store their contacts, sales opportunities, activities and scheduled plans in one place, and have uninterrupted access to the database from multiple locations.
2. Plan and Manage Time Effectively: CRM helps salespeople to optimize their daily schedules and prioritize tasks to make sure customers are not ignored and the key prospects are contacted on time. In fact, CRM allows salespeople to spend more time with customers, which leads to more deals closed and a stronger customer base.
3. Activity Reports: CRM helps salespeople to easily prepare their weekly or monthly reports for management. The process is automated and transparent and takes just a few clicks to inform others about what sales are currently in progress.
4. Target More, Surf Less: CRM helps salespeople to segment data and offers criteria based selections.  This prevents you from hours of cutting and pasting opportunities on various documents or surfing in the disorganized lists of data.
5. Stay Updated: CRM offers shared calendars, document templates, and email integration, uniting all team members and keeping everyone up-to-date. Sharing selling patterns and processes allows salespeople to see what works best. CRM also increases communication between the sales force and sales management.
6. Timely Interaction With Customers: By tracking all communication with the customers, CRM helps salespeople to know exactly when customers need to be contacted; for example, for product replacement, contract renewal, or for an upsell to a new product or service. This all increases your chances of closing a sale.
7. Rationalize Your Sales Execution: CRM helps streamline the entire sales cycle, which results in closing deals in your sales pipeline and helping everyone in the team to reach targets faster. Since order processing and preparing quotes are automated in CRM, sales teams are able to reduce production costs and increase sales revenue.
8. Know What Your Customers Really Want: Since all the customer-related data is stored in CRM, it helps salespeople to analyze the needs of customers and even anticipate their problems – all at the right time. All this increases customer satisfaction and ensures loyalty, as well as higher profit margins.
9. Cut Down On Unnecessary Tasks: CRM releases the sales teams from the majority of admin tasks by reducing and even removing some of the repetitive actions that take a lot of time, but yield little profitability. CRM stores product and price details, riggers reminders for activities, and takes salespeople through the sales pipeline step by step.
10. Save Money: Even though CRM systems are not cheap, they actually help you save your money. With salespeople, it is the reduction of errors (for example, in orders or quotes) that CRM can help with. Effort and cost related to correcting those errors may be much higher. Finally, it also boils down to such trivial things as saving money on those cluttering and often vanishing Post-it notes, since every new information can be safely stored in the system.

11. Data Storage:

With the growth of the customer base in an organization, there is a requirement of a large centralized storage platform which is accessible to everyone, anytime they need it. A CRM software does exactly the same for you by automating the process of data storage, without you having to put in any additional efforts into it. It saves a lot of time and helps sales and marketing people to take better business decisions without having to worry about the accuracy of the data stored in your CRM software

A CRM software also has features which enable it to incorporate machine learning algorithms, this helps salespeople to make forecasts and predict customer trends and needs based on past sales information. This is a crucial feature that promotes.

12. Files Synchronisation and Sharing:

This feature of a CRM is a key-feature for your marketing team, as marketing involves creating a lot of content by multiple people. If you’re a marketer, you can easily synchronize the data of the content that you’re creating which is simultaneously accessible to other members who can edit and make necessary changes if required.

This feature actually maintains all your files and data on a cloud network, which acts as a mutual ground amidst everyone. Security, on the other hand, is often questioned which is, in turn, better in a CRM software because it is believed that files and date are much safer on the cloud than it can be anywhere. This features also enable to eliminate the risk of losing your data forever, as there is a data retrieving option where you can retrieve your lost data.

13. Inside Sales Console:

Imagine having a system that ensures sales reps to follow up on leads, assess various companies, identify key contacts and access sales intelligence? I know, it is a system that would enable maximum productivity in your sales team. Your sales team needs better information on the various peripherals of the business to bring in the most favourable outcome. The ‘Inside Sales Console’ feature does exactly the same for your sales team.

The major role of the Inside Sales Console feature.

  • Customize For Sales Experience: Designed for flexibility, administrators can easily configure a console specific to each sales process. The result: increased productivity and improved the user experience.
  • Follow Up On Leads Faster: Inside sales reps can easily manage their inbound lead queue and tasks on one screen, providing easy access to key lead details and sales intelligence, and helping them qualify and move more deals to the next stage.
  • Uncover New Leads Without Leaving The Screen: Inside sales reps can easily manage their inbound lead queue and tasks on one screen, providing easy access to key lead details and sales intelligence, and helping them qualify and move more deals to the next stage.
  • See Multiple Tabs In One View: Easy-to-navigate tabs at the top of the page give reps a fast way to see leads, opportunities, prospects, accounts, campaigns, and more. Now salespeople can access and review anything they want in the sales process without jumping from screen to screen, eliminating the need to dig for data.

14. Sales Performance Management:

When it comes to organizational growth, just activity is not enough, we need productivity. Activity is directionless efforts whereas productivity is efforts applied over a profitable direction, which brings us to the aspect of sales performance management.

Wasting time on leads that aren’t going to convert into customers is the best way to be unproductive and inefficient. Therefore, CRM software and the integrations that go with it is evolving to become smarter and more intuitive, making lead gathering and lead sourcing more focused, and more rewarding.

I’m listing down top six sales performance management traits that come along with a CRM system:

  • Close Rate: Also known as the “win rate,” close rate refers to the percentage of opportunities that are won by sales. In other words, the percentage of prospects that sales have accepted and opened an opportunity for that are converted into customers.
  • Win Versus Loss Rate: You can measure the win and loss rate easily if you use sales management software with powerful metrics and reporting capabilities. Win Versus Loss rate is simply the percentage of opportunities won versus those lost.
  • Sales Funnel Analysis: Analyzing the state of your sales funnel provides deep insights into how well your sales team is performing. Doing so allows you to identify bottlenecks that are preventing leads from moving from one stage to the next. With that insight, you can dig into the issue and understand why those bottlenecks exist. Perhaps you are not delivering the right content at the right time. That’s why it’s important to map your content to the various stages in the buyer’s journey.
  • The Sales Pipeline: Analyzing the sales pipeline is different than analyzing the sales funnel. While funnel analysis looks at all leads and where they are in the buyer’s journey, pipeline analysis measures the number of open opportunities and the rate at which you are closing them.

15. Marketing Automation:

Automated sales process- Features of CRM
Automated sales process

Marketing and Sales in every organization is a factor that goes hand in hand. Marketing is basically bringing in your product and its benefits in front of the customer’s vision. Marketing requires daily input and it is not a one time deal, daily optimization and changes need to be made in order to draw out the most favourable output.

The level of marketing that you do will determine the growth in your sales. An enterprise-wide company without an automated system for all marketing needs is a company that will face issues in existing in the market and facing the competition.

  1. Email Marketing: Email is the most classic and effective way to have either a brief interaction with the customer or promote new offers. A CRM software helps you to create great email content and make it visually appealing.
  2. CRM integration: The marketing automation feature allows both sales and marketing teams to work in coordination with the seamless exchange of lead data.
  3. Lead Nurturing: This is a feature that enables you to send the most right information to the right lead at the right time. Nurturing leads the best tool used by marketers to study various attributes.
  4. Campaign Management: For a particular sales cycle, campaigns are basically workflows that are used by the marketers to nurture their leads. To run successful campaigns you need to send direct and personalized emails to a large number of people.
  5. Lead Management and Scoring: Leads are often ranked as per the level of interest a lead shows in the solution that you’re providing, with time as a segment of highly ranked or scored leads mature and become sales ready, they are sent to the sales team for the right action to be taken.
  6. Landing Page: Also known as a Call to Action page, a landing page is any page on a website where traffic is sent specifically to prompt a certain action. Landing pages help increase conversion rates through targeted promotion. You can market multiple products to audiences using highly customized landing pages with specifically targeted content.
  7. Visitor Tracking: With the help of a CRM software and marketing automation, you can track the number of visitors you have on your website, the specific keywords they use, which pages they click and from where do they access the website.

16. Integration of chat:

Chat Integration- Features of CRM
Chat Integration

Organizations that are larger in size with continuous running customers, it gets harder to keep in mind every little detail of information they share. In order to ensure maximum growth, we must take care of their needs and have a track of every information they’ve shared with us. Integrating your chats with customers with a CRM software enables you to store all the data from every customer you’ve been chatting with.

It is a smart and useful way to save time and optimize organization’s performance because a CRM software automates the process of integrating your chats and storing valuable information which later comes in great use of nurturing your leads and customers.

17. Call Management:

A CRM software provides the call centre agents to make scheduled calls to the customers at the right time as per the demand of the situation. This feature adds greatly to the total customer experience. CRM call centre software is necessary whenever you want an accurate, complete and clear picture of all your customers.

A centre CRM software tends to be vital for all the employees and managers that work on call centres. On the other hand, they will be able to have the chance of forming and storing every necessary information and history of every customer for the purpose of having a precise and fast result.

18. Web Analytics:

The major purpose of having Web analytics is to track the visitors on the page, to analyze the customers and leads. A customer-focused web analytics solution will enable you to identify the largest portion of your online traffic possible, gather the most relevant online data to build a rich customer behavioural profile, ensure accuracy with the confidence you need to power personalized marketing and give customers control over how their data is used.

To understand the behavioral pattern of leads and customers, is to know them and have complete information about them and having complete information means your sales team can execute their sales strategy to the right customer at the right time, which enhances the overall customer experience. Web Analytics also plays a crucial role in customer behavioural retention, as in today’s generation more than the value or service of your products more customers do repeat purchases, only if their experience with your organization is up to the mark.

19. Automated Support System:

CRM software is the one solution that automates all your business tasks, thus acting as a support system. A CRM software collects and maintains all your customer data on a mutual platform where it is accessible to people across every department within your organization. If you’ve managed to get your customer intrigued about your product, they’ll reach out to you and would want to know about your product or service. You must have a piece of complete information about every customer because if you ask them the same questions again and again to them, it causes resentment in them. CRM software just automates the process of collecting data, which is usually tough if done manually.

CRM software is a customizable sales CRM solution that can be modified as per your business requirements. It can effortlessly play the role of a support system and help in offering utmost customer satisfaction to your clients. CRM software has the required features that you would expect from a support system. It is the best way to organize your flow of support and address your customer’s queries and concerns in real-time.

20. Cloud-Based CRM:

To define what a cloud-based CRM is, it is a system where all your customer data, the CRM software, and the CRM tools reside and is delivered to end-users via the Internet. Cloud CRM typically offers access to the application via Web-based tools (or Web browser) logins where the CRM system administrator has previously defined access levels across the organization.

Merits of having a cloud-based CRM:

  • It is a great system for scalability, as your organizations grow and you have more members in your team it is much easier to store your data on the Internet, which acts as a mutual platform to retrieve and share data amidst each other.
  • It is very cost effective, as you don’t have to worry about your data management or worry about spending money on the licenses of the individual device.
  • It is easier for the small scale businesses to utilize a cloud-based CRM until the time they don’t have IT expertise within their organization.
  • It is hassle free and you don’t have to worry about losing your data ever because everything change you make goes through an automated process and is secured in the cloud.

21. Quotation Management:

CRM software is the key to unlock your quotation management challenges. Quotes and sales proposals are legally binding agreements between a vendor and client to deliver the client requested products in a specific time frame at a predefined price. Your clients can place orders within the validity period that has been specified in the quote otherwise you may cancel the quote or send a new quote extending the time frame.

Having a CRM management has enabled the ease of managing all your quotes, as it automates the long process of quote generation and enables you to create and send inclusive quotes just within a few clicks.

Functions of the Quote Management feature:

  • Creation Of Sales Transactions And Post Processing: You can use the Interaction Center, the Web Channel, or the CRM WebClient UI for creating sales transactions. You can also have all of these processed in the CRM WebClient UI as well. Even those transactions that have errors in them can be tracked down and saved for processing further.
  • Trigger For Further Processing: Whenever a sales order containing errors is saved, the same gets referred to SAP ERP. All the logistic processes are carried out thereafter.
  • Getting Used To Your Business Processes: When you have the transaction processes customized then it will offer you numerous settings to have the sales transaction adapted according to the business processes of your company.
  • Sales-Specific Functions: A number of different functions can be used in sales transactions. Some of these include product determination, the credit check, and the availability check. Besides this, you’ll have access to the special functions when you are dealing with sales orders and quotations.

22. Role-Based Views:

As CRM provides a platform to maintain data which is accessible to everyone to view, the higher authorities of your organization can set restraint for some crucial data that would need the permission of the higher authority for others to access it.

This feature unboxes the solution to the viewing security of your data and allows only those people to access that data who’re going to need to view it, from time to time.

23. Third Party Integration:

Many times, in order to enhance customer relationships and experience we can use various external tools and applications which can work in accordance with the existing CRM software. This feature is a great merit for all your marketing campaigns and sales strategies, as many of the tools or applications that you integrate with the CRM gives you an in-depth information of the customer history and allows you to act accordingly so that there are greater positive engagement and sales growth.

Various attributes of these features are:

  • Credit Card Processing: You can securely process credit cards in real time by this feature.
  • CRM Systems: If you have a third party CRM system managing your customers, it can be integrated into your website allowing customers to log in and do anything from updating their information to placing orders. This allows your organization to keep a single location for all your data while adding a second interface to utilize the data.
  • Maps: You can integrate application like Google Maps, in order for people to track your location and maybe engage physically.
  • Statistics: Track the success of your site by learning not only how popular your site is or specific sections are but how people navigate and get to each section.

24. Campaign Management:

A CRM software acts as a friendly neighbourhood when you’re in desperate need of managing your marketing campaigns. CRM software automates the whole campaigning processes in a repetitive pattern. This is because a customer walks off much more satisfied when you’re completely informed about them and you’re providing them with the right solution at the right time.

In fact, in using this tool, you can use different channels for implementing various outbound and inbound campaigns. Furthermore, they all can be combined by using different optimization techniques to define and implement marketing strategies for determining a suitable marketing mix.

25. Case Management :

In this digital age of existence and business operations, there are is an increasing number of customers who’d prefer their issues to be resolved on phone or meeting personally, and customers are looking for companies who would meet them at any avenue, even online. In fact, an estimated 67 % of consumers now use social media networks like Twitter and Facebook to seek resolution for issues.; In the early days of social media, this was a tough challenge for many brands. This was the first time that companies were being called out — both positively and negatively — on public platforms for all to see. And in addition to general comments and reviews, more and more customers were reaching out on these public networks to get answers to questions and resolution for issues.

A CRM software has the feature of case management where the software automates the process of conflict resolution over various digital platforms. A CRM software enables automatic collection and organization of customer interactions into one place.

Having a cloud-based CRM makes the task much lighter by allowing for instant, out-of-the-box use. This means that agents can log into their accounts, and immediately view their cases at a glance, sorted by priority, and manage everything from one place. They can also categorize cases and send them to the best department or person to resolve them. This makes the agent’s job easier and ensures that each customer gets a quicker resolution to their issue.

26. Social Media Integration :

As the title says itself, social media integration is the convergence of social media channels into your CRM software. Social CRM makes it possible for a business to communicate with customers using the channel of their choice—whether by phone, text, chat, email or social media (e.g. Facebook or Twitter). Off the back of these interactions, a social CRM system helps businesses gather richer, actionable insight about customer sentiment on their company, their brand, and specific products or services.

With social media integration when a customer chooses to contact a business via a social channel, that interaction can be tracked and managed in much more detail. The key benefits of having a social media integration in your CRM software are:

  • Deliver customer support in the online platforms customers use.
  • Interact and engage with customers in real time.
  • Resolve issues speedily by monitoring social media for complaints.
  • Find and reward brand advocates and customers who help others.
  • Get greater exposure in the places where audiences spend their time.
  • Increase engagement and deepen relationships with customers.

27. Pipeline View:

For your sales team, a pipeline view plays a very important role for the sales member to track the movement of sales, the past implementations and measure the conversion to win ratio. Tracking these basic aspects within your business allows you to understand what works for the best and what doesn’t.

In the Pipeline View, you have a graphical representation of your sales process, with its distinct sales stages. Within each sales stage, you can instantly see exactly where each opportunity lies, along with how long it’s been there, if it’s overdue, its chances of coming in, and numerous other factors.

Aspects you can track through Pipeline View:

  • Open vs. Lost: showing you the total value of the deals in that stage, as well as the value of deals that have been lost in that stage.
  • Drop-Off Rate: Shows you the average percentage of deals that drop off in this stage.
  • Average Days in Step: Shows you how long a deal is remaining in that sales step.
  • Ready to Move: Shows you the number of deals that are ready to move to the next sales step.
  • You also have the number of velocity issues and can click through and see those.

Some of the best CRM Softwares:

1.Hubspot CRM






7. amoCRM

8. Bitrix24

9. Salesmate

10. Infoflo

To top it all:

No matter how technologically acclaimed the world turns into, there will always be people and if you have your own organization you’d always need them to buy your products. You can have the best revenue model and you can have the best sales consultant coaching your sales and marketing team, but it all needs to be lit up with a purpose to serve the customer and true service is brought in when you care for your customer. Thus connect with the CRM experts to and build a personalized relationship with the customer.

As far as we’ve seen and gone through every feature of a CRM system, it is bound to be a determining factor when you compete in the market, your success will always be determined by the kind of relationship you’ve maintained with your customer and with CRM, all of your customer management needs is brought to a halt. Automating the process of managing your customer not only saves much of your crucial time, but also optimizes the productivity of the people within your organization and ultimately that is what would get your business to a tipping point.

16 benefits of Clickfunnels and how it can help you grow your business

16 benefits of Clickfunnels and how it can help you grow your business

Are you struggling to grow your business? I hope you are aware of clickfunnels. But if you still have any doubt on opt-in clickfunnels, then you are in the right place. In this blog, I am going to discuss the benefits of clickfunnels and how it can help you grow your business. I am sure it will clear all your doubts.

I understand you have spent lots of amounts to develop your products, but if you can’t sell those then all the products are worthless.  Thus Clickfunnels will boost your sales process. Clickfunnels is the go-to option for entrepreneurs. Thus if you are facing any difficulties to use Clickfunnels in a most efficient way, connect with our Clickfunnels experts for the free consultation.

A sales funnel increases sales through nurturing the leads. It also creates brand awareness and trust among your target audience. It will save your time and money by automating your sales process.

These are the topics which I am going to cover in this article. 

A. What is clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is the funnel builder. Its professionally designed template helps to build super attractive sales pages and Landing pages. It saves your time as you can create landing pages, build your funnel, track your funnel performance, integrate autoresponders to automate your e-mail campaign from a unified dashboard. You can launch your product, run private online courses and webinars using clickfunnels .  Integrating opt-in forms in your funnel, you can generate leads for your business as well. There are many more business goals you can achieve with the help of this.

But it is always better to hire experts unless you have enough experience in working with clickfunnels. Otherwise, you will not get enough return on what you have invested in purchasing Clickfunnels. Millionify has the highly skilled clickfunnels experts who can guide you to make most out of that.

B. 16 benefits of clickfunnels

1. Easy to customize:

Building attractive landing pages is time-consuming stuff. It offers easy customization and hassle-free modification. It is user-friendly and most importantly you don’t need any technical knowledge to design landing pages.

2. Professionally designed template:

Designing is a  challenging and creative task. Thus it minimizes the designer’s effort.  It offers pre-built professionally designed template. Hence, You can complete your designs with a few clicks.

3. Easy to develop sales funnel:

If you are in online business, thus you need to create a sales funnel to leverage your business.

Let ’s talk about what is sales funnel?

Sales funnel is basically a set of assembled landing pages which maps the journey of the customer from they entered into the funnel till they purchase. Funnels actually give the overview of your potential customer.

Every sales funnel basically has five stages

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Decision
  • Purchase
  • Retention
  • Awareness: In this stage, people come to know about your business and what kind of solution you provide.
  • Interest: This is the stage when people show interest in your product or services. They may come to your blog or click on your Facebook ads.
  • Decision: This is the stage where the customer makes their decision. Thus here you need to provide some value to convince your customer. Here you can offer some discounts or any free gifts.
  • Purchase: In this stage, your potential customer performs the purchase.
  • Retention:  Once your leads become your customer, thus you obviously want to retain them. Hence, you can add a thank you page or may run upsell there.

Not all the people are not going to come at the very end of your funnel, thus you need to maps their journey at every stage of the funnel. It will give your sales team a better idea about your prospects.

Thus clickfunnels offers you all the service that you need to develop your high converting sales funnel. It covers large numbers of autoresponders as well. If you want to know more about Clickfunnels features then click here. In case if you need any help to develop your sales funnel, thus book your free consultation with our clickfunnels experts.

4. Time saver: 

Developing a  sales funnel is a time-consuming staff.

What are the core needs to develop a sales funnel?

  • Creating Landing Pages:  If you want to create a landing page right from scratch, thus it will surely take lots of time. But in Clickfunnels you will get pre-build layout. You just need to customize those. Hence, it’s saving your valuable time.
  • Integrating Apps: You need to Integrate some apps to make your funnel more powerful. Thus Clickfunnels makes that integration process faster and hassle-free.

Clickfunnels offers you a unified dashboard. From where you can meet your all requirements regarding developing a sales funnel. It’s a serious time saver.

5. SSL Certification:

Nowadays ensuring security to your website is a major concern. You want to make sure that the website should have the features to prevent any malware attack. Thus Clickfunnels comes with SSL certification. It ensures 100% security.

6. E-mail Integration:

Lots of companies run a lead generation campaign by creating a funnel on clickfunnels . They integrate their funnels with facebook or any paid ads. It could be a simple opt-in form. Their ultimate goal of this campaign is to collect contact information (Email ids, phone numbers etc.) of their potential customers.

But after collecting leads information you need to nurture your leads. You should run an e-mail marketing campaign using that email list. This is where Email integration will come. Thus in Clickfunnels, you can integrate your e-mail marketing tool (Mailchimp, Zapier, drip etc.) with your existing funnel. It will automate your entire lead generation campaign.

7. Offers A/B testing:

Clickfunnels offers A/B testing.  If you want to create a couple of different sets of your funnel to achieve a particular goal or want to test the performance to select the best one, thus clickfunnels offer you that too. This could save your ad budget. Connect with our experts to know more about split testing.

8. Automate webinars: 

Webinar can boost your lead generation process. Thus clickfunnels helps to set up your automated webinar as well. You can host webinars right from your website using clickfunnels. It is one of the major benefits of clickfunnels.

9. Membership features:

It offers membership features. You can create clickfunnels membership site for your private contents. You can launch your online courses, any products or any of your premium services by using clickfunnels.

10. Automate Facebook ad Campaign: 

As Facebook is the most preferred platform for the advertisers, thus you can most out of that integrating  Clickfunnels. It will not only give you better ROI(return on Investment) but also automate your ad campaign. Thus you need minimal human support to accomplish a successful ad campaign. Connect with our experts to get better result of your online ad campaigns.

11. Payment integration:

If you want to perform money transactions in your funnels, Thus clickfunnels has its payment integration features. You can add your payment method with the landing pages.  Hence, you can directly sell your products and services using clickfunnels.

12. Smart Shopping Cart:

You can design your shopping cart using Clickfunnels. It provides all the necessary features to design awesome shopping carts. The ultimate goal of the shopping cart is to convert your leads into your customer.  Thus you need to assure your customers’ smart decisions as well as collect transaction details. Thus clickfunnels helps in accomplishing all the above objectives during the development of your shopping cart.

13. Autoresponders:

Autoresponders helps to automate the campaign. As every business needs to nurture their leads as soon as possible to convert them into the customer, thus autoresponders automate that entire process.  Clickfunnels supports autoresponders are like Aweber, Active Campaign, MailChimp, Convert kit, drip, salesforce, GetResponse, keap, HubSpot etc.

14. Leverage multiple domains: 

You can connect your multiple domains and subdomains with Clickfunnels. Using the tons of quality features of clickfunnels you can leverage your multiple domains. You can run your latest sales offers or may host your webinar right from your website without spending on paid themes or plugins.

15. Analytics to review your funnel performance :

Clickfunnels has its own analytics tool. Thus you can track your entire funnel performance right from your clickfunnels dashboard. You can track each and every page’s performance from your dashboard. You will get every detail are like the number of opt-ins, leads information, clicks etc. Analytics provides an overview of your target audiences behaviours. Thus your sales or marketing team will get a better idea about their potential customers. It will help them to make necessary changes in their ongoing funnel as well.  They can craft more powerful strategies with the help of analytics report.

16. Unified Dashboard:

This is the major benefit of the Clickfunnels.  It’s an ultimate store which provides all the solutions of an online business.   if you don’t have a budget to run websites, thus you can meet almost similar requirements using Clickfunnels. You can create webpages, launch your product or services online, generate leads, run e-mail campaign or may use autoresponders, perform transactions and track your performance using clickfunnels. Most importantly you can manage all the operations from a single dashboard. We have the clickfunnels experts in our team who can guide you to explore more features of Clickfunnels.

C. How clickfunnels grow your business?

Businesses are run on sales. Whereas quality leads are boosting sales process. Thus using clickfunnels you can achieve both. It directly helps to grow your business. You can generate more revenues if you are able to use most of the features of clickfunnels.

These are the following ways which will help you to grow,

1. Build your E-mail list: 

E-mail marketing is the oldest marketing channel. But it’s still effective. Most of the companies still running e-mail campaigns and getting a significant amount of results as well.

But to build that e-mail list you need to run some lead campaigns. Thus clickfunnels is the ideal platform to develop your lead funnel. You can add a well-designed sign-up form to collect your lead information. Then you can collect your leads information from your clickfunnels dashboard. Tracking the performance from the analytics you can get a better idea about your lead funnel. Thus you can fix the loopholes in your campaign and make most out of that campaign. It will give you high quality leads where chances of conversion are high. You can also nurture those leads by using autoresponders as well.

benefits of clickfunnels

2. Develop attractive landing pages:

Landing pages are often termed as Sales pages. These are the pages which are actually designed to accomplish sales. Thus you need to design it with the relevant content and as well as with the exact call to action buttons at the right places.

Hence, Clickfunnels pre-built layouts and themes help designing sales pages. It’s a simple drag and drop process where no coding is needed to design a landing page. At the same time, it’s readymade templates saves time as well.  You can design amazing landing pages here with little customization.  It offers essential page elements which provide the flexibility on your design. It offers basic elements like Image, text, button, headline, video and input types widgets.  It includes some advanced elements are like SMS sign up, pricing tables, surveys, progress bars, Facebook comments, FAQ Blocks, countdown timers and custom HTML as well. Apart from those it has a special element for your membership website.

Clickfunnels offers all the properties what makes an ideal sales page. Thus make the most use of this to generate sales. You can attach these landing pages in your website or in ad campaigns, depending on your needs.

3. Create high converting  Sales funnel: 

A powerful funnel can take your business to another level.  As I earlier described funnels, thus now you have a brief idea on the funnel.

If you are running a business online.  Then funnel should be your go-to option. Nowadays funnels are generating more revenues than websites.  As people always look for a quick result thus now they are investing a lot in creating a powerful funnel. 

But a powerful funnel always needs quality landing pages with relevant Call to actions, autoresponders, payment integration,  a smart shopping cart, security assistance, an analytics tool to track the funnel’s overall performance.

Thus clickfunnels offers all the features from a single dashboard. You need not pay for multiple tools to develop a decent funnel.  You will get all the necessary tools from clickfunnels.   You can create sales funnel without any prior knowledge of coding. It offers completely drag and drop easy customization features.

But still, as you are paying a significant amount monthly thus its always better consult with the experts. They will help you to explore all the features depending on your business requirements and target audiences.

4. Automate sales process:

As we are living in a digital era, running online businesses. Thus you need to automate your sales process. Just door to door sales is not going to work for your business now.  You should make full use of the internet.

Thus sales funnels automate your sales process. It just not saves your money but also provide better overviews of your potential customers. It can help your sales team to prepare more effective strategies. It can give you more revenues.

An automated sales funnel performs exceptionally when you implement relevant upsell and downsell services successfully. Your current customers are always there to buy from you again, but you need to accomplish that retention by providing the right information. Thus automated sales funnel can help you to achieve a higher percentage of conversions.

But if you are unsure about how to implement those into your funnel then feel free to connect our experts for the solution.

5. Track your prospects using funnel analytics :

Every business owners want to track their prospects. But identifying a quality prospect is a challenging task. If you want to sell your product to everyone, thus you will end up with zero results. That is where most of the business suffers.

Thus funnels help track your prospects. With the help of funnels, you can filter your hot and cold prospects. Thus you can nurture your prospects in a better way. Analytics will help you to track your prospects from any stages ( awareness, interest, decision, purchase and retention) of the funnel.

Your prospects are as good as you nurture those. Use autoresponders to automate your nurturing process. You need to nurture your hot prospects as soon as possible as there are higher chances of conversions.

You can set up tracking codes or retargeting pixels in clickfunnels. You can track button clicks as well.

6. Split test your offers: 

Every marketer like to perform split tests. It gives them a better idea about their ads and funnels.  They can choose the best possible ad copies performing split tests.

You can run the split test at any stage of your funnel. It does not matter at which stage your potential customers are in. It will surely boost your lead capture process and generate more sales as well.

These are following three stages where you can perform split tests.

  • Awareness stage: This is the stage of your funnel where you attract your potential customers.  You may be writing blogs or running sponsored ads to attract your potential customer. Thus you can split test your ad copies while you are running your ad campaign. You can implement text variations of your ad copies or may use different images or videos to identify the best suitable ad copy for your target audiences. It can save your ad budget as well. Other than that you can change demographics (age, gender or interest and locations) in the Facebook ad. Facebook will automatically optimize your ad and it will show the ads among those set of the target audience.
  • Retargeting:  When you are trying to build your brand or want that your potential customer should click your ad, thus you need to perform the retargeting operation as well. Implementing this in your funnel will make your audiences familiar with your brand. You can simply start this with display ads. Just change some content in your ad copies and force your audiences to click n your ads. If you want to give any free service or products, then add word “free” on the CTAs (Call to action button). Thus use the above variations to split test your retargeting campaign as well.
  • Conversion: As conversion rate is critical in any kind of funnel. Every marketer used to set a goal of conversion.  Different elements on your landing pages can help you to measure your conversion ratio. Thus it’s important to perform the split test on your landing pages.

You may use following variations during the split test of your landing pages,

  • Headlines ( Long vs short)
  • Normal images vs infographics
  • Video vs gifs
  • Text content and colours on CTA
  • Different Layouts on landing pages
  • Client’s testimonials

I have shared some generic hacks which you can implement to grow your business.  Most importantly you can perform all this split test right from your clickfunnels dashboard. To know advance hacks regarding split tests, connect our experts or book your quote.

benefits of clickfunnels

7. Implement upsells and downsells:

Upsells are basically backends offers. Funnel experts very often show them when customer about to fill there payment information for the main offers.  Thus appears mostly in between checkout and thank you page.  Implementing upsells offers you to earn extra money by hooking your customer’s mind. But make sure those upsells offers should be relevant with your main offer. Otherwise, people will simply ignore that.

If you are thinking that you should just focus on your main offers thus you are keeping yourself behind your competitors. There are the following reasons why you should implement upsells in your sales funnel.

  • It boosts your average order value
  • Because you are earning more, thus you can spend more money on your ads.
  • If your upsells offers are giving you more money, thus you can minimize your main offer ‘s cost as well. It may help you to generate more sales for your main offer as well.

You need to map your upsell funnel to make most out of that.  An upsell funnel should maintain a certain flow and it should align with the main offer.

Thus, right after Checkout pages, you need to show them upsell# 1. If they accept it to show them upsell #2. If they ignore that first upsell offer then show them thank you page or downsell.

Your upsell funnel should contain following components,

Thus you can develop those upsells funnel by using Clickfunnels . As clickfunnels provides all the features to develop any upsell funnel.

 benefits of clickfunnels

8. Launch your paid online courses: 

online courses are now ruling the online business industry. But are you struggling to generate revenue for your online business? Thus you need a powerful sales funnel.  It will surely increase your revenue.

Let’s focus on the core needs of Online course’s sales funnel:

  • Landing pages
  • E-mail marketing  software or Autoresponders
  • Webinar software
  • Membership feature

How to develop an online course’s sales funnel?

  • Understand your target audience or prepare a buyer persona.
  • Identify problems of your target audience.
  • Research on your target market and  your Competitor’s funnel
  • Publish free content regarding the solution to your audience’s problem.
  • Use free resources to generate leads.  Run Facebook Ads using  Clickfunnels to collect leads information.
  • Run free webinar to capture leads as well.
  • Nurture those leads by using Autoresponders. Provide more value through your e-mail campaign.
  • Then create an automated email follow up series to sell your course.
  • Implement upsells and downsells.
  • Minimize the course price for a certain time.
  • If you have a membership website thus you can host your private courses at your website as well.
  • Use your sales funnel to enrol more users.

As, Clickfunnels are providing all the necessary component to developing a sales funnel for online courses, thus it should be your go-to option. If you are seeking any help in developing a sales funnel for your online courses, thus simply connect us for a free consultation. As we are just a ring away from you.

9. Create product launch funnel: 

The most interesting fact about the product launch funnel is any business can use this strategy to generate more leads and sales. It does not matter if you have a big email list or not. Thus if you don’t have an email list, still you can generate sales by implementing this strategy.

The clickfunnels product launch funnel basically contains 4-5 pages and well designed to create hype on your product launch among your potential customer.

These are the following composition for a powerful product launch funnel.

  • Opt-in page to capture leads information.
  • Video page to nurture and educate your prospect. You need to nurture your prospects to sell anything online. Thus it automates that process.
  • Use the autoresponders to nurture your cold prospects.
  • You can customize your funnel by adding relevant upsells on your checkout page or adding a thank you page.

You may simply check out some product launch funnel reviews to get a better view on that. we have the experts who have successfully developed product launch funnel. Thus if you have any requirement regarding your product launch funnel, simply connect us. We will get back to you.

10. Automate your webinar:

Do you host a webinar? Are you struggling to get decent viewers for your webinars?  Thus it’s time to make your webinar automated. Develop an awesome webinar funnel to increase the number of the registered viewer.

But before moving into the development of the funnel. You need to clarify what is your expectation from the webinar or what is the core reason to host this webinar. Also, need to understand your prospects and their problems as well.

How to develop webinar funnel?

  • Run Facebook ads to get your audience registered for your webinar. Build your ad copies with catchy content and call to action.
  • Most of the cases people shut down their ad campaign a day or two before their webinar. But it ’s a mistake. You need to run the ads till the very day of your webinar, even if you see traffic is slowing down but still there always have chances of conversion. Thus it is crucial to know when you should stop your ads.
  • Make relevant use of autoresponders. Create an email sequence to keep reminding your prospect about the webinar. Thus it confirms that they should not forget the webinar by any chances. You can also add a calendar at the very end of your funnel to offer your prospects to set a reminder as well.

Thus webinar funnel is one of the powerful features of the Clickfunnels. You should make most out of that.

There will be the various objective behind any webinar. But one thing is common. It is the number of registered viewers. Thus experts have ample experience in developing webinar funnel. Feel free to share your struggle with us and run the most successful webinar from your website. As we are just a click away from you.

benefits of clickfunnels

11. Develop fish bowl funnel: 

This is one of the core funnels of the clickfunnels. It is basically a 2-page funnel. But you can sell anything from that. This is equivalent to fishbowls which we see at reception desks. This is where people basically put their business cards or contact details.

In case of fish bowl funnel, the lead page basically used to capture leads. Thus design it simple and easy for people to sign-up.  Make sure don’t put lots of field on your opt-in form. Because your prospects may feel bored to fill up all those fields. Thus only email field will do your job. Otherwise, you may lose your potential customers. 

After creating that opt-in page you can offer some relevant upsell on the next page as they have already shown interest in your product or services. Hence, this two-page funnel providing you with an opportunity to sell anything.

Thus consult with the experts and implement fish bowl funnel using the clickfunnels. Now build your fishbowl funnel and integrate it with your WordPress website.

12. Network Marketing Bridge funnel:

Are you in affiliate marketing or you selling any affiliate products? Thus you desperately develop network marketing bridge funnel. As it might happen with you that, someone purchased your product using your affiliate link but you did not able catch their e-mail ids. Thus you are facing difficulties to find them again. This is the reason you should opt for this funnel.

At first, you need a landing page to capture the leads.  Give any freebie like a free ebook or video training related to your product which you are selling. It will help you to capture the lead’s information.

Then after registration, you need to show a page where they can download free gifts or watch the videos. Make sure there should be a large call to action button to redirect your potential customer to go to the affiliate product page.

Thus basically you need 3 pages to develop your network marketing funnel.

  • An opt-in page
  • A bridge page
  • Your affiliate product’s page

Another benefit of designing your network marketing funnel using Clickfunnel is, after signing up with clickfunnel  you will automatically join their affiliate program as well. Thus build your funnel with Clickfunnels and earn affiliate commissions at the same time.


Hey,  I hope all the above points have clear your all doubts regarding clickfunnels. Thus if you are in online business or experience in marketing, then you should start using clickfunnels. Clickfunnels is an asset for all entrepreneurs. I have mostly discussed the benefit of the clickfunnels. But to be honest it’s monthly cost is a little high. You may check out the clickfunnels’s pricing. Thus if you have enough budget to afford clickfunnels, then don’t look for other tools. As clickfunnels is the best funnel builder in the market.  But as you are investing a lot in the clickfunnels , thus make sure always take help from the Clickfunnels experts to make most out of that. You definitely want to achieve maximum ROI (return on investment). As our clickfunnels experts ensure that. Now transform your organization into a million dollar company implementing benefits of the clickfunnels successfully.


How to Find the Right Website Design for Your Specific Product or Service

How to Find the Right Website Design for Your Specific Product or Service

In the world of computers and the internet, the online presence of your business has become one of the key aspects. The world is changing, and so are the business patterns. Every person who wants to know about your business and your products will search for it online. Thus you need to focus on website design.

In such a scenario, the right website is one of the most important things. If you do not have the right design for your website, you might end up losing more potential leads than you have gained. Your website will be the first place, the customer goes to. Always remember, the right website is equivalent to 50% of the sales done.

Every product has different requirements. The target audience is also different for each product. While designing the website, the designer needs to keep in mind several key points to attract potential clients. The right website design can increase sales faster than any form of advertisement.

Often while choosing the design, after a certain time, all the designs seem somewhat similar. Well, it should be kept in mind that these designs are quite different from each other and choosing the right one can become a tedious task in such a situation.

There are certain key elements which prove helpful while choosing the most suitable design for your website. It helps the visitors know the exact information they are looking for. The most important factors which help in providing the right design are given below:

#1. Choosing the right website design based on the type of product

The whole website revolves around your product or service. The design of the website should represent your product and attract the right audience. The layout of the website should give the exact idea about what your product is. The design of the website should encourage the people to click the link and check out the service being provided. The website design should reflect the tagline of the organization.

A good website is a key to good business. The design should not be opposing to the product. Like in the case of a restaurant, colors which increase hunger should be motivated rather than the ones which suppress hunger. These small differences in the design can make a significant difference in the sale of the product.

#2. Easy Navigation

Whenever we visit a website, we often look for tabs like search so that we can easily find what we are looking for. The products and services should be displayed in a synchronized order for a better understanding of the customer. No one likes clumsy websites, where for finding a simple tab you have to go through several pages. It creates more confusion for the customer and ultimately annoys them.

Navigation through web pages on the website should be simple and hassle-free. The more time a customer spends on finding the right product, more likely he is to lose interest. The website should be user-friendly and should be built from the viewpoint of the customer. Navigation menus should be clear and to the point.

The right design for the website is the one which is user-friendly. It should be noted that people tend to spend more time looking for the product on the website rather than understanding the product. Many times, people just exit a website because it takes a lot of time to find the right product even though the company has the exact thing they are looking for. Such situations can be avoided by choosing the right website design.

#3. Position of the menu bar for the right website design

The menu bar contains all the tabs available on the website. It can be placed in different ways on the webpage. Several factors play a key role as to where this bar should be placed for the ease of the customers. Depending on the contents, layout, products available, services offered, the design of the webpage and design of the menu bar itself, it can be positioned on several places on the website.

Some people prefer the position of this bar to be fixed at the top, while some people like it to be fixed at the bottom. Some people often prefer the menu bar to be fixed on either side of the webpage. Depending on the product, the menu bar might not be fixed, rather it might change while scrolling or switching web pages in the website.

Most websites prefer the menu bar to be on the top as it makes navigating through the tabs much easier. It catches the eye in an instance. Then again, as I had said before, the position of the menu bar is dependent on several factors and hence there is no right or wrong way to do this task. The right website design is always the one which has tabs placed in such a way that user can look for it easily and faces no problems.

#4. Menu bar design

The position of the menu bar is often important, but most important is its design. The menu items are the most used links on any website. Every user who visits any websites uses the menu bar to navigate through the web pages. A good design for the same often helps in enhanced customer experience.

Menu bar items are like the doors to different sections of the website. Therefore, it should be free of any confusion and should guide the user exactly in the direction of the service he/she is looking for. It should be simple and hassle-free. It should be easy on the eyes and should merge perfectly with the rest of the website.

Each link in the menu bar is called menu item. These menu items often contain sub items. It is a wise decision to categorize the items and then sub-categorize them. It helps in removing clutter and also helps in avoiding redundancy.

The most common menu items are home, about, list of products, services offered, contact, search and tools. Each menu item has its own work and should be listed accordingly. While listing the menu items it should be noted that there should be no extra tabs on the menu bar. Also, no fancy fonts should be used and the content should be pleasing to the eyes. The page hierarchy should be followed while listing the menu items and sub items. The menu bar design should go with the website design and its own positioning.

Some of the common mistakes that people make while designing the menu bar are non-standard styling, asynchronous drop-down menus, placing the tabs in the wrong order and putting extra tabs. These things should be kept in mind and the website should be designed on the search engine pattern. A good menu bar is the one which makes navigation on the website easy and smooth.

Our company offers wide range of services for website development. We can take care of all your needs and help you in improving sales. Our team of experts has years of experience in the concerned field and have worked with multiple companies. To subscribe to our newsletter and know more about the services provided by us, please click here.

#5. Right content width gives us the right website design

The screen size differs for different devices. Hence, the audience who uses the website should be kept in mind while deciding on the content width. The content width depends on the target audience and the products and services offered on the website. The content width can be broadly classified into two major groups. First one is the full-width and the second one is the boxed-width. Let us have a look at both of these to decide which is best suited for your website.

The full-width content covers the full screen on the website from left to right. The image is stretched from one edge of the screen to the other. It creates the illusion of content having no boundary. On the other hand, boxed-width content gives the essence of the entire content neatly closed in a box. Both of these have their own pros and cons depending on the product.

In present times, full-width is the most commonly used style whereas boxed-width is the traditional business oriented styling. The major difference comes while viewing the website on different screen sizes and resolutions. The full-width auto-adjusts according to the size of the screen. This can lead to a shift in the content at the top to the sides if the screen is not wide enough and distorts the page layout.

On the contrary, boxed-width content gives nearly the same layout experience across all resolutions and screen sizes.  One more difference which needs to be considered is the change in the size of the menu bar. Full-width gives wider space for the menu contents whereas boxed-width gives fixed space.

Tell us about your product, and we will give you the most suited content width. Click here to interact with our experts.

#6. Use high-quality content

The quality of the content should be checked thoroughly before it is uploaded on the website. No website design can be right for your product if there are errors in your content. The facts stated on the website should be verified and updated regularly. The quality of the photos and videos uploaded on the website should be high definition so that it does not a pixel out.

The same applies to any other media content that is being uploaded. Also, you must check for all the grammatical errors in all the articles and written content. Try being precise and to the point while writing the content.

#7. Home Page Header Layout

The home page header is the first thing a person sees when he visits any website. A good home page header is the key to right website design. It should be such that it motivates the user to browse through the website and have deeper look at the products available. A right website design consists of a header describing exactly what the website is about. Depending on the product, it can consist of only one image, multiple images displaying a slideshow or a video background header. The images can contain text, but then again, it solely depends on the product.

In a broad classification, home page header layout can be categorized as the static header image, static header image with content, slideshow header image, and video background header.

Static header image without content is basically used for websites which need to attract customers with beautification. It is used for websites like restaurants, lodging, food and beverages, travelling and hotels. These are especially helpful to draw attention of those viewers which rely solely on image based content. It only has one image without any text. Whole idea of the product relies on the message delivered by that one image. The image must be such that it is unique to the thought of the service and products available.

Static header image with content is used for websites where only image is not sufficient to give the idea about the website. In such a case the right website design is necessary to tell the purpose of the services available. The image is combined with some text to give a context of what the website is about. The first page of the website needs to be on point to tell about the firm. If the image solely cannot describe the company then text becomes a necessity.

It should be kept in mind that whatever is written with the image, is neither overdone nor underdone. It should be perfectly balanced with the background image. Such a header can be used in places where you need to describe the speciality of the company and how it is different from others. The content might include the heading along with a descriptive paragraph and call to action button.

Slideshow header image consists of multiple images displayed in the form of a slideshow. It is used when there is more than one service or product offered by the company. It can also be used when the website focuses on different customer groups rather than focusing on just one. In such a situation, only one image is not sufficient to display all the products.

The right website design takes care, that the moment a client visits the website, he/she has a broad idea about every product and service available. These images may or may not consist of text along with them. It depends on the services offered, if they can be described only by images or if they require text for description. If images are being used, then it should be taken care that the text is not overdone and is kept to the minimal. In this case, also, a call to action button on the homepage is quite helpful.

Video background header consists of a video on the homepage. It is used when you need to engage the customer more efficiently. Videos are more effective in grabbing the attention of the website visitor than normal images.

However, there are certain things to be kept in mind while designing the video for the website. The video should not be too long and should give a message about the company. The core mission of the organisation should be clear in the video. It should have high quality and pixels should not distort, in spite of the resolution and screen size. The video should be unique and customized.

A general video is not very effective in attracting a good crowd. Try to keep the video short and below 6 MB. A large video often slows down the loading speed of the website. The slow loading speed can lead to a loss in the number of website visitors.

Click here to consult our specialists and subscribe to our newsletter.

#8. Position of Logo

Position of the logo is quite important, as website visitors are more likely to remember the logo than the details of the service in first go. Logo placement is an essential ingredient in gaining the interest of the client. The logo should be placed in such a way on the website that it is clearly visible as soon as someone visits the website.

The logo is usually placed on the top near the menu bar. It can be placed on the top right of the web page or on the top left of the webpage. Traditionally it has been seen that website visitors tend to notice the logo placed on left more than the one placed on the right. However, in recent times logo designers have been experimenting as to draw attention regardless of the position.

It should be noted that, website design must go well with the logo of the company. A mismatch in the two can create a sense of delusion among many customers. Such small details can create a great difference in the user experience.

The website should always be catchy yet subtle. If the user is expecting something on a particular position and is not able to find that feature in one go, then he or she is more likely to get confused and exit the website. These minute differences can create a vast difference in the visitor scale. Also, it should be remembered that placement of the logo is same throughout the website. It should not be different on homepage and other webpages on the website. Giving different locations to the logo on the same website can lead to discomfort for the customer.

A logo is the first picture which comes in mind whenever we think about any organisation and its right placement is most important.

website design

#9. Following the Trend for Right Website Design

Design of the websites changes with time. With advancement in technology, the designers are becoming more creative in their work. Website designers have new tools which has made their work much easier. Several new scripting languages have come into existence which the designers are following to give the websites a unique look.

People tend to judge the company on the basis of their website looks and whether it is updated regularly or not. Few changes that have been seen in the recent years in terms of website design are the use of vibrant colours, use of bold text, inclusion of modern retro art, use of custom graphics, complex gradients and broken grid layout.

There are more colour gradients available now more than ever. The high definition quality of the graphics seems very particular in using the right tone and texture. Supersaturated shades have seen a comeback in the recent years. Designers are expected to use vibrant colours in their designs to make the website more attractive and eye catchy. Many designers are expecting for this trend to grow in the near future.

Bold texts are useful in grabbing attention to a particular area. They put emphasis on the right products and guidelines for the customers and help in improving sales. Bold texts are simple yet enough to highlight the context. Bold texts have seen an increase in their usage on the websites in past few years.

Modern retro art has become an important part of our culture today. Its effect can be seen in website designs as well. The use of images corresponding to 80s with a hint of modern design is what we call modern retro art. Its use can be seen as pixelated images on websites which has become quite popular. A point to be considered is that, these images should not be overused and should be placed only wherever necessary. Also, it should not give the look of unnecessary usage.

Onlookers tend to get more attracted with unique ideas and creativity. Customized graphics which are different from the general graphics are more attractive to the masses. Uniqueness and styling are important for any website to stand out. You need to keep in mind that a monotonous theme bores the website visitors and they lose interest earlier. To keep the visitors occupied, use themes and graphics which is different yet simple to use.

To know more about the latest trends in website designing click here .

Complex gradients add mirage of depth to the website. It is more useful when trying to give a uniform look and combining different elements. Complex gradients can also be used to add shading to an otherwise dull background. It proves helpful in merging images with the tone of the webpage. If the images are too vibrant and bright, then giving a hint of the gradient can prove useful in giving a soothing effect to the eyes.

A grid is used for arranging the text and images on the screen. It is useful in placing of different elements. Using a grid might lead to compromise in the creativity of the design. Many designers like to break this grid and experiment with it. The overlapping texts and images, asymmetrical placing and use of irregular shapes add originality to the website as it will be different from the traditional designing. This often gives an exclusive texture to the website.

The right website design is the one in which there is no hint of plagiarism and it has its own theme and styling.

#10. Include blogs

Blogs give a sense of trust to the users. Reading the reviews and comments of other users helps them in deciding about the services and products available on the website. Blogs are a way of giving credibility to the workers of the organization. Blogs are also helpful in displaying the motto and message of the website and the organisation.

It is helpful in drawing attention of the customers through the words of the organisation as well as other users. Blogs and reviews have become an important part in establishing the authenticity of any website and its services. In the online world, including blogs is as important as displaying the features of your product. If a customer is unaware of the features of the product, he or she will lose interest easily.

In the same way, if a customer cannot find any blog or reviews related to the website, its services or products, then there are chances, that customer will not be willing to spend more time on the website looking for the right product. Blogs play a very important role in authenticating the website with the growing online market and easy availability of fake products.

#11. Establish expertise

Establishing expertise in your area through your website is a vital part of increasing sales. A good website design reflects expertise and confidence. Any organisation especially small-scale industries and start-ups should be confident in their work. They should show on their website, how they are different from others. You should try establishing the fact that you are better than the ones in your competition.

Good website design is often the first step in showing how you are different. Website, as said earlier is the first thing people look for when looking into the details of any product or organization. Therefore, you should not give them any chance of doubting you. You should take full advantage of your online presence and show that there is no one else who can do the given work better than you.

Utilize the gifts of the internet in the right way to boast about your work and gain the trust of the people. If you yourself show doubt in your work, then the customer will also not trust you with your services and will always keep looking for alternatives.

#12. Mobile Friendly Designs

The mobiles have become mini computers. In today’s world, a person may not own a desktop or laptop, but he/she for sure owns a phone. Majority of the people have a smartphone with internet connection. According to the data for 2018, the percentage of website visits through cellular phones versus computer systems grew from 57% to 63%. Total time people spend on website when accessing them from mobile phones versus computers has increased from 40% to 49%.

Therefore, website designers need to make websites mobile friendly. A good website design gives same feel on mobile phones and computers. The websites should take minimal time to load even when loading on a mobile phone. Majority of the people access websites through their cell phones and a good user experience is a necessity. Laptops cannot be carried everywhere but mobile phones are handy and almost taken everywhere with the user.

For the first time user, if the website is distorted on mobile phone, he/she will not bother to look for it through computer and simply exit. Hence, it should always be kept in mind that the website is mobile friendly and can be accessed on any kind of system without glitches.

A good website design, not only gives a good user experience to the customers on computers, but it gives the same satisfaction on mobile phones as well. Find out more about what Google thinks on the changing trend.

Mobile friendly website design

#13. Monitor your competition

It is often said that you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Always keep an eye for competition and make sure you do not lag behind your competitors. With so many companies offering the same service, it becomes necessary to stay ahead of others. This should be reflected in your website design as well. It is important to stay alert of the changes your competitors are making and make changes if necessary. Today’s world is all about competition and bringing new products and services to the customers before others.

The time being an important constraint, the design of your website also reflects the quality of your service. Therefore, you should always try and improve design to attract more users. The potential leads should be more interested in your product right after they visit your website. To know more about competitive monitoring, click here .

The right website design helps you in staying ahead of your competitors in real as well as the internet world. With virtual reality gaining more scope, it is more important than ever to keep your website updated.

#14. Usability

Good website design is the one which makes maximum use of the products and credentials of the organisation. Along with beautification, you should always keep in mind the target audience and how they would react to a certain image or call to action button or any other element on the website. You should make full use of every element available on the webpage. Randomly putting something on the website without any usage is not only a waste of time, but it is also a waste of efforts for the designer.

The designer needs to align each and every component of the website. If any part of the webpage does not serve some purpose then it is good for nothing. It can just be an image, but is it is not attracting users in the way it should, then it is not being used to full credential.

Always make sure that before adding any element to the website design, you ask yourself if that element is really required in the website, or this work can be done by already existing elements. Do not unnecessarily add tabs, content, links or images if they are not required. This confuses the user and they tend to deviate from what they were actually looking for and might end up simply exiting the website.

#15. Providing a call to Action Buttons

Call-to-action buttons are used to direct the user to some other task or some other webpage. It asks the user to perform some work. It could be filling up a form, or opting to gain information on a particular topic.

These buttons are an integral part of a good website design. They make the webpages interactive. The call to action buttons are generally 20% larger than the logo size. It is done to draw attention of the user easily. The size of multiple call to action buttons depends on their importance on the website. The buttons which are more important are larger than the ones which are less important.

The call to action buttons are placed strategically in such a way that these are easily noticeable. The colours for these buttons are highly contrasting. These lead to more page landings. It also helps in increasing the sale through website. The most common placement positions for these buttons are at the top of the webpage or in the center of the webpage.

Call to action buttons are also helpful in collecting information on potential clients. They prompt the user to provide information for database. These buttons should show an urgency and prompt the user to call for the action. Also, there is a common method of providing secondary button with the primary one. The secondary button can be placed right next to the primary button or it can be placed below the latter.

#16. Encourage the Visitors to Contact the Organization

The contact information should be clearly visible on the website. The user should be effortlessly able to locate the contact information. Many a times, the user might be confused about some product or service and not being able to locate the contact information, only creates more confusion for him/her.

Sometimes, user simply wants to enquire about the services available so as to take a call whether they should opt for your organization or not. In such a situation, contact information is really important so that the user can easily contact you.


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Good website design is the basis of any business in the online world. Customers today rely more on online presence than physical presence. Physically visiting a place is time-consuming. It takes more effort to visit an organization and have a look at their products. Instead, the customers opt for going online and finding out everything about that firm. It not only saves time, but it also saves money and extra efforts that you would have to put otherwise.

A website is the door to your organization on the internet. A good entrance always helps in attracting more customers to any place. The efficiency of your products and services is judged on the basis of how efficient your website is. A client will not be interested in your work if he/she cannot find a satisfactory response from your website.

We have discussed about the key elements that are useful in designing a good website. Every small detail holds a big place in the client’s mind. Every element should be designed and placed keeping in mind the target audience and the services being provided by the organization. The systematic placing of the words and images is also very important. The ultimate goal of the website is to draw more and more customers and increase sales. An efficient system is designed in such a way that user can easily navigate through the web pages. For finding any information, the user does not need to go through multiple links. The important details are easily noticeable.

A good website uses a variety of styles and colours but still appears pleasant to the eyes. Always design the website based on your product and there is no way people won’t visit your website again and again.